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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wrestling Spankings II

I'll probably be posting some previews of the Kym Vs. Sinn re-match soon, but in the meantime, here's some a few more wrestling spankings to tide you over:


Torrie Wilson Strapped

Chris Jericho spanking Trish Stratus

Kelly Kelly Spanked By Beth Phoenix

Marti Belle vs. Tina San Antonio


  1. The shorter the span of the spanking in these clips the better. The last 3 are much better.

    1. Yes, but someone on the last thread said they thought they weren't long enough... I guess you can't please everyone (that's why I try to include a variety). And seriously, how can you not love that first one?

    2. That person was me, and I only post as anonymous so that things go faster. When I try to post as my aim account, I go through like 5 pages before it allows me to post on behalf of my own account. The longer length videos you provided end up with prolonged waits for a spank, but they're not genuine. It's basically "I'm going to spank you, but not really so I don't get sued". The three I mentioned have more realistic spanks.
      Side note, I finally watched the video of kym vs sinn, and I was severely disappointed. For a wrestling/boxing sight neither of them looked like they knew how to wrestle in any form, they were screaming and whining the whole time like it was a regular porn piece with pain, and most of the physical fighting was just silly. Like gut punches and kicks. They are beautiful and fun ladies, but they'd be better if they were either wrestling more realistically, or not at all.

  2. When is the 2nd video coming out!? The wait has been unbearable and way too long!

    1. Yeah, sorry, first we had to wait for the diapers and stuff to come in the mail, then HTM had a hard time scheduling the match. The match has been filmed, I'm expecting an update (and hopefully some pictures) from HTM soon.

      Thanks for your patience!