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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lisa RInna's Further Adventures In Depends, A Vintage Adult Baby, and Some Provocative Cartoons

Hey everyone,
First up, we've got another follow-up on the Rad Girls. Seems the footage we posted earlier is from season 3, not season 2 as previously reported. He also promises the full clip is "several minutes long."

Next, we've got a continuation of Lisa Rinna's Depends commercial from Kim:

Very nice, but would it kill them to actually show her wearing the diaper?

Next, some terrific vintage pics from an unknown mens magazine. The accompanying text reads:

"Baby Doll" ...Rosina...
London stripper Rosina comes on stage in an oversized pram wheeled by a nurse, who deposits the "baby" in her crib and turns down the lights. After Nursey leaves, the "baby" takes off her clothes-- and what's underneath is defiantly not infantile!

I have no idea where these are from or how old they are. I would love to have seen this act, however: 

Thanks to Matt for digging up the Spooked diaper stuff. Click here for part one (and skip to 3:30) and here for part three (skip to 2:50).

Next, a pair of comics that are only tangentially related to age play, but still provocative none the less:
And that's just the beginning, young lady...
Here we see famous "strip" girl Carrie running afoul of a helpfully labeled Robot Servant, which proceeds to strip, bathe, and powder her, but stops (maddeningly) short of putting her in diapers:

Our first celebrity poll is coming quickly to a close. If there's anyone you want to see on the next one, this is your last chance to let me know.

OK, that's all for now, gang. As always, if you have contributions, please e-mail me or comment below.

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