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Friday, October 5, 2012

The Humble Games-- Application

I've been thinking about this interactive story thing, and I think the best way to do it is to just jump in and see how it goes.  I can't really plan ahead  without knowing the characters, so I've decided to just post up these applications and see what happens. So join me for a little idea I like to call...

The Humble Games

     A group of women, complete strangers seemingly unconnected, are gathered together in a secluded mansion. Lured in by the prospect of fabulous wealth, they find themselves contestants in a game that will change their lives forever. Because in the Humble Games, the winner takes all… and losers forfeit everything…
     The women, having received envelopes containing only mysterious invitations to appear on a new reality show and directions, arrive at the mansion. Eventually, they are greeted by The Game Master—dapper gentleman, manipulator of reality, and sadistic host. He explains the game:
     The players are now confined to the grounds, unable to leave for the next ten days. Every day the players are put to a challenge—either physical (holding a BM after consuming a strong laxative) or not (having to reveal their most embarrassing moment, having to answer embarrassing/ revealing questions honestly.) Winners get a prize. Failure means punishments from the Game Master—anything from a simple spanking or something more permanent, such as bowel/bladder incontinence or mental regression.
     Of course, the Game master can dole out rewards and punishments at his wicked whim. Making matters more interesting—every two days one player is voted out … and any punishment they were experiencing in the house is permanent on the outside! For example—if a player lost a challenge and lost control of their bladder and bowels, they would continue to have no control once released from the house-- permanently. And with the Game Master’s reality warping abilities, anything goes… a once powerful Fortune 500 CEO could wake up to find herself in sitting in a playpen with a poopy diaper—and no one would remember any different.
     I play the role of the Game Master—five other victims participants will take the role of one of the players (I’m looking for bratty female archetypes.) I set the scenes, describe the challenges, dish out rewards and punishments, you describe your reactions and strategies. Players may converse among each other, plot, scheme, and form alliances, but remember that the walls have ears and the Game Master’s reach is long… 

To apply, answer the following questions and submit your responses to:

Only five spaces available, but if this works out I may do another at some point.

So let's cross our fingers and see what we get.

The Humble Games Application

1. Tell me about your character (name, age, occupation etc.)

2. Only the naughtiest, brattiest, and most spoiled women are eligible for the Humble Games—what makes your character the perfect candidate for some humble pie?

3. What humiliations do you think your character should have to endure?

4. What are your turn-offs?

5.  What kind of reality TV contestant is your character (a liar, a cheater, an alliance builder etc)?

6. Your character may walk away from the Humble Games changed forever—what do you think would be a fitting change for your character?

7. The Humble Games is a competition. Odds are you’ll be voted out—possibly even first. Can you accept the will of the readers like a big girl?
 Again, only applications submitted to this e-mail will be considered.

The main  game will take place via e-mail-- however, I was thinking about setting up a thread at daily diapers to allow players to chat with each other, anyone got any thoughts?

Good luck-- you may need it.


  1. I won't have time to be involved, but am amused by the name.

  2. I stumbled across the blogger page of the Humble Games two days ago, and now I find this today. OH how I wish I'd known back then, I would have loved to help in this exciting project. I need to e-mail you about some thoughts. What I have read of the game Up to and including April 2013 I have loved