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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Morning In America Part 2


Charlize Theron as Betty

    “I look like a mess,” she pouted as he shut the door behind them. The church was only about a block away. Usually by the time they left, there would be other perishes walking by their house many of them friends and acquaintances.
     But today they were running late… the crowd had already filtered inside, and the service itself may have even already begun.
     “Did you hear me?” she pouted. “I said I look like a mess!”
     He looked at her and chuckled. Betty was the sort of woman who could look good in a potato sack, and she’d certainly had more than enough time this morning to make herself look as radiant and lovely as usual (easily done when you were born radiant and lovely, he thought). “I look so hippy!” she complained bitterly, indicating her lower torso. “This diaper makes my butt look huge!” It was silly of course… she’d picked an outfit big enough to hide her big diapers almost completely, and while she may have been a tad bulky on the bottom, if you looked closely, one glance at her gorgeous face would dispel any suspicions… after all, how could such a beautiful, sophisticated woman be wearing pampers? The only outward clue was a small, telltale rustle when she walked… Louder than thunder to Betty on the walk to church on that warm summer morning.
      She forced herself to walk as smoothly and minimized her waddle as much as possible. The diaper was hot and humid and getting worse by the minute… by the time they finished church it would be like a sauna down there. Worse, the diaper was pressed up tightly against her privates, and the plastic pants constricted it even more… the stimulation she received just from walking was enough to drive her crazy. She sighed and realized it would be a very long service.
     Ordinarily, there would be a small group of parishioners gathered out front, chatting and gossiping; and on most Sundays, they would be out there chatting and gossiping with them… but today the crowd had already moved inside. The service would be close to starting—if it hadn’t already. “C’mon, we’re late,” he admonished, swatting her padded rear-end and making her squeal. She scowled at him, and increased her pace, the diaper crinkling loudly behind her as she went.
     They entered moments before the pastor took his place at the altar and snuck into a pair of seats near the back. They were fairly isolated, with nobody around for 6 feet or more in every direction… a plus for Betty. On most Sundays, she was more than content to mingle, understandably proud of her luxurious lifestyle, her handsome, successful husband, and her flawless beauty and she loved to flaunt it… to lord it over those unfortunate enough to have some (but not all) of the things that she had.
     The lifestyle was worth the private punishments and humiliation (which did turn her on, after all). But Betty would have been mortified if anybody found out… especially someone she’d so thoroughly lorded her wealth, status and beauty over.
     It was warm in the church; inside Betty’s diapers, it was like a greenhouse. The pastor began the service; Betty tried to listen, but her pussy was so moist she spent most of the service squeezing the padding between her thighs to stimulate her clit. She snuck sideways glances at her husband and her mind began conjuring all her darkest, dirtiest fantasies. She imagined herself spanked, infantilized, and well fucked.
     She tried to regain control, tried to force herself to focus on the pastor and sit still, but his boring sermon on forgiveness and charity became nothing but background noise to her steamy fantasies. She pictured herself paraded up to the front of the church in noting but her massive diaper; of being put on display, right next to the pastor, in front of everyone in the community—everyone she’d sneered and looked down her nose at, while her husband revealed all the embarrassing details of her punishment schedule. She pictured the pastor smiling and nodding approvingly as her husband detailed how he, as recently as that very morning spanked, given her an enema, and diapered her, discussing the biblical merits of her humiliating punishment. And she pictured the other wives shifting in their seats uncomfortably, blushing as their husbands eyeballing them with curious smiles.
     She began rocking back and forth slightly, desperate for stimulation. Her husband cast a suspicious eye in her direction, and she was forced to slow herself. The heat and moisture were intolerable… she wanted nothing more than to reach down the front of her diapers and bring herself to a quick climax.
