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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

AdultBaby.XXX: The Evolution Of Adult Baby Source

For over 10 years, Adult Baby Source has been a leader in providing some of the best ABDL pictures and videos on the internet— due in large part to their ability to track down models who actually enjoy their age-play experiences. At a time when the online adult baby community was heavily tilted toward males, ABS was the first to produce truly great ABDL content focused almost entirely on women in diapers.  Their clips and pics set the standard for female adult baby material—a high-water mark seldom equaled and never beaten.

     After switching to better billing options, ABS founder and guiding light Wendy decided it was time to push things forward, and the result is Adult Baby.XXX: a new project intended to enhance the quality of their output to an even higher standard while still incorporating the people and variety that made ABS great. 

     For $25 USD a month, members get access to 10 new clips and photo-sets a week, plus the full Adult Baby Source archives (ABS’ sister sites, Xtreme Diaper, We Love Plastic, and AdultBaby.TV, remain unaffected by the changes and continue to operate independently.) The site is still building up new material (and at ten new clips and photosets a week, the material will accumulate quickly), but there’s still plenty in the ABS archives  to keep viewers busy. Readers who have never had prior memberships with ABS in particular are in for a treat as the archives cover nearly a dozen years of top quality Adult Baby clips and photo sets.

     I’m sure even those of you who’ve never been members of ABS probably are familiar with their work. Many of their models have become legendary in the community (Felicity, Paige, Rose, Sunny, Melanie etc.) In addition, they are constantly expanding and bringing in new models—mommies, babies, and switches—including recent favorites like Shelly, Alexis, and Tara. ABS’ adult nursery is one of the best I’ve ever seen (product of 10 years worth of additions) and the sheer verity of content—solo babies, babies and mommies, multiple babies, spanking and medical fetish, diaper lover and adult schoolgirl content, AB art, member stories—even some male stuff—means that there’s a little something for everyone (and probably a whole lot more).

     For old ABS members, AB.X will be the new center-piece of Wendy’s wonderful diaper world. If you’ve never been a member, now’s your chance to get in on the next phase of one of the best AB sites ever, and get caught up on their archives—there’s more than enough to keep you busy for a while. Click here for details.  

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