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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Stuff From Devlin O'Neill

Hey gang,

Devlin O'Neill saw my mention of him in my last post and was kind enough to send a link to the entire video he mentioned in his original post: Bobbie Tawse's Spanked and Diapered. It's a great video (although it's more to the domestic discipline side of things than a straight ABDL video).

I wasn't sure about posting this here to be honest. Piracy is a huge problem and Bobbie already seems to have stopped producing videos. But I decided that this would be a good way to promote Bobbie's site and her other fantastic spanking and domestic discipline videos (including this one and this one, which also have diapers). If you like this clip you guys should also check out Disciplined By Her Mother in Law, featuring our lovely friend Sinn Sage.

Of course, I couldn't resist asking Devlin what it was like to spank and diaper a beautiful grown woman. His response:

I suppose it was just like spanking and diapering any other comely, long-legged, blonde fetish model, only more so, since it was my first time diapering anyone over the age of 2. She was very cooperative and all, but I made sort of a muddle of it, and you might notice that the diaper looks a lot better in subsequent scenes than right after I put it on because Bobby refitted it between takes. I thought I was doing good to get it on her at all. As mentioned this was my first shoot, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I never spanked two hot babes at the same time before, let alone have to remember the lines I wrote at the same time, so I probably dis associated somewhat during the shoot. Way overstimulated as you can imagine. And I was so tired by the time my bit was over I took off without even waiting to watch the enema bits. THAT is tired, huh? It was fun though.

 Ladies and Gentlemen: I want to be Devlin O'Neill when I grow up...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Kayla

Adult Baby Source is legendary in the ABDL community, and the number of gorgeous women who have appeared on their site is incalculable. Dark skinned, buxom, and beautiful, Kayla was easily one of the most gorgeous models to grace their pages (she's also appeared on Well-Padded). She seems so relaxed and comfortable in her diapers, and the way she smiles when she lifts her legs to have her butt powdered by a mommy or sitter is just too adorable.

Check out all of Wendy's great sites:


Xtreme Diaper


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bridal Diapers, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, A Few Notes On The Diaper Position From A Pro, And A Pair Of (Maybe) Fakes

I've seen stories about "Bridal Diapers" from various sources within the ABDL community for a while now, but this is the most mainstream source I've seen so far (via):

...no amount of crazy compares to the thread I saw on a bridal message board (which shall remain nameless), on which a future bride explains that her insanely enormous dress takes 20 minutes to get in and out of, and the oh-so-helpful bridal shop manager suggested she wear bridal diapers so she doesn’t have to worry about going to the bathroom.
Two youtube pundits discuss Bridal Diapers here.

The same reader was also kind enough to send in this entry from I Survived A Japanese Game Show (from 11 to 25 minutes). Unfortunately the clip is unavailable outside the US: Perhaps one of our readers from the states would be so kind as to make a capture for us. UPDATE: View the clip on Youtube.

Next, I here is a great essay on the diaper position from master spanker Devlin O' Neill: valuable advice for everyone who plays in real life.

Finally, a reader sent in these two pics. I think they're fakes (but very nice in either case), but if you know their origins, please let us know:

As always if you have anything to contribute to the blog, please contact me or comment below.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cute Little Bunny: Kate Upton

After seeing this, I'm kicking myself for not including Kate Upton on our celebrity poll:

Watching her wiggle her cute little bunny tail, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't help but think how adorable she'd look in nothing but her rabbit ears and a big diaper ...

Updated to add some pics:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Naughty Girls Beware...

Don't be fooled by their cute exteriors... Sometimes, adorable Adult Baby angels are naughty little devils. Under those cute ruffles and puffy white diapers, there lurks a sassy, spoiled little brat... a pouty, mouthy, willful little minx who needs to be taken firmly in hand...

Nursey's had enough of her shenanigans...
Her pretty eyes wide with embarrassment, her diapered bottom grew red beneath the hairbrush's sting
Baby always cried the hardest when Daddy spanked her in the dreaded diaper position...
Of course, not all girls mind a good bottom patting now and then...

