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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Okayokayokok Presents: Haunted House

Hey everyone,
Okayokayokok (artist of my two comics) has released another comic (based on an idea by yours truly, scripted by OKok and another writer): two college co-eds get more than they bargained for when when they go exploring in a haunted house and discover first hand that ghosts are very real. Check out these preview images:

I don't want to give everything away, but the story features diapers and baby clothes, as well as spanking, shrinking, breast expansion, lactation and breast feeding and physical AR. It's $6.50 for 12 full color pages plus the cover. It's some of OKok's best work yet and I don't think anyone will go away unsatisfied. For more info plus the buy link, click here.


  1. Oh wow, it looks good. I've never been sure about the legality of AR stuff though, anybody with a bit more legal knowledge have any clue on that one?

  2. It was a great comic! Hope to see more of this kinds. But there is nothing illegal with regards to AR. Its simply fictional comics and art.

  3. Ey you should get OK to illustrate Birthday Girls. Just an idea.