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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paris, Je T'Aime: The Sexy Diaper Adventures of Paris Kennedy

Paris Kennedy is one of the most high profile faces in the fetish community, appearing in numerous spanking, bondage, BDSM and other fetish videos, as well as more traditional adult features. My first exposure to Paris was through her work on Kara Prepare Yourself, where she fearlessly took every hard spanking, rectal temp taking, bottom wash, and every other humiliation Clare Fonda threw her way. When Clare introduced diapers to the site, it was only a matter of time before Paris wound up in one, and the results were fantastic: Clare's naughty daughter Paris is home from a recent trip to rehab. She's supposed to be resting-- but a delightfully mischievous Madison Young (herself the victim of an unwanted powdering and diapering by Clare not long before) arrives and begins taking advantage of the heavily medicated Paris. Before long, the devilish Madison forcefully diapers the reluctant Paris, who finds herself sucking her thumb as she takes a sexy spanking from Madison wearing nothing but pampers. Of course it's only a matter of time before Clare catches the girls in the act and spanks the both of them, before uttering her dreaded catch phrase, "prepare yourselves," ratcheting up the embarrassment for both girls to 11. (This set currently appears on Naughty Diaper Girls)

Paris has also appeared on Herdiapers.com (another site seemingly dedicated to Paris, Diapered Paris, actually re-directs to Her Diapers). These sets focus heavily on the BDSM/bondage side of things, but there's still some great material, including a sexy OTK spanking, a diapering, and a diaper change with some light spanking that I really enjoy (don't you love Paris' pig-tails?)

...Why no, sweetie... I don't think anyone will notice at all!

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