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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reader Mail

     I get quite a few comments and suggestions, here on the blog, via e-mail, and now in the comments section of our poll: so I figured I'd take some time out to answer some questions and respond to some statements.
     First and foremost, to everyone who's written in saying thanks and good luck-- thanks so much for the encouragement, it really does mean a lot. Please keep it up-- I probably wouldn't be taking the time to do any of this if it wasn't for you guys.

Where else can you find good diaper comics?  I like the ones you have.

     Okayokayokok, artist on both my comics, has some short strips and such up on his DA page (with more long-form diaper comics like mine on the way if I'm not mistaken). You could also check out Pink Diapers and Raptor Wedgie. There are some places for Age Regression comics. But for the moment  I think I'm the only one doing these type of ABDL comics (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this, everyone).

Please work on Mama's girl, and maybe a story based on mechanical nursery :)

     I think the Mechanical Nursery thing has run it's course for me for the time being (besides, Ajisai already wrote a great Mechanical Nursery story on Daily Diapers.) Mama's Girl will be back as soon as I'm finished Morning in America, and then I'll finally finish Adult Entertainment. (And with God as my witness-- I'll never do anything as stupid as working on more than one story at a time again).

Most of the people like to come onto the page for updates and some good diaper content. Finding stuff of people mentioning diapers in media, the stories, and pieces of artwork/media with something barely resemble a diaper doesn't cut it.

     First of all, I'd be interested to know how you became such an expert on what "most" of the people who check out my site are coming for-- have you taken a survey? Can you explain your polling methods? Do you run a Babes in Diapers fan club I don't know about?  Or are you just one of those people who goes around stating your opinion as fact? Talking the loudest doesn't make you right and it doesn't mean you speak for everyone.

     Second: What's this "doesn't cut it" stuff? Seriously? Should we set up a hot-line so I can run everything past you before it's posted to ensure it meets your standards? I think you'll find people are more willing to listen to your ideas when you drop the entitlement crap.

I would like to see more about the ABDL lifestyle in the news- reviews of products related to the lifestyle- diapers, clothing, furniture, toys...  Perhaps reviews of AB-related websites- who's getting it right and who's not worth visiting.

     I do what I can, but it's tough. I don't get a chance to play in real life very much anymore... you'll probably have to look for someone a little more plugged into the community for that kind of thing. However, I am planning on putting together a directory of related sites and blogs, so hopefully that'll be of some help.

...I will probably buy the (Kymberly Vs. Sinn) clip with the hopes that they see that there is an audience out there and hope they make more. But if they do make more they need to a diaper that ABDL's will like! The match is called "Crybaby" so I think an AB diaper such as ABU Cushies or Bambino would be best but if their afraid those might scare off any DL's then they can go with a Bambino Bianco, TotalDry XL or something like that. If you want people to buy a diaper video the diaper has to look good as well as the models!

     Thanks for your reasonable, rational, well though-out critique and suggestions. I initially thought about asking for Cushies, but I thought I probably shouldn't push my luck by asking for anything too exotic. If it sells well enough , I'll make sure they get something everyone will like for the re-match.

...(Kym Vs. Sinn) was the most amazing video I have ever seen! I try and comment on your babes in diapers page, but it won't let me post for some reason. I'm a huge fan of catfighting and to find a video with spanking and diapers was just the greatest thing ever!
You mentioned something about Kym having to wear a diaper in her next match...please tell me there will be more, MANY more of these types of matches! 

     Thanks very much and I'm glad you liked it. The clip's been selling extremely well (currently number one on Hit the Mat's bestseller board), a re-match between Kym and Sinn seems inevitable.  I'd love to do more, but I've got to think about it a bit: I'd hate for these to get repetitive, but I don't want to tinker with a winning formula too much. What (besides "better" diapers) would you guys like to see in a future diaper match (or, failing that, what did you like about this one that you'd like to see carried over in future installments?)

(Oh, and if you're having trouble commenting you may need to update your browser).

Thanks again to everyone who's sent e-mails, comments, and taken the poll. Remember if you like what you see, or if you have some constructive criticism, please take time to leave even a small note.It really means a lot.

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