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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mama's Girl: Saturday Night (Part One)

Part One

(Sorry about the wait on this one, everyone. I know you're probably wondering how many more parts I can possibly break this story into (just two more, I promise!) but everyone had waited so long and so many people kept asking when it was going to be done that I got to a good mid point and figured "what the hell?"

I'm still plugging away on it so stay tuned for the last two parts (and no, I have absolutely no idea when they might arrive, sorry...)

This part is pretty dark and maybe a little sad... but just remember it's always darkest before the light...)

     By the time they got home, Kim had stopped crying, but her eyes were red and her face puffy and wet with tears.
     Her mother opened the door and ushered Kim inside with a couple of pats on the bulging seat of her diapers. She waddled over the threshold, desperate to get inside and away from the world. She’d gone numb, her humiliation at the park sending her into a mild shock. She stood by passively and allowed her mother to undress her, stripping her down to her diaper. She stood there, nude and sobbing, her mother regarding her with a small smile. She tucked a finger under Kim’s chin, tilting her head back until their eyes met. “Never mind, dear,” she said, “he was only a boy. You’ll survive.” She kissed her on the forehead. “Come along, darling,” she whispered, taking her hand and leading her to the bathroom.
     Her mother ran the bath and stripped Kim out of her diaper. She stood there, pale and naked and frail. Her mother wrapped her arms around the shivering girl. “Oh sweetie,” she cooed softly, “don’t be pouty.” Kissing her cheek, she ushered Kim into the hot bath with a few pats to her quivering bottom.
     The bath felt wonderful. Kim sat still and allowed her mother to wash her, probing and scrubbing every nook and cranny of her body until she was clean once more. “We want you smelling nice and fresh for Mia tonight, right honey?” Kim frowned at the thought; who knew what fresh embarrassments Mia would inflict on her?
     Once she was clean, her mother helped her out of the tub and dried her shivering, naked body. Kim followed her mother into her bedroom. She shed the towel; naked once more, she spread herself out on her mother’s bedspread, lying passively on her stomach, bare bottom twitching in the air behind her, shivering as her mother squirted a thick “S” of baby oil onto her plump buns and began rubbing and kneading her derrière firmly. Kim sighed and tried to enjoy it.
     Her tushy massage stopped. She felt powder raining down lightly onto her glistening bottom, felt her mother’s soft, warm hand rubbing and patting it in. “Turn over baby.”
     Kim complied, turning over on her back. She stared into the ceiling and passively complied when her mother told her to lift her bum so she could slip the big, new diaper under her. Her front was oiled and powdered-- and just like that, Kim was diapered once more.
     Her mother went to the closet and selected a very cute pair of footed PJ’s with a drop-hatch in the seat. She beamed proudly as she dressed Kim and popped a pacifier into her mouth. “Now come along, sweetheart,” she said, helping Kim to her feet and ushering her toward the crib. “You lie down for a little nap. I don’t want you to be cranky when Mia comes.”
     Kim lowered herself to the mattress and wrapped the blankets around her. She was tired, and was actually looking forward to a nap.  Her mother shut and locked the door to the crib. Turned and smiled before she left. “Sweet dreams, princess,” she grinned, and turned off the lights before she shut the door behind her.
     In the darkness, Kim rolled onto her tummy and began sobbing softly.

