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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More From Raptor Wedgie

Hey everyone,

Our old friend Raptor Wedgie sent in a few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

 "Jessica was a cheerleader spoiled and annoying but very pretty. One day some girls had had enough of her and transformed her into an adult baby on backstage of the theater school. What Jessica did not expect was that the curtains would rise, revealing her humiliation for all school including her boyfriend."

 (RW didn't include a back story for this one, but it kind of speaks for itself...)

"Shirley was female soldier on a mission to find an alien villain but ended up drinking a beverage containing super laxative causing her to get out of her boots and run in desperation to the bathroom in public but it was too late and the laxative took effect."

 Thanks to Raptor Wedgie for the contributions. (Click here to see our first profile of Raptor Wedgie)

1 comment:

  1. the stuck up cheerleaders new shaved head and lift tuft fringe hair is sooo cute.

    did she choose it herself or was it her new aunties and mommies idea?

    either i'm sure its way better than her whatever her boring old long style was

    love your polls impossible to choose a wrong celeb

    and keen to see when te next part of mommys girl will be up?