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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pampered Penny Interviews Her Models!

You all know by now that I'm a huge fan of the totally awesome Pampered Penny and her clips.

What you may not know is that Penny also runs a very insightful and informative blog (which is, frankly, a million time better than mine, on the ABDL lifestyle front at the very least). I obviously don't visit as often as I should, because when I was browsing through the other day, making my way past a great article where Penny dissects her love of diapers (not to mention this one about her favorite ABDL clothing outlets-- a must read for anyone who plays in real life), I checked out her model page and found it updated to include video interviews with some of her actresses. Here are two of my faves: Samantha Grace from The Mix Up and Kendra James from Bestest Friends.

And don't forget to check out Penny's Clips4Sale store... tons of great clips.


  1. I'm also a fan of Pampered Penny. One of my favorite clips is "School Girl Secret".

    The way Penny fills out that diaper is just fantastic. Perhaps its the contrast between the diaper and her tan skin, but I have to admit its more likely the taunt expanse of the diaper stretched across her shapely (and spankable) bottom.

    That clip also features her humping a teddy bear, which for some reason I find strangely erotic. Maybe its the combination of the innocence of a stuffed animal coupled with the outright sexuality of her actions with it.

    Speaking of that, the stuffed animal also touches on another aspect that I think is both erotic and intriguing: being bare breasted while wearing only a diaper.

    Although not the story line depicted in the video, its not hard to imagine the girl stripped of her adult clothes and underwear, forced to wear only a disposable diaper.

    There would, of course, be a tendency to try to cover her shameful diapers with her hands.

    But there's another problem-- trying to cover her exposed breasts at the same time.

    The stuffed animal is childish, and clutching it only re-enforces her fall from self sufficient adulthood (and the loss of her grown up bra).

    More than that is its use as a needed cover-- forcing the girl to clutch it tightly, further cementing her new found infantile status.

    Because after all she CAN'T put it down-- anymore than she can remove her newly taped on disposable diaper.

    This clutching is done while her shameful diapers are still on full display; her arms and hands otherwise occupied.

    Another favorite clip from PP is "New Mother Babies Herself". I like the transition as the young, capable, and busy young mother reduces herself to an infant, complete with diaper, baby bonnet, and plastic pants.

    That this young mother forfeits both her adulthood and maternal authority for a few moments of sexual gratification is both intriguing and erotic.

    At the end, still diapered and babified, the young mother is surprised by the arrival of another adult (off camera).

    Although not shown, its not hard to surmise that the young mother has some explaining to do-- namely, how she ended up dressed and diapered like a newborn.

    Indeed, its not too hard to further surmise that our young mother may find that it was a lot easier getting in to diapers than getting out of them.

    And that's always the erotic attraction of an adult who willingly puts on a diaper: the decision to do is entirely within the prerogative of the individual-- who, after all, is an adult and capable and authorized to make such decisions.

    Of course, once taped on and securely diapered, that individual has essentially forfeited her adulthood.

    The decision to remove the diaper, or make any other self determining choice is now in the hands of others qualified to make such determinations.

    Now that may be extreme point of view you might argue-- after all, people who wear diapers go back and forth at will between adulthood and babyhood.

    True-- but one might answer that they do so only at the sufferance of true adults. That in essence these individuals are truly babies, simply PRETENDING to be adults.

    And as with all pretense, there comes a time when the game ends, the masquerade dismissed, and the pretend young lady adult is reduced to her true status-- willingly accepted on that first diapered occasion.

    Well, I've perhaps lingered too long and I have a BBq to get back to...... :)

  2. I do frequent her blog and respond from time to time but in no way is her blog better than yours. Penny is experienced and professional, I don't argue that, but your site is more of an abdl community site, and her efforts on her own site are more about self promotion for financial gain than they are about providing a community experience for adult babies. I am not saying thats a bad thing but it certainly does not allow for a meaningful comparison.

    To be quite honest, I would like to see more sites for us like yours than more pay sites promoting amateur porn. What I really like about your site is how engaging it is with people, and how people respond by providing you with clips and references. This site has become a new favorite of mine in recent months and I hope you continue to keep it going for many years to come.

  3. I should also add, that those two videos seem very coached and its hard to believe either of those girls are wearing diapers for any other reason than a paycheck.