     The voice was far away. Kim moaned and squeezed her eyes shut. “Kim? Come on, honey—wakey wakey!”
     Kim’s eyes fluttered open. It was dark, but she could just make out someone’s shape next to the crib. “Mommy?” she said softly into the dark. There was a throaty chuckle.
     “No, sweetie,” said the voice. She saw a hand reach through the bars, felt cool fingers touching her forehead and playing with her hair.  “Not Mommy.”
     The bedside lamp went on with a click. Kim squinted against the painful light; blinded she groaned and pressed her face into the pillow. She forced herself to turn over and open her eyes as wide as she dared. Mia loomed over with a sadistically sweet smile.
     “C’mon baby. Time to rise and shine. We’re going to have all kinds of fun tonight.”
      The door opened. Yawning, Kim crawled out of the crib and stood before Mia, sleepy and a little scared. Squeezing her thighs together, she felt the diaper squish against her crotch. She realized with a rush of embarrassment that she’d wet in her sleep.
     Mia was captivated by her PJ’s. She turned Kim around in little circles and laughed at the zipper and her obvious bulging diaper. She ordered Kim to hold still while she unsnapped the drop-hatch, exposing her big fluffy diaper. “Look at that cute widdle bottom!” she gushed, rubbing and patting the seat.
     She unzipped the PJ’s and pealed them off slowly, revealing Kim’s delicate, beautiful figure in the soft light, the massive, bulging diaper around her backside standing in direct contrast to her petite body. She tried to cover herself with her arms, but Mia reached up and pulled them down with a foxy grin. “None of that now, baby girl,” she said softly. “You’re mommy’s not here to protect you now…”
     “Mia,” Kim began in a tiny, quivering voice. “I’ve had a really bad day… do you think…” she paused, beginning to sob, “do you think you could just be nice to me tonight?”
     “Oh, did babykins have a tough day?” said Mia mockingly, making Kim cringe. “Huh? Wassa matter, baby? You got a diaper rash?”
     Suddenly, she shoved Kim onto the bed. Squealing, Kim rolled onto her stomach and tried to crawl away, but Mia pounced on her, laughing as she wrestled the squirming girl to the mattress. Blushing fiercely, Kim struggled to escape, but the younger girl was easily able to pin her to the bedspread. Giggling, Mia gave Kim’s diapered butt a series of medium-hard swats, making her squeal and kick her feet against the mattress. Kim buried her face into the bedspread, overcome with embarrassment and anger at being so powerless.
     Mia stopped. She lay on top of Kim and giggled, pressing close to whisper. “You better be a good girl and do as you’re told,” she husked, “or I’ll pull that diaper down and give you a real spanking.” She pressed her lips to the back of Kim’s neck; she squirmed and grew hot as Mia kissed her gently and ran her smooth little hands over her body.
     “Now,” she said, swatting Kim’s bottom firmly, “let’s get you dressed.”
     She rose and headed over to the closet, but stopped when she spied the package on the dresser. “What’s this? Something new?” She slid the white box open and stared inside in wonder. “Oh my God,” she whispered, ecstatic as she began taking items from the box. “This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”
     Kim squirmed and blushed, nude but for her big, crinkly diaper. Mia took a pair of translucent white tights and drew them up Kim’s legs and stretched them over the massive, bulging diaper; Kim groaned, embarrassed when she realized the tights had five rows of frills across the seat.
     Next, Mia took a childish cotton undershirt and drew it over Kim’s head. She tucked it into the tights’ waistband, maintaining eye-contact the entire time. Kim was desperate to look away, but Mia’s teasing smile held her in place, helplessly hypnotized by the younger girl’s sadistic smirk.
     The dress came next. Flimsy, short, and nearly see through, the gauzy baby-doll style dress was pure and white. Kim peeked over her shoulder, blushing furiously when she saw that her bulging, ruffled tushy was amply revealed beneath its frilly hemline.
     Kim couldn’t help but start to sob when Mia gleefully took the last item from the bag: A pair of feathered angel wings, like you’d seen on a cute Halloween costume for preschoolers. Mia went around back and helped the sobbing Kim thread her arms through the elastic arm holes. “Stand still,” she commanded fussing with the wings until they stood out adorably behind each shoulder.
     “Awww, what a cute widdle angel!” Mia cooed faux-sweet, her smile teasing and triumphant. Kim stood before her, belittled and submissive in her adorable little girl style angel costume. Mia helped her into a pair matching Mary Jane shoes, and then instructed the blushing Kim through an embarrassing fashion show, walking across the room, turning this way and that while she stood by grinning and appraising her.
     Of course, she looked adorable. Her firm, lithe body was enhanced and revealed by the childish garments, leaving little question that she was a beautiful, grown young woman dressed in humiliating little girl garments  and reduced to the status of an overgrown infant. She stood, red-faced and shifting from foot to foot as Mia walked around her, chuckling as she adjusted and straightened the outfit until it was perfect.
     “There!” she said with an evil grin, “now you’re ready to go out!”
     Kim’s blood went cold. “Wa-what do you mean?” she asked, her voice quivering. “Where’re we goin’?”
     “It’s a surprise baby,” Mia said with a smile, patting Kim’s ruffled, padded backside. She took the older girl’s hand firmly. “Now come along, young lady,” she said sternly, tugging the struggling Kim through the apartment and out the front door.

