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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Huge Media Project Update

Hey everyone,

The Humble Games has spun off onto it it's own blog. Although it's pretty empty right now, it'll soon be the place for previews, special features, and more related to the games (I'll still be posting the final, polished episodes here as well, so don't worry about missing out.)

Josh sent in this bit from a youtube video parody of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Its pretty cute (if not an altogether flattering depiction of ABDLs.) You can see the original in it's entirety here:


Our old friend Dick also dropped off A boatload of new stuff for us.

Here we have a pair of publicity pictures from the previously mentioned movie New Interns: "These are a couple of publicity photos of actress Sally Carter taken on the set of the film in December 1963. Under the name Marya Carter she was Playboy playmate of the month for May 1962. Another playmate in diapers!"
Sally "Marya" Carter in Playboy
 Next up, a sexy topless pic from Mexican singer Gloria Trevi from her 1993 calender (as Baby New Year, naturally:)

 Children's TV Host Finds Her Inner Child:

This picture of British television personality Sarah-Jane Honeywell was posted on the BBC website under the following caption: "An otherwise uneventful day yesterday was enlivened by CBeebies' Sarah-Jane appearing outside our window dressed as a baby with an exceptionally large nappy." I wonder if she ever appeared on the air in an outfit like that?

 Baby New Year in 1929  
  Here is I'm pretty sure the oldest piece in our collection: 

  ...publicity photos for a movie called Happy Days featuring actress Marjorie White. I don't know if diapers were actually seen in the film, though there is a scene where a different actress drinks from a giant baby bottle.

 But that's not all, ladies and gents: The Amazing Dick also managed to dig up some more info on the aforementioned  Diaper Service Institute of America, their convention, and the origins of the "Diaper Queen" from Life Magazine:

How many of these conventions did they have?

Dick also sent in these adds that, while not strictly diaper related, are definitely interesting:

Two magazine ads from the 1950s. I hesitated to submit this, as the women in the photos are in their underwear,not diapers, and I'm not sure who else is interested in this sort of thing. Yet I felt the odd juxtapositions and the strange vibe they produce made this worth sending on to you.

I'm glad he decided to send them: I love the way they call attention to the resemblance between "Granny Panties" and diapers, and the implications inherent in that... Certainly not the sort of ad that you'd see today!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Rather surprised you haven't added humble games to the link section.

    Is it permissible for those of us not playing one of the characters in the game to post in the humble game blog comment section?