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Monday, October 29, 2012

Fearless In Public

This is one brazen little lady! (Preview from Diaper Girl In Public.)

I'm not familiar with Diaper Girl In Public... is it a good site? This video is pretty cool, but I'm not sure how many of them I could watch (I find them kind of intense.)

(Thanks to Max for the find)

Some other business...

Day One of the Humble Games should be arriving shortly... keep an eye on the official blog for more behind the scenes goodies.

 The Crybaby Re-match continues selling well. Thanks very much for everyone who's purchased it thus far. I'm currently working on a different kind of ageplay video (no diapers in this one, though perhaps in future installments.) Details following soon... watch this space.

If I don't see you before, Happy Halloween everyone, and to our readers in the path of hurricane Sandy-- please be careful and stay safe.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funraiser Part 4

More pics from Funraiser. Enjoy.

(You can see more art by Funraiser, including some of his male/sissy stuff here.)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Huge Media Project Update

Hey everyone,

The Humble Games has spun off onto it it's own blog. Although it's pretty empty right now, it'll soon be the place for previews, special features, and more related to the games (I'll still be posting the final, polished episodes here as well, so don't worry about missing out.)

Josh sent in this bit from a youtube video parody of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Its pretty cute (if not an altogether flattering depiction of ABDLs.) You can see the original in it's entirety here:


Our old friend Dick also dropped off A boatload of new stuff for us.

Here we have a pair of publicity pictures from the previously mentioned movie New Interns: "These are a couple of publicity photos of actress Sally Carter taken on the set of the film in December 1963. Under the name Marya Carter she was Playboy playmate of the month for May 1962. Another playmate in diapers!"
Sally "Marya" Carter in Playboy
 Next up, a sexy topless pic from Mexican singer Gloria Trevi from her 1993 calender (as Baby New Year, naturally:)

 Children's TV Host Finds Her Inner Child:

This picture of British television personality Sarah-Jane Honeywell was posted on the BBC website under the following caption: "An otherwise uneventful day yesterday was enlivened by CBeebies' Sarah-Jane appearing outside our window dressed as a baby with an exceptionally large nappy." I wonder if she ever appeared on the air in an outfit like that?

 Baby New Year in 1929  
  Here is I'm pretty sure the oldest piece in our collection: 

  ...publicity photos for a movie called Happy Days featuring actress Marjorie White. I don't know if diapers were actually seen in the film, though there is a scene where a different actress drinks from a giant baby bottle.

 But that's not all, ladies and gents: The Amazing Dick also managed to dig up some more info on the aforementioned  Diaper Service Institute of America, their convention, and the origins of the "Diaper Queen" from Life Magazine:

How many of these conventions did they have?

Dick also sent in these adds that, while not strictly diaper related, are definitely interesting:

Two magazine ads from the 1950s. I hesitated to submit this, as the women in the photos are in their underwear,not diapers, and I'm not sure who else is interested in this sort of thing. Yet I felt the odd juxtapositions and the strange vibe they produce made this worth sending on to you.

I'm glad he decided to send them: I love the way they call attention to the resemblance between "Granny Panties" and diapers, and the implications inherent in that... Certainly not the sort of ad that you'd see today!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Humble Games: Meet The Players!

Just a quick note to everyone:

My laptop fan is making an awful grinding noise, and cleaning it with compressed air doesn't seem to be helping-- I'm hoping it's not a serious problem, but if I vanish for a few days, it's because the compy's dead or in the shop. I promise though that I won't be missing for more than a week, tops (luckily I've been saving up for this eventuality, so buying a new laptop and transferring my stuff should only be a minor bother).

Time to meet the lucky suckers contestants:

Age: 22
Occupation: Actress

 I'm Amy Peale, but you probably know me better as Destiny Starr. Ten years ago, I was one of the stars of The Afterlife of Astrid Appelby, where the world fell in love with me as the recently deceased Astrid's still-living best friend. But I'm not 12 anymore - I'm all grown up now, and making my comeback, starting with The Humble Games! I know I can count on my loyal fans to keep voting for me! When - oops, I mean if - I win, you can bet you'll be seeing a lot more of me, and I know that's what you guys want! Now, let's play!

