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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby Fever!

(Day One Act Three of the Humble Games is online now. Check out the official blog to see the story as it progresses and some bonus features—including some short stories available only on the HG blog.

This is just something silly I threw together on the fly in the mode of my other photostory. Enjoy.)

Now step right in young miss and tell Dr. Parker what the trouble is. Don't be shy.. I am a doctor, after all.
 Oh? You wet your pants the other day? Well, that's not so bad... a bit embarrassing for a girl your age, I would think, but certainly nothing to be alarmed about...
 ...And sucking your thumb without realizing it? That is interesting... any other symptoms?
You feel aroused walking down the baby isle at the store?  That's... unusual... What’s that? Darling, I know you're embarrassed, but you must tell me everything.
Oh my… you pooped your pants at work!? You poor little thing! Sounds like you’ve contracted a serious case of Baby Fever!
Strip down and jump up on the table. Don't be shy-- we're all medical professionals here...
Now you lie still and relax while the nurse takes your temperature. Hush now darling... no fussing. Rectally is much more accurate.
Baby Fever is a serious condition affecting women over the age of 18. It's victims are set upon by a sudden and powerful psycho-sexual compulsion to dress and act like a baby, regardless of the time or who's watching.
Although further study is needed, clinical research has shown a direct link between "naughty" or "bratty" behavior and Baby Fever. The "naughtier" a girl is, the more likely it is that she'll contract it.
If left untreated, the condition can worsen-- the patient becomes increasingly adorable and more diaper dependent until their adult personality disappears entirely, effectively rendering  them helpless Adult Babies.
It's up to those who love them to help the victims control their symptoms. Administering a sound spanking for behavioral infractions has been proven effective in controlling Baby Fever.
Many patients derive intense, almost uncontrollable pleasure from wetting or messing their diapers. You can help reduce this pleasure by subjecting them to embarrassing public diaper changes, being sure to chide her for being a naughty girl-- loud enough that everyone can hear you, of course!
In some cases, a second round of potty training is necessary. Although most advanced cases still require diapers at night, many victims of Baby fever can be taught to use the potty again... though it is a difficult and arduous task...
it's up to us to provide sufferers of Baby Fever with all the comforts and attentions they require. The more adorable they look, the happier suffers tend to be... Keeping a well stocked nursery, with plenty of diapers, bonnets, and plastic pants is recommended.
Sufferers of Baby Fever require attention, understanding, and above all love. These adorable baby women are no longer the grown-up you remember, but helpless, hapless Adult Babies who need you to take care of them.


For more info on Baby Fever click here.

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  1. I love a good photo story and what a great message for all!

  2. er was vandaag een meisje hier en ze zei dat ze zich niet zo lekker voelde, dus wilde ze een asperientje en ik zei eerst temperatuur opmeten. ze kreeg toen de thermometer in haar blote bips over de knie in de keuken en zei toen het klaar was en ik 38,1 oplas voel me nu al stukken beter ?