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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sarah Silverman, Hot In Cleveland, And A Vintage Adult Baby Party

Hi everyone,

Act One of The Humble Games Day one is online now at the official HG blog. Head over there now to check it out, along with some cool behind the scenes extras, and feel free to interact with the cast in the comments section.

 I think actress/comedian Sarah Silverman is very cute and funny... but did you know she also wet the bed into her teens and wore diapers for it? From a Playboy interview:

PLAYBOY: When did you realize that you had a problem with bed-wetting?

SILVERMAN: When I realized that all my friends weren’t wetting their beds too. I remember going on a camping trip and hiding diapers in the bottom of my sleeping bag. Diapers! I was thirteen, and I slipped into them in my sleeping bag when everybody else was asleep.

Read the full interview here:


 Midnightcochisesent in this bit from the show Hot In Cleveland, featuring Wendy Malick wearing diapers under her pants in a Japanese  commercial for "Lady Pant's Beneficial Dryness Force":

Lastly, our old pal Michale sent us this clip from the 1931 comedy Broadminded featuring an Adult Baby Party. According to the invitation: "No one to look over six years of age. Bottles will be provided at feeding time."

Michael says the clip has "too many guys in it for my taste..." I agree, but someone will probably enjoy it...

BROADMINDED Joe E Brown Bela Lugosi by NilbogLAND

Bye for now-- have a great week! 

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