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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Someone's Stinky...

What is that smell, little girl? You didn't actually use that didee... did you? No? Don't lie to me-- this isn't the first time I've dealt with one of your soiled pampers, is it young lady? If you don't quit denying it, you're going to get a hard spanking. Now get over here so I can check you, and remember sweetheart: if you need a change you're going to get it right here in front of everyone...

Young lady! That odor had better not be emanating from inside those diapers!
Hold still honey, let mommy check the damage...

Pout and cry all you want young woman... I can tell by the smell in here we got you in those diapers just in the nick of time.
Woah! What's that smell?
>Sniff Sniff<
Oh dear...

Nappy School

Not too sure about the second one, might be from Diaper Gal



  1. Do you know what set those AdultBabyXXX pictures are from?

    1. Sorry it's not ,this set (impossible to find on adultbabyxxx)

    2. Sorry, I found those on tumblr, so I don't know the set number...