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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Potty Time!

There comes a day when even the most bratty, immature Adult baby girl has to grow up-- to take those first tentative steps (however reluctantly) into full blown adult hood. C'mon, ladies-- drop those pants. Time to try and potty like a big girl-- no arguments, it's long overdue, young lady! You're too old for diapers now! You don't want to wind up in pampers for the rest of your life-- do you?

"I'm a big girl now!"
"Say cheese, baby! This is going to make an adorable Christmas card!"
"OK, sweetie: fill your potty like a big girl!"
A cute potty for a cuter girl...



  1. Love the second picture and her mortified expression, your caption helps as well. Seems like something that should be part of a photo set. First picture is adorable.

    1. I believe you can find the full sets at adultbaby.xxx