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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Stuff From Devlin O'Neill

Hey gang,

Devlin O'Neill saw my mention of him in my last post and was kind enough to send a link to the entire video he mentioned in his original post: Bobbie Tawse's Spanked and Diapered. It's a great video (although it's more to the domestic discipline side of things than a straight ABDL video).

I wasn't sure about posting this here to be honest. Piracy is a huge problem and Bobbie already seems to have stopped producing videos. But I decided that this would be a good way to promote Bobbie's site and her other fantastic spanking and domestic discipline videos (including this one and this one, which also have diapers). If you like this clip you guys should also check out Disciplined By Her Mother in Law, featuring our lovely friend Sinn Sage.

Of course, I couldn't resist asking Devlin what it was like to spank and diaper a beautiful grown woman. His response:

I suppose it was just like spanking and diapering any other comely, long-legged, blonde fetish model, only more so, since it was my first time diapering anyone over the age of 2. She was very cooperative and all, but I made sort of a muddle of it, and you might notice that the diaper looks a lot better in subsequent scenes than right after I put it on because Bobby refitted it between takes. I thought I was doing good to get it on her at all. As mentioned this was my first shoot, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I never spanked two hot babes at the same time before, let alone have to remember the lines I wrote at the same time, so I probably dis associated somewhat during the shoot. Way overstimulated as you can imagine. And I was so tired by the time my bit was over I took off without even waiting to watch the enema bits. THAT is tired, huh? It was fun though.

 Ladies and Gentlemen: I want to be Devlin O'Neill when I grow up...


  1. Anyone else notice at the end of that clip she puts the diaper on her backwards?