     God, how much longer does this go on, she thought, feeling like she’d sat through two sermons already and was now halfway through a third. She prayed desperately for something, anything to distract her.
     There was a loud gurgle inside her, and she felt a bubbling in her stomach, followed by a sharp cramp in her side. Frowning, she made a small noise and bent over a bit. Her husband shot her an inquisitive look. She tried to give him a re-assuring smile, but another burbling emerged from her tummy, so loud she was sure he must’ve heard it. She doubled over in the pew and stifled a groan. There was a strange sound; Betty turned white as she felt a major gooey mass descending into her colon. Horrified, she realized she hadn’t gotten all the water from her enema out… now she had a huge mess brewing inside her.
     “Are you OK?” her husband whispered.
     “Uh-uh,” she whispered urgently, “I’m feeling sick.”
     “Are you going to throw up?”
     “No,” she said in a shaky voice, “not that end…”
     She made a desperate attempt to clench up, vividly aware that her husband was watching. But it was no use; Betty doubled over and ripped a fart, barely muffled by her pampers. She exploded, the hot mushy mess filling the seat of her diapers. Her husband watch, surprised but not shocked, as she filled the seat of her diaper with soft poop.
     She stared at him, mouth gaping, not sure what to say or do. She turned bright red as the stench emerged… not too noticeable, just a hint… but obvious enough for Betty to want to bolt out of church right then and there. She considered it, but a look from her husband riveted her to her place… she settled in, her stomach rolling as she felt the mess squish beneath her. She was pretty sure nobody except her husband had noticed, but she still felt her cheeks coloring bright red.
     She tried to hold still and ride it out, but it was so uncomfortable—she shifted her butt in the mushy mess, trying to find the right position; her stomach rolled. There was just a hint of poopy stench in the air—she crinkled her nose haughtily.
     There came another gurgle, a bloated, gassy cramp, and the sick sensation of her rectum filling. Another farting/squishing sound; Betty grunted, another mushy load pouring out of her and into the seat of her diaper. She gritted her teeth at the sensation of the warm mess creeping up her butt-crack, mushing across her buttocks, and squishing down the backs of her legs. She tried to keep a straight face and give no indication of what she’d done. Her husband glanced at her and delighted in the red hue of her cheeks. She looked at him. “Honey,” she whispered, “my diapers are getting really dirty.”
     “He’s just about done, sweetie.”
     Betty forced herself to sit still. Though the sermon only lasted another ten minutes, to Betty, in her squishy diaper full of poop, it seemed to go on for hours.
     At last the minister finished. She was up and heading toward the door before he was even off the podium, tottering away as quickly as she could. Her husband grinned, rose, and followed quickly.
     He caught up to her outside and took her hand, lacing his fingers between hers. She shot him a panicked look, but he just smiled, put her hand to his mouth and kissed the back sweetly. He leaned in close and whispered: “Be a good girl, or I’ll lay you down on someone’s lawn and change you in front of the whole neighborhood.” She gasped and looked at him. He was smiling, but she didn’t want to test him.
     They continued their slow walk back home. Betty’s heart sank as she felt another gurgle in her belly. She clenched desperately, but a powerful cramp doubled her over. She dipped on one leg and ripped a bubbly fart, uncontrollably dumping another mushy load into her diaper with a breathy gasp. Her husband laughed. “My goodness,” he chuckled, “you did have a lot left in you, didn’t you honey?”
     She shot him a look, outrage and accusing. “Hey, don’t blame me, sweetheart—I told you to make sure you were finished before you got off the toilet.”
     She hurried as fast as  his tight grip would allow. Betty held her face as perfectly still as possible, but her cheeks were bright red. Worse, a distinct poopy stench had enveloped her, and her husband would occasionally crinkle his nose as ask, with a teasing smile, if she smelled something.
     At last they were home. He released her hand and she waddled up the front steps as quickly as she could in her dirty diaper and quickly went inside. She waddled toward the bathroom, aching to get out of her super-messy diaper, already imaging how good it would feel to peel it off and climb into the shower…