     It wasn’t until they were on the street before Kim came out of her stupor. The sudden realization that she was out in public dressed in her embarrassing adult baby angel outfit hit her, making her whole body tingle with humiliation. She wriggled and squirmed against Mia’s grip on her writs. But Mia just dragged her along, hailing a cab as she did. “Let me go!” Kim squeaked, utterly failing to sound authoritative.
     “Get in there!” Mia barked, pushing Kim fiercely into the back of the cab with a swat to her diapered backside. She settled in just as Mia slid in beside her and stated their destination to the driver.
     “NO!” Kim cried, reaching for the door beside her. Mia took her wrists tightly and pulled her close with a malevolent grin.
     “C’mon baby,” she sneered as the cab pulled out into traffic, “loosen up…”
     She sealed her lips over Kim’s roughly, forcing her tongue into the girl’s helpless mouth. Kim tightened and struggled, emitting a helpless moan when the younger girl just laughed and forced Kim’s hands behind her head.
     Mia moved in for the kill, kissing Kim hungrily; ferocious, she pressed herself against Kim, feeling her breasts with her free hand. Kim stiffened and fought feebly. “Hold still!” Mia commanded quietly but firmly. She leaned in close—Kim felt the girl’s warm, moist breath on her ear. ”Be a good girl or I’ll spank your bare bottom!”
     Kim groaned in response, fear and arousal tying her stomach in knots. She took a deep, shaky breath and forced herself to lay still and let Mia kiss and fondle her. Her diapers were hot and sweaty around her loins, and her pussy was getting damp.
     The cab-ride was spent is a dreamy state of sexual arousal accompanied by the tingle of humiliation as Mia teased her expertly, pushing her to the edge of orgasm, then pulling back to cuddle sweetly, leaving her quivering in her diapers and angel costume.
     The cab rolled gently to a stop. Kim’s stomach tightened as Mia handed the driver some money and whipped the door open. She crawled out—Kim cowered in the corner, dizzy.
     “C’mon!” Mia barked, reaching in and taking Kim firmly by the wrist. “Get that diapered tush out here,” she commanded, pulling the girl out of the cab. Kim struggled and squirmed, but she couldn’t fight her tormenter off. The door slammed behind her, and Kim watched the cab speed off into the night with a sinking heart.
     “Let’s go, baby!” Mia commanded, swatting Kim’s thickly padded butt. She took her hand and dragged her off.
     Kim twisted, struggled, and squirmed, but Mia just dug her fingers painfully into her wrist and tugged her along, swatting her bulbous bottom when she fell too far behind. It was right in the middle of the evening rush, and the streets were crowded. Kim fixed her eyes on the pavement, but she knew everyone was staring at her. In the distance, loud music was throbbing. It grew louder and louder with each step, until Kim could feel it thudding in her chest.
     Mia pulled her down a flight of stairs. The music was at near full volume now—Kim turned red as they approached a large man at the door. She blushed and squirmed as Mia smiled brightly at him and handed him some money for the cover charge. Kim tried to hide behind her as the doorman looked her up and down with a raised eyebrow. She felt faint when she saw him zero in on her protruding hips and crotch. He stamped their hands—Mia pulled her inside the club.
     It was hot—Kim began perspiring almost immediately. The already warm diaper became a greenhouse—a bead of sweat collecting on her lower back and trickling down her butt crack, making her shiver. The music was almost deafening, she could feel the throbbing beat pulsating inside her. All around her people were staring at her outfit, some chuckling and whispering to each other, some laughing outright, and some just staring incredulously.
     Pulling futilely against Mia’s grip, Kim struggled as she was pulled toward a booth near the back, where two other girls about Mia age were drinking cocktails. They looked up as the pair approached the table, smiling and calling out greetings to their friend. Mia stood In front of the table grinning, forcing Kim to stand next to her.
