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Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Buried Treasure, An Interesting Ad, Jennifer Lopez Wears Fabines (Not Really), And More

Hey guys,

Since the Celebrity Poll has been getting such a good response, I thought it would be fun to run another poll with a second group of celebs, then pit the top three of that poll against the top three of this one. So what celebs not represented here would you like to see in another poll?

And speaking of the celebrity poll, someone on that thread mentioned the following tid bit:

i was watching a show on RTE, irish tv station in ireland, this was like last year, and these group of people went into a irish haunted castle, and one girl from the very beggining talk about how she is wearin huggies and she shows us that she is wearin one from the very start and has lots of spares, she even shows how she wets it, just thought i would let you know as the girl is cute too.

The show in question is apparently called "Spooked" and it can be seen by typing 'spooked rte' into youtube. Another reader reports:

The show was good for the first part showing the diaper, and once where she showed a peak. There was no wetting scene, no showing of spare diapers, and they really only joked about it the whole time. Overall the show was interesting, but the diaper content was minimal.

I haven't seen it yet, but I'll check it out an make a longer report in a couple of days.

Next, a note about the Rad Girls:

The diapers are "either episode 1 or 8 from season 2, thats what I think anyway," according to Rylan down below. Anyone had any success tracking down season 2 yet?

Another reader writes in with this interesting article on a strange ad campaign in the UK:

Luxury department store Harvey Nichols has come under fire for their latest advertising campaign, released to promote their summer sale.
The glossy poster depicts a woman who has apparently - and there is no delicate way of putting this - wet her pants with excitement.
But the Knightsbridge store's latest mailshots have angered some more sensitive shoppers who have branded them 'crass' and off-putting.

My opinion (since I know you're dying to know): I guess it's effective advertising in that it gets people talking about the store and the sale, but it doesn't make me want to go shopping (It makes me want to pull that model's pants down and spank her little bottom for being so silly, then diaper her and take her shopping in nothing but big pampers and a t-shirt to teach her a lesson). She doesn't even look excited (more cationic to me). Having said that, I think everyone who's offended by this needs to pull the stick out and lighten up a bit for Gods sake...

Thanks to Jay for this next find: an old photo shoot of Jennifer Lopez, where she tries on some boxing equipment. There's just one problem: as Jay points out, it looks like she's wearing Fabines style diapers, totally undercutting her tough-girl look:

Next up: A great comic-book spanking from the Chicago Spanking Review (via Chross). In this scene, Lady Death, the busty ruler of Hell, doles out a little OTK discipline to the wayward Pariah. A terrific scene, depicting not only a wonderful spanking, but a great scene of Pariah soothing her reddened bottom afterwords. Obviously a little diaper discipline would have been a turn of events as delicious as it was unlikely, but it's still a great scene, and it leaves things open for Pariah to get a little revenge:

 Last but not least: a nice art contribution from Blake at the 2BeeAdorable blog:
The original, full-sized pic (and others) are available on 2Bee's Deviantart page.


  1. That Balboa Park clip is from Season 3 according to this blog


  2. As for my celebrity not represented in the first poll I would vote for Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang from the show Smallville). Back in High School I had such a crush on her and I even made a pastie of her in a diaper! :-)