"No pouting, young lady! You had your chance-- now it's a red bottom, diapers, and bedtime at 5 o'clock!"
Plastic Nappy

Kara Prepare Yourself

Xtreme Diaper

Friday, June 22, 2012

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl-- Animated

First, a quick note to MJ: Thanks so much for your kind comment, I promise to get Mama's Girl finished up as quickly as possible!

Our pal Don sent us in some great animated gifs from Secret Diary of a Call Girl, along with this nice description of the episode:

It's episode 4, from Season 4 of "The Secret Diary of a Call Girl."  The pretext is, "Belle" (Billie Piper's character) handles a client as a favor to another call girl.  Her friend "specializes" in things that are "out of the ordinary."  Anyway, Belle agrees to see the client.  He arrives, and Belle's initial impression is that he is charming and attractive.  He is carrying a large "duffle" bag with him, and he tells her he is going to go, "get ready."

While he's in the bathroom, Belle is sitting on the bed, sipping champagne, and she thinks to herself how "simple and uncomplicated" her life is- getting paid for "good ol' sex."  Then, her client calls to her from the bathroom.  When she goes to check on him, he is sitting on the floor, in a diaper, and sucking on a pacifier.  Belle turns around with a panicked look on her face and says to the camera, "What the FUCK???" She calls the other call girl and screams, "He's wearing a NAPPY!!"  The other girl just tells her to "Just treat him like a baby..."

Well, Belle tries...   It's kind of funny, because Belle is clearly NOT the "mommy" type.  She does manage to get through the session- they both fall asleep in bed together.

What I think is the "good part" comes when he is leaving the next day- he's back in his suit, and looking mature and charming.  He tells her, "I just get so tired of being in charge- the boss, the father, the decision maker.  Sometimes I just want someone to take care of ME!"  That's when she has the little "daydream" about herself being little (essentially the animations I showed you.)  Then she tells her customer, "Yes, that WOULD be wonderful!"

I wouldn't get the clip just for the "daydream" sequence, but I thought the whole thing provided an "understandable" reason why people would escape to the AB world...

Not  really my kind of thing, but the end bit does sound pretty nice.

As always, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More From Raptor Wedgie

Hey everyone,

Our old friend Raptor Wedgie sent in a few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

 "Jessica was a cheerleader spoiled and annoying but very pretty. One day some girls had had enough of her and transformed her into an adult baby on backstage of the theater school. What Jessica did not expect was that the curtains would rise, revealing her humiliation for all school including her boyfriend."

 (RW didn't include a back story for this one, but it kind of speaks for itself...)

"Shirley was female soldier on a mission to find an alien villain but ended up drinking a beverage containing super laxative causing her to get out of her boots and run in desperation to the bathroom in public but it was too late and the laxative took effect."

 Thanks to Raptor Wedgie for the contributions. (Click here to see our first profile of Raptor Wedgie)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Adult Baby Barbie, Naked News Strips Down To Diapers, The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, And Batgirl Tries Diapers

Hi everyone,

First up, an adorable gift for the cute little adult baby who has everything:

It's so nice to see a realistic figure for girls to aspire to...

Ben sent in this interesting info about Naked News:

I remember seeing a few years back that on naked news they were dressed up as babies with diapers and then stripped naked as they usually do, I have only seen one picture of it on the web and no video

My own search has also come up dry, though I think there may have been a pic of this on ABKingdom at one point. Can anyone confirm this?

Ben also sent us in these pics from an episode of the UK show Secret Diary Of A Call Girl:

Billie Piper (also from doctor who) plays a call girl in the episode her client is a adult baby that she looks after and before he leaves the next morning he explains too her why he likes to be an adult baby then in her mind it shows her dressed like that, no diapers but still cute.

