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Friday, June 22, 2012

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl-- Animated

First, a quick note to MJ: Thanks so much for your kind comment, I promise to get Mama's Girl finished up as quickly as possible!

Our pal Don sent us in some great animated gifs from Secret Diary of a Call Girl, along with this nice description of the episode:

It's episode 4, from Season 4 of "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl."  The pretext is, "Belle" (Billie Piper's character) handles a client as a favor to another call girl.  Her friend "specializes" in things that are "out of the ordinary."  Anyway, Belle agrees to see the client.  He arrives, and Belle's initial impression is that he is charming and attractive.  He is carrying a large "duffle" bag with him, and he tells her he is going to go, "get ready."

While he's in the bathroom, Belle is sitting on the bed, sipping champagne, and she thinks to herself how "simple and uncomplicated" her life is- getting paid for "good ol' sex."  Then, her client calls to her from the bathroom.  When she goes to check on him, he is sitting on the floor, in a diaper, and sucking on a pacifier.  Belle turns around with a panicked look on her face and says to the camera, "What the FUCK???" She calls the other call girl and screams, "He's wearing a NAPPY!!"  The other girl just tells her to "Just treat him like a baby..."

Well, Belle tries...   It's kind of funny, because Belle is clearly NOT the "mommy" type.  She does manage to get through the session- they both fall asleep in bed together.

What I think is the "good part" comes when he is leaving the next day- he's back in his suit, and looking mature and charming.  He tells her, "I just get so tired of being in charge- the boss, the father, the decision maker.  Sometimes I just want someone to take care of ME!"  That's when she has the little "daydream" about herself being little (essentially the animations I showed you.)  Then she tells her customer, "Yes, that WOULD be wonderful!"

I wouldn't get the clip just for the "daydream" sequence, but I thought the whole thing provided an "understandable" reason why people would escape to the AB world...

Not  really my kind of thing, but the end bit does sound pretty nice.

As always, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

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  1. More chavs need to be put in diapers and made to behave like this. Even the males. In fact, I demand to have Mike Skinner powdered and diapered!