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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crybaby Match Sequel: If You Have Any More Input...

...Now's the time to share it as I'm putting the finishing touches on the script. It's a challenge introducing new elements without forcing out old the old ones. So if there's anything you'd like to see (baring in mind that I've already spoken to them about the diaper situation and we're currently seeking a solution that will hopefully satisfy everyone), here's your last chance to share it.

One thing I'd like to know-- how did everyone enjoy the "face down" powdering in the last one? I thought it was great myself, but I'm wondering if people would prefer a more traditional "legs up" powdering in the re-match. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments or by e-mail.

UPDATE: Something else I wanted to ask-- do you guys want to know who wins future matches or would you rather it be a surprise?


  1. What I would do if I were writing it is I would not have a straight up rematch. (As risk of being too repetitive.) How I would do, it is I would have Sinn come out for her next match (preferably against a guy just to show how tough she is). As she comes to the ring, she brings her "personal Betsy Wetsy doll" with her still in her diaper. As the match goes on Sinn is winning but Kymberly keeps interfering. The match will end when Sinn is delivered a "knock out blow" while being distracted by Kym. The guy celebrates his win and leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Kym gets her revenges by diapering up Sinn while she is still "out cold". After the all done Kymberly laughs and leaves her in the middle of the ring in nothing but her diaper. Sinn slowly comes to and sees what happened. From here, there are two alternative endings. One she can just get really mad and swear revenge on "Baby Kym". (This sets up yet another sequel!) Ending number two would be, Sinn wakes up to find that not only is she in a diaper but also has actually wet it while knocked out and just sits in the middle of the ring crying.

    As for the powdering method I like the legs up method as it is more "babyish" but that is just my opinion.

    Just my ideas,

    -Sissy Boy-

  2. One additional thing I would like to say is if you do, do a rematch it is okay to have Sinn beat Kym again. Don't think you have to have the switch the winners just for the sake of having the other girl diapered. Having Sinn "prove her dominance" over Kymberly can be just as good and might be a little unexpected which will keep the viewers interested in upcoming matches.

    1. Thanks again for your insights, Sissy Boy.
      The repetitiveness factor is my main concern with future episodes, and I am trying to deal with it. The problem with what you're proposing is that I'm not really into mixed wrestling, and three women gets expensive. If future installments sell as well as Kym vs. Sinn (currently the #1 selling F/F spanking clip on C4S), we'll talk about something more ambitious-- I actually have plans for two more episodes featuring two new models...
      As for Sinn winning a second time-- let's just say anything's possible ;)

  3. definitely like the feet up method, i agree looks more babyish and adds the humiliation factor, especially if the winner is sitting on the losers abdomen and her arms are trapped at her sides, that adds the helplessness aspect too...at least this is my humble opinion. Certainly love the prospect of more of these.