     “This is the little sprat I was telling you about,” she said with a mean smirk. Kim squawked as Mia spun her around and lifted the back of her dress to reveal her bulging, ruffled bottom to the girls. “Isn’t that the cutest little diapered bottom?” Mia gushed, giving Kim’s rump a firm pat.
     The girls whooped and hollered, and the one closest to her on her end, an attractive, buxom blond, reached out and swatted her butt, making Kim squeal as the others roared with laughter.
     Mia pushed her into the booth roughly before sliding in after her, effectively trapping her. She shouldered Kim in, until she found herself squeezed tight between Mia and an attractive, dark skinned beauty. The girl watched Kim slide in beside her with her dark brown eyes, and there was an expression on her face that was hungry. She wrapped an arm around Kim’s shoulders and drew her in close to her. Mia pushed in tightly on the other side, and Kim found herself squeezed between their soft, perfumed flesh. Mia introduced the blonde on the end.
     “That’s Cheryl,” she said.
     “And I’m Monica,” said the girl next to her, leaning in close to whisper in her ear. “I’ve been dying to meet you,” she purred, grinning at Kim like a shark grins at its dinner. Kim squirmed and blushed, fixing her eyes on the table.
     Monica reached out and took her chin gently, tilting it up until their eyes met. Kim struggled for breath, desperate to break free, but it was like the girl had her entranced. Chuckling to herself, she leaned in and kissed her softly. Kim groaned, shocked, but she didn’t pull back; instead, she found herself falling into the sweet kiss, the gentle embrace and the alluring scent of her perfume…
     She heard the others girl laugh. Kim broke the kiss, blushing furiously.
     “Looks like someone’s enjoying herself!” Mia smirked, reaching around and sticking her hand into the front of Kim’s tights. She squealed when she felt Mia’s hand worming its way into her diaper and grope at her pussy. “She’s soaking wet,” she confirmed for her friends.
     Kim struggled and fought weakly, but the two girls just held her in place, kissing and fondling her in the moist, throbbing heat of the club. Cheryl watched, fascinated, but board.  “Who feels like dancing?” she asked the group.
     Kim felt herself hauled up from the booth and all but carried onto the dance floor by the trio of younger girls. She found herself in the midst of an undulating sea of people moving in time with the music. Her costume was once more drawing stares and snickers from the other patrons. She wanted to run—to flee somewhere, but the girls had her boxed in. She shuddered, the girls grinding against her in time with the music.
     “I love this cute little diapered ass!” she heard Cheryl say behind her as she smacked her ruffled bottom. She tried to wriggle away, but only wound up pressing against Mia and Monica as Cheryl squeezed and kneaded her butt-cheeks through the seat of her diapers. They pressed in tightly around her… Kim groaned, feeling soft, moist mouths on the back of her neck, on her cheeks, on her lips, their supple hands touching her all over… She found herself quivering, sweaty, humiliated and painfully aroused.
     The song came to a close and the girls retreated back to their booth, carrying the limp and exhausted Kim along with them. They packed her back in, this time flanked by Monica and Cheryl, with Mia watching from the end with a sly smile. They ordered another round of drinks, then returned to fondling and teasing the hapless Kim. She fought to catch her breath, her muscles like jelly, the girls prodding and squeezing the bulky diaper wrapped around her middle. Though she was blushing brightly, the gentle touching actually felt heavenly, and she was content to give herself over, growing more and more aroused when they would lean forward to plant soft kisses on her forehead, cheeks, or lips.
     “Who wants to feed her a bottle?” she heard Mia say, the girl’s devious cackle freezing Kim’s heart in her chest. She looked over and teared up when she saw Mia reach into her purse and take out a large bottle of the special formula.


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