     She felt a large hand on her shoulder, holding her firmly in place. “Ah ah,” she heard him chide behind her. He undid her dress and pushed it off her body and down to the floor. Sticking a finger into the top of her diaper and tugging it out a bit to peek inside. “Whew!” he exclaimed, making her blush. He spun her around to face him, chuckling at her expression—though embarrassed and disgusted by the squishy pile in her pants, Betty still maintained an air of snooty arrogance, her adorable upturned nose crinkling as she squirmed in her messy diapers. She struggled and fought, trying to get away, but he slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him. He grinned wolfishly, making her feel utterly helpless. “Now, before I let you out of this diaper,” he began, squeezing the seat and making her cringe as the mess squashed against her, “Are you sure you’re finished?”
      “Yeeesssss!” she hissed, squirming against him. She was desperate to get out of her stinky, squishy pampers and back into some normal panties.
     “Positive?” he murmured, placing his hand on her tummy and pressing firmly. She gasped, but bit her tongue and tried to force herself to stand still. He massaged gently, starting on the lower right, moving upwards and across the left and then downwards, all the time his eyes locked on hers. She gasped and squirmed; the process, while not painful, was certainly uncomfortable—especially since she was still squishing around in a messy diaper. Worse, the massage actually seemed to be working—she felt her bowels gurgling to life, a descending feeling in her guts, followed by a heavy weight in her colon… She stared into his eyes and emitted a small gasp as she involuntarily messed herself once more with a rude splattering noise. He gave her a cock-eyed smile. “I thought there might be more in there,” he said, patting the bulging, squishy mess in her pampers. “Come on now,” he said, turning her around and ushering her into the bathroom with a playful smack on the seat of her messy diapers. Squealing, she waddled into the bathroom as quickly as her massively messy diaper would allow.
     He followed her in; for a long moment, Betty stood in front of him, frozen, dreading and anticipating his next move. “Strip,” he commanded, a sly smile crossing his face when she blushed. She followed his instructions until she stood before him in nothing but a messy diaper. He helped her into the tub, the messy pamper wobbling behind her. He took the tabs and tore them open, chuckling when he saw the full extent of the damage. The entire back panel had been used right up, and Betty’s buttocks and thighs were completely smeared with greasy, mushy poop. She blushingly peered over her shoulder and watched him discard the soiled diaper into a trash bag. Grabbing a box of wet-wipes off the counter, he grinned and approached her.
     The cold, wet cloth pressed against her backside, making her gasp. Bracing herself, she tried to endure the embarrassment of having her husband clean off her messy bottom in silence, but she couldn’t stop from emitting the occasional embarrassed moan or squeal. He worked diligently, discarding wipe after wipe as he cleaned the mucky mess off his wife’s adorable pink rump. Betty went cross-eyed when she felt him slip one of the cloths between her butt-cheeks and clean the gooey mess out of her crack. Once she was wiped clean, he took the shower-head and some soap and washed her lower half thoroughly.
     He dried her off. “Now I want you to go into the bedroom and wait for me on the bed—and don’t you even think about getting dressed young lady,” he warned, sending her off down the hall with a swat on her jiggling backside.
     Betty crawled up onto the bed and stretched herself out on her stomach, bare bottom upturned behind her, still glowing pink. She pressed her cheek into the cool fabric. She shut her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relax.
     She heard him enter, tightening her muscles—lying there, naked, her spanked bottom glowing behind her, she felt more vulnerable than she ever had before. He came over behind her and squirted a dollop of lotion on her back and began rubbing it in. She gasped, but soon settled in, squeezing her eyes closed and murmuring softly to herself. She sighed and wriggled in lazy delight, glorying in the decadence of it, positively melting as he massaged down her back, kneaded her tender butt, and all the way down her legs. She shivered, her flesh quivering involuntarily. He patted her glistening rump—“turn over baby,” he said.
     She heaved herself onto her back and stretched out, eyeing him lustily. He squirted the lotion across her chest and massaged it in, kneading it into her breasts. She sucked in a breath, squirming, lust bubbling up inside her. Her thighs were slick… he rubbed the lotion into her smooth belly, lower and lower, until he was rubbing her clit…
     He bent down and kissed her… Moments later he was inside her… Her first orgasm arrived in world record time.