Too bad it's a mostly male scene, but the pics are pretty great:

Lastly, thanks to Barney for contributing these great poser pics of Batgirl in diapers:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time For A Change...

(I'm going to be tinkering with the layout/look of the blog over the next little while-- please excuse any disorder/imperfections and as always, please let me know what you think. Speaking of imperfections, anyone know how I can center my banner?)

OK, time for all smelly girls to hit the floor and get ready-- it's time to change those stinky bottoms. Your Mommies and Daddies are going to bare your little butts to the entire world and make them clean and fresh again. So get those legs up, lie still, suck your soother and be good... With your tushy all bare and exposed like this, it would be so easy for a simple change to turn into a spanking...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Celebrity Poll Round Two

 OK everyone, here we go: the top three from round will go up against the top three from round one.

Miley Cyrus

By far the name that popped up most often when I asked for suggestions for this poll. I don't know, guys: she pretty and all, but kind of young looking for me...

Selena Gomez

Another popular suggestion from readers. Another cute girl who looks she needs to be home by 8:00 on a school night...

Sofia Vergara
She may not be on everyone's radar yet, but I think this sexy Colombian beauty would smoulder crawling around on the floor  in nothing but a big, sexy diaper with some cute, pink panties over top, with lots of frills across the seat, and lace trim around the leg-holes. She might pout and scowl a bit at first, but I think a little tickling would settle her in nicely...

Coco Austin
 One of the few women in America who can give Kim Kardashian a run for her money in the booty department, I admit it could be a challenge to find a diaper that would fit over Nicole 'Coco' Austin's famous backside, but I just can't resist the idea of lifting her legs up in the air and powdering her, patting it firmly into her rump, and then pulling a diaper nice and tight between her legs... Just imagine spanking her squirming bottom...

Vanessa Hudgens

OK, I admit, I'm not very familiar with Ms. Hudgens'  work, a reader sent me a couple of pictures and I was seduced by her pretty dark eyes-- Now I can't help imaging her in a diaper and a baby bonnet, sucking on her pacifier and clutching a teddy bear, eying me warily from over the top of her playpen as I come in to change her soggy diaper...

Blake Lively

I couldn't agree more with the readers who suggested Blake Lively-- partially because she basically played an adult baby (minus the diaper) and took a sexy spanking in The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, partially because she's just so darn cute. I'd love to see those frilly pink Panties she wore in Pippa Lee stretched tightly over a huge white diaper...

Again, I'd love to hear why you chose who you chose, and who your second choice was.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lisa RInna's Further Adventures In Depends, A Vintage Adult Baby, and Some Provocative Cartoons

Hey everyone,
First up, we've got another follow-up on the Rad Girls. Seems the footage we posted earlier is from season 3, not season 2 as previously reported. He also promises the full clip is "several minutes long."

Next, we've got a continuation of Lisa Rinna's Depends commercial from Kim:

Very nice, but would it kill them to actually show her wearing the diaper?

Next, some terrific vintage pics from an unknown mens magazine. The accompanying text reads:

"Baby Doll" ...Rosina...
London stripper Rosina comes on stage in an oversized pram wheeled by a nurse, who deposits the "baby" in her crib and turns down the lights. After Nursey leaves, the "baby" takes off her clothes-- and what's underneath is defiantly not infantile!

I have no idea where these are from or how old they are. I would love to have seen this act, however: 

Thanks to Matt for digging up the Spooked diaper stuff. Click here for part one (and skip to 3:30) and here for part three (skip to 2:50).

Next, a pair of comics that are only tangentially related to age play, but still provocative none the less:
And that's just the beginning, young lady...
Here we see famous "strip" girl Carrie running afoul of a helpfully labeled Robot Servant, which proceeds to strip, bathe, and powder her, but stops (maddeningly) short of putting her in diapers:

Our first celebrity poll is coming quickly to a close. If there's anyone you want to see on the next one, this is your last chance to let me know.

OK, that's all for now, gang. As always, if you have contributions, please e-mail me or comment below.