 Age: 21
Occupation: University Student

Hi people. Spectators, judges, viewers, audience members... I don't know what to call you, sorry. My name is Lucy. I've come on to this show in place of my twin sister, whose name was on the invitation, but don't let the game master find out... call me Jessica if he's about. My sister is kind of a brat, and I fear that being on the show would go to her head, so I'm taking her place instead. Umm... what else can I say... I'm not trying to be mean, or ruthless, I just want to take part and make some new friends. I hope some of the other contestants are nice too.

Age: 25
Occupation: feminist author and activist

Hello I'm sure you all know me-- Margaret Stern, feminist social critic, activist, talk-show mainstay, and author of best selling book 'Snipped: Why Male Castration is The Answer'. Of course, I'm very busy working on my ground breaking follow up but I believe it is extremely important that I compete on this show.
I want to show that as a strong feminist I can face down and defeat patriarchal oppression in any arena: I'm in peak physical condition and a black belt in multiple fighting styles-- there is no way any man could 'humble' me as this show claims. I feel also my close cropped hair and make-up free style is something my fellow contestants-- and the viewers-- can learn from.
I want to spread the message as loud as possible: women need never be girly, submissive bits of fluff ever again-- my seminars and books hold the answer to viewers on how to achieve a prosperous female ruled future. I can't wait to defeat these conservative sexist pigs. Power to the Sisters!

Age: 27
Occupation: CEO for McSegual Medical supplies and contacts INC

Hello everyone. I'm currently CEO and head of management for a large marketing firm. I have a degree from Cambridge and a private education for St. Margaret's All Girl's school. I am very powerful woman who knows how to get her way by any means necessary. During this competition I'd advise you to get on my good side and follow my lead. Those who ally with me I promise success in this competition-- those who get in my way will be hacked off at the knees. I'm looking to prove that I am capable of complete control over those around me. And really, this 'Game Master'? He's just a man, what does he truly think he can achieve over us far superior women?

Age: 23
Occupation: Daycare Worker

Hey everyone! I'm Brittany! I love photography and I live to shop. Right now I work at a daycare, but I hope the Humble Games will change that. I'm very tired of snotty kids, stupid parents, my bitchy boss, and above all: shitty diapers. I gag every time I even have to smell one, and when I change one, I wear gloves and a surgical mask-- so now everyone at work laughs and calls me "the surgeon!" I have a reputation for being impulsive and rash but I'm hoping everyone will see me differently after competing here. I also hope it'll take me as far away from poopy diapers as possible!

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Madonna: Age-Player?

First of all, thanks again to everyone who's bought Kym V. Sinn 2-- currently the bestselling spanking clip on Clips4sale! If anyone's interested, HTM has put up another version in MP4 format, which you can check out here.

Madonna has built a career on being sexually provocative, and The Material Girl's love of spanking is well documented. So how does she feel about diapers and age-play? We may never know her real feelings, but it's fun to look at this decidedly age-play themed photo shoot from Vanity Fair and imagine...

But wait, there's more...

Another reader was kind enough to send in this very funny entry into the BMW films series, starring Madonna as a spoiled pop star and Clive Owen as a driver who gives her the ride of her life. No diapers, but I think readers will still get a kick out of the ending...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Born To Be Alive (And Diapered)

Hey guys,

The deadline for the Humble Games is tomorrow, so get those applications in.

Here's a new tidbit for the media project; the previously mentioned Top Of The Pops performance of Born to Be Alive by the dance troupe Legs and Co. The five sexy dancers perform in pink bonnets, t-shirts, and tight, silver, space-agey diapers. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Few Bits For The Media Project...

Thanks first of all to everyone who's bought the new clip-- it's been selling really well, and a third one (with some new girls and a few twists) is a possibility, if people are interested.

Re: the Humble Games-- there's a couple of spots still available, I'll pick the winners at the end of this week. If you're interested in competing, see the application here.

This picture arrived in my e-mail with the caption "Betty Barrett diaper queen of the convention for the Diaper Service Institute of America. Chicago, 1947." If there's any further information about Ms. Barrett, the Diaper Service Institute of America, or their convention I haven't been able to track it down yet. I do really love this picture though.