     She lay on the bed, spent and exhausted. “Mmmm… darling, that was marvelous,” she purred lazily. “Exactly what I needed,” she added, smirking slyly.  All of her earlier stresses had been forgotten—stretching, she squirmed on the bed, delighting in its comfort and warmth. She was actually considering a nap when she heard him come in again. Back for more already? She thought, wiggling her toes excitedly at the notion. She opened her eyes, looked at him, and froze at what she saw.
     Her husband was spreading another fresh, clean diaper out at the bottom of the bed. He set a container of powder on the bed next to it, fixed her with a smoldering look, and pointed down at the diaper. “C’mon, honey—can’t have you running around naked all day, can we?”
     She looked at him, confused. “But—but—but,” she stammered, trying to think of something to say in her defense.
     But he was having none of it. “Let’s go, sweetie,” he said firmly, taking her by the ankles and dragging her down to the bottom of the bed.
     She pouted and looked up at him. “But I don’t wanna wear a diaper!” she whined petulantly.
     “Now now,” he said, lifting her ankles and slipping the diaper under her quivering tushy. “You’ve been acting very silly, and I think a little diaper discipline is the best thing for you.”
     “The only ‘butt’ around here young lady,” he warned sternly, giving her upturned rump a blast of powder, “is the one that’s going into diapers right now—with or without a spanking.” He patted the powder into her upturned backside—Betty squirmed uncomfortably. She wasn’t looking forward to going back to diapers… but she wasn’t exactly in the mood for another spanking either. She forced herself to lay still and allowed the diaper to be drawn up between her legs and taped around her waist.
     She sat up on the bed and frowned down at the crinkly disposable diaper around her loins. An exact duplicate of a pampers disposable, sized for her voluptuous adult body. She looked up at her husband with a pout, hoping to make him feel guilty, but he was smiling down at her, beaming like a proud father-- It filled her with such shame and arousal that she had to look away. He tucked a finger under her chin and tilted her head back. She looked up at him pleadingly.
     He popped a pacifier into her mouth, then took a frilly bonnet and tied it under her chin. “There,” he proclaimed with a satisfied smile, “that’s perfect.”
     Betty turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She nearly burst into tears— she realized that she looked like an infant, grown old but not grown up. He reached down and scooped her up into his arms, lifting and carrying her from the from, easily as though she where a rag-doll. She surrendered herself, nuzzling her head against his chest and savoring the strength of his arms around her.
     He carried her into the living room and took a seat on the couch, Betty nestled, warm and soft and almost entirely nude in his lap. She wanted to be angry at him—to resent this transgression against her womanhood. How dare he steal her adulthood like this? How dare he transform her from a capable, modern woman into a helpless oversized baby—with an embarrassing oversized diaper to match? And most of all, how dare he turn her lust against her and make her enjoy it?
     But her righteous indignation disintegrated when he began to scratch his nails lightly across her belly, she jumped and squealed and tried to fight back the urge to giggle. But Betty was highly ticklish, and she soon found herself chortling and writhing helplessly, her anger forgotten. “That’s a good girl,” he said with a smile. “That’s what I like to see— a happy big baby girl!” she blushed, but he grinned and bent down to kiss her forehead.
     “Now honey,” he began, cradling her close, “I think you’re going to need at least a week of diapers.”
     Her heart sank… she’d never gotten more than a couple of days of diaper discipline before now. “If you want to do anything at all like a big girl, you’re going to have to ask permission first.”
     “But… Sally is having some people for tea on Wednesday…”
     “Well, you better be on your best behavior until then, sweetie,” he said, kissing her softly, “or else you’re going to be waddling over there in your diapers and that pretty pink dress of yours.”
     She blushed furiously, imaging the humiliation of having to walk to the neighbors with a massive bulky diaper bulging out from under her frilly baby party dress. Her heart thundered inside her when she thought of what her friends would say when they saw her reduced from a gorgeous woman to an overgrown baby.
     “OK, sweetheart,” he said, patting her bottom and helping her to the floor, “you sit there and play quietly while I make us some lunch.” He took a small stuffed bear from a nearby shelf and handed it to her, smiling warmly as she clutched it to her naked body. He stalked from the room, leaving her sitting on her massively padded bottom on the living room floor. The fluffy, padded seat of her diaper felt nice on her spanked tushy, but inside, it was getting warm again. With a sigh, she stretched out on her back and held the bear above her, swaying it back and forth listlessly, trying to sort out this crazy situation in her mind. Her husband had no right to do this to her… that was clear. Wasn’t it a form of abuse? This wasn’t the ‘50’s, after all—if she had any sense at all she’d report him.
   So why didn’t she?
     Betty began to blush. She had to admit: she did love all the attention. And some of her husband’s punishments, eccentric though they may have been, were actually quite sexy. She would die from embarrassment if she had to say so out loud, but it did make her unimaginably horny when he spanked, diapered, and treated her like a cherished little girl…
