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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kylie Is A Very Naughty Girl...

Ladies and Gentlemen of the ABDL court, I am here before you today to argue that Pop Tart Kylie Minogue is a very, very naughty girl who needs to be administered a spanking and some diaper-downtime ASAP. Please examine the followings exhibits as evidence of her pervasively provocative, rude, and downright bratty behavior:

In light of her shocking and immature conduct, the prosecution asks the court to sentence Ms. Minogue to a bare bottom, OTK spanking followed by no less than six months of diaper punishment to be served at the Babes In Diapers Correctional Nursery for Naughty Women, beginning immediately.

How does the jury find?


  1. Guilty!


  2. Oh hell yeah,she's definitely guilty,maybe we should make an interactive Celebrity diaper story that includes Kylie Minogue,I'm sure our ABDL people would love 2 give that a shot.

    What do u say?