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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wrestling Spankings I

As most of you know, we're big fans of spankings in wrestling around here. They're one of my favorite sources for spankings in mainstream culture. The nature of the event often lends itself to fantastic "over-acting": melodramatic kicking and squealing, butt rubbing and public embarrassment. In honor of the impending release of the Kymberly Jane/Sinn Sage re-match, here's the first in a series of spankings from wrestling, pro and amateur, recent and classic, rare and well known. Enjoy:

Amy Lee humiliates Kendra and Liz

Amber O'Neal loses a spanking match against Daffney

Amber gets revenge on Daffney and Krissy Vaine

Torrie Wilson vs Trish Stratus Paddle on a Pole Match

Lizzy Borden spanking Major Gunns

For more info on the first Crybaby Match, visit Hit The Mat.

1 comment:

  1. Well it's obvious that wrestling spankings will simply never be good, like most televised spankings. We need like a bdsm/bondage/couples video with wrestlers, that way they won't refrain from spanking the right away and it can last a while.

    How's the revenge match from the crybaby match coming along? It seemed like it almost went through, now it seems like it was abandoned.