A reader wrote in with a tip on an ultra short clip in British sketch show Jam: A man pulls out a pacifier, licks it, and sticks it in his wife's mouth for her to suck on.  you can see the clip below-- however, first our reader warns:
This programme contains dark humour, and can, quite frankly, be rather disturbing at times, and could well offend. Please watch with caution.

Check out the clip at 13:56 here.

On the tabloid front, a reader sent in this article about how Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi post-pregnancy bladder control problems have lead her to wearing diapers. Catch it while she's still relevent...

Michael sent in this little tid-bit about the 1942 movie The Major and the Minor, which has a plot similar to Too Young to Kiss, about a grown woman who "dresses down" to travel for half price. The movie even advertises itself as "A Fairy Tail For Grown-Up Children" (no spankings in this one though...)

That's all for now. Again, if you know of anything not on the main list, please contact me and let me know.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Humble Games-- Application

I've been thinking about this interactive story thing, and I think the best way to do it is to just jump in and see how it goes.  I can't really plan ahead  without knowing the characters, so I've decided to just post up these applications and see what happens. So join me for a little idea I like to call...

The Humble Games

     A group of women, complete strangers seemingly unconnected, are gathered together in a secluded mansion. Lured in by the prospect of fabulous wealth, they find themselves contestants in a game that will change their lives forever. Because in the Humble Games, the winner takes all… and losers forfeit everything…
     The women, having received envelopes containing only mysterious invitations to appear on a new reality show and directions, arrive at the mansion. Eventually, they are greeted by The Game Master—dapper gentleman, manipulator of reality, and sadistic host. He explains the game:
     The players are now confined to the grounds, unable to leave for the next ten days. Every day the players are put to a challenge—either physical (holding a BM after consuming a strong laxative) or not (having to reveal their most embarrassing moment, having to answer embarrassing/ revealing questions honestly.) Winners get a prize. Failure means punishments from the Game Master—anything from a simple spanking or something more permanent, such as bowel/bladder incontinence or mental regression.
     Of course, the Game master can dole out rewards and punishments at his wicked whim. Making matters more interesting—every two days one player is voted out … and any punishment they were experiencing in the house is permanent on the outside! For example—if a player lost a challenge and lost control of their bladder and bowels, they would continue to have no control once released from the house-- permanently. And with the Game Master’s reality warping abilities, anything goes… a once powerful Fortune 500 CEO could wake up to find herself in sitting in a playpen with a poopy diaper—and no one would remember any different.
     I play the role of the Game Master—five other victims participants will take the role of one of the players (I’m looking for bratty female archetypes.) I set the scenes, describe the challenges, dish out rewards and punishments, you describe your reactions and strategies. Players may converse among each other, plot, scheme, and form alliances, but remember that the walls have ears and the Game Master’s reach is long… 

To apply, answer the following questions and submit your responses to:

Only five spaces available, but if this works out I may do another at some point.

So let's cross our fingers and see what we get.

The Humble Games Application

1. Tell me about your character (name, age, occupation etc.)

2. Only the naughtiest, brattiest, and most spoiled women are eligible for the Humble Games—what makes your character the perfect candidate for some humble pie?

3. What humiliations do you think your character should have to endure?

4. What are your turn-offs?

5.  What kind of reality TV contestant is your character (a liar, a cheater, an alliance builder etc)?

6. Your character may walk away from the Humble Games changed forever—what do you think would be a fitting change for your character?

7. The Humble Games is a competition. Odds are you’ll be voted out—possibly even first. Can you accept the will of the readers like a big girl?
 Again, only applications submitted to this e-mail will be considered.

The main  game will take place via e-mail-- however, I was thinking about setting up a thread at daily diapers to allow players to chat with each other, anyone got any thoughts?

Good luck-- you may need it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Crybaby Match 2-- It's Ready!!

 Hey Gang,

Well, it's been a long wait, but it's finally here! You can get the clip at Hit The Mat's C4S store now (and now in MP4 format here.) You can see another preview at HTM's website. (If you haven't seen the first one, you can check out a preview here.)

 Enjoy these pics and a short trailer I put together (note-- they do spoil the match). Big thanks once again to Hit the Mat for their top-notch work, and a huge thanks to Kym and Sinn for being great sports and throwing themselves so enthusiastically into their roles. And a big thanks to Very Special Clothes for their terrific work on the costume.

Download the trailer here.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did, and I'm sorry again about the wait.