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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Crybaby Match: Kymberly Jane Vs. Sinn Sage

Hey everyone,

Some pretty cool news: I've been talking with the nice people at Hit The Mat wrestling about the possibility of staging diaper matches for their site. Not only were they open to the idea, they actually let me do the script for the first one! Not only that, we were able to snag two totally awesome models: The lovely and talented Kymberly Jane and the fabulous and vivacious Sinn Sage (star of one of my all time favorite age play videos).

So here's a little preview of The Crybaby Match!

Cutie-Pie Kimberly

Seductive Sinn
The Premise: in order to win one fighter must spank her opponent until she taps out. The winner then strips the loser, powders her and puts her in diapers, which she must wear in her next match.There’s no love lost between them, both girls are tough and each thinks she should be able to take the other down easily. Both competitors relish the idea of humiliating their opponent.

The women battle back and forth.

Kym sits on her back and delivers a series of smacks to Sinn's squirming bottom.
“Looks like rump-roast is on the menu!”
Sinn lands a series of hard blows and soon has Kymberly down on her back.
Sinn spanks Kymberly in the dreaded diaper position: “Consider this a preview of your first diaper change!”

The clip runs about 10 minutes, and features multiple spankings for both girls, grappling, holds, and cat-fighting for you wrestling fans, and of course, a beautiful, tough woman powdered and diapered in the center of the ring. I'll have all the info and some more pics in a couple of days. Stay tuned...

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