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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Talks Spankings, Age-Play, And Enemas

      Marilyn Monroe is perhaps the ultimate Hollywood icon; in the 50 years since her untimely death, she's come to symbolize the pinnacle of movie-star glamor and feminine beauty, and even now, decades later, she maintains her power to haunt and tantalize.

     Though we may never fully understand this unique and complex woman, recordings she made for her psychiatrist,  Dr Ralph Greenson, shed some light  on her lively (and rather kinky) fantasy life. A post on Chross' message board  reveals Marilyn's very interesting, decidedly age-play themed spanking fantasies about Clark Gable, her co-star in the Misfits,:

 After the shoot was over she told her psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson, "I have a dream for you. I dreamt I was sitting on Clark Gable's lap with his arms around me. He said, 'They want me to do a Gone with the Wind sequel. Maybe I will if you'll be my Scarlett.'

"I woke up crying. He was so nice to me and I didn't deserve it. When I came back from a day off set, he patted my ass and told me if I didn't behave myself he'd give me a good spanking. I looked him in the eye and said, 'Don't tempt me.' He burst out laughing so hard he was tearing.

"I wanted him to be my father. I wouldn't care if he spanked me as long as he made up for it by hugging me and telling me I was Daddy's little girl and he loved me. Of course, that's fantasy."

     Marilyn's relationship with Dr. Greenson was itself complex, revealing a deep need for paternal love and affection:

"Ever since you let me into your home … I've thought about how it would be if I were your daughter instead of your patient …. I know you couldn't do it while I'm your patient, but after you cure me, maybe you could adopt me."

     But that's not all: the legendary beauty also confessed a love of a certain medical treatment, still considered "taboo," even in these sensitive and enlightened times:

But doctor. I don’t understand this big taboo about enemas. Most of the actresses I know use them, even some who won’t admit it. Mae West told me she is given an enema every day and she has at least one orgasm a day. Mae says her enemas and orgasms will keep her young until she is 100.

Peter Crawford says the Queen and noblemen of the court of Louis XIV were give frequent enemas by special servants called apothecaries. The purpose was to give them peaches and cream complexions. Something about intestinal toxins getting into your blood. So there you are. Those ladies were doing the intelligent thing.

Yes. I enjoy enemas, so what!

     Perhaps all Marilyn really needed in her life was a Daddy to love and care for her... I can't imagine a woman more perfectly suited for diapers and a trip to the nursery.

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