     But even that was only part of it. No it went even deeper than that. The reason she enjoyed it so much—and a major part of the reason it turned her on—was because she knew she actually needed it. All her life, people spoiled and indulged her because of her stunning beauty—her husband was the first person who looked past that to see what she was on the inside—a naughty little girl, who needed someone stronger than her to keep her innate naughtiness in check.
     He walked in and stood over top of her, looming like a giant… she shivered. He held a bottle out toward her. Reluctantly, she reached up and took it from him. Under his watchful gaze, she stuck the nipple into her mouth and started sucking slowly, allowing the cool milk to fill her mouth and trickle down her throat.
     He walked back into the kitchen. Betty lay on her back on the carpet, nude but for her big, bulky diaper and frilly baby bonnet. The sunlight was warm—Betty yawned and stretched and sucked her baba. She considered curling up and going to sleep, but resigned not to embarrass herself by dozing off on the rug like a toddler. So she continued slurping away slowly on her bottle, scratching her lily white belly lazily and wondered what her husband would make her for lunch. She was in the mood for something sweet… she hoped he’d give her some cookies, or maybe some ice cream. And then, back to the bedroom for another round of hot, steamy lovemaking before a nice nap. She grinned at the thought.
     She lay on the floor daydreaming about sweets and sex, so wrapped up in her fantasy that she didn’t notice her husband until he was standing over top of her again. She smiled up cheerfully at him around the nipple of the bottle.”Time for lunch baby,” he said, helping her to her feet and leading her to the kitchen by the hand. She toddled along behind him, slurping the last of the milk in her bottle, her bulky diaper crinkling loudly behind her the whole way.
     She frowned when she saw the he’d set up the high-chair for her, but she wasn’t surprised. She toddled over and climbed up without argument, encouraged by a pat on her diapered bottom. She settled in, her husband sliding the tray in place in front of her. She pouted when he placed a steaming bowl of porridge in front of her, but her husband was adamant: “after what happened to you in church this morning, darling,” he said pointedly, “I think we can both agree you need more fiber in your diet.”
     She fell silent, pouting as he tied a bib around her neck and slowly fed her the entire bowl of mush, her lips, cheeks, and chin getting smeared in the process. She finished the bowl with a sizable burp, making her blush even more when her husband smiled at her.
     She perked up considerably when she saw the chocolate pudding he’d gotten her for desert. She relished its creamy deliciousness, smiling brightly under her bonnet, her face and bib smeared with food, grinning contentedly.
     She finished and sat by quietly, allowing her husband to wipe her face clean. Sliding the tray out of place, he scooped her up into her arms once more. She yawned and snuggled against him, her eyelids drooping as she felt herself being carried upstairs and down the hall toward the bedroom. He laid her on the bed—turning down the corner of the quilt, he looked at her and pointed. She slowly crawled across the bedspread, deliberately pointing her diapered bottom at him and wriggling it provocatively behind her. She crawled beneath the covers and allowed him to tuck her in. He undid the strings of her bonnet and pulled it off her head. He bent down and kissed her firmly, making her sigh. “Honey?” she asked tentatively.
     “Yes darling?” he murmured, touching her hair gently.
     “Will you lay down with me?” she asked sweetly, “just until I fall asleep?”
     “Of course I will honey,” he said. He reached over and turned out the bedside lamp and crawled onto the bed beside her. She rolled over and smiled excitedly as she felt him press in close behind her and put a strong arm around her. She couldn’t remember feeling safer or more relaxed in her life.
     “Sleep tight baby,” he whispered, kissing the back of her neck softly.
     She sighed contentedly and shut her eyes and drifted softly to sleep.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Reader Mail

     I get quite a few comments and suggestions, here on the blog, via e-mail, and now in the comments section of our poll: so I figured I'd take some time out to answer some questions and respond to some statements.
     First and foremost, to everyone who's written in saying thanks and good luck-- thanks so much for the encouragement, it really does mean a lot. Please keep it up-- I probably wouldn't be taking the time to do any of this if it wasn't for you guys.

Where else can you find good diaper comics?  I like the ones you have.

     Okayokayokok, artist on both my comics, has some short strips and such up on his DA page (with more long-form diaper comics like mine on the way if I'm not mistaken). You could also check out Pink Diapers and Raptor Wedgie. There are some places for Age Regression comics. But for the moment  I think I'm the only one doing these type of ABDL comics (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this, everyone).

Please work on Mama's girl, and maybe a story based on mechanical nursery :)

     I think the Mechanical Nursery thing has run it's course for me for the time being (besides, Ajisai already wrote a great Mechanical Nursery story on Daily Diapers.) Mama's Girl will be back as soon as I'm finished Morning in America, and then I'll finally finish Adult Entertainment. (And with God as my witness-- I'll never do anything as stupid as working on more than one story at a time again).

Most of the people like to come onto the page for updates and some good diaper content. Finding stuff of people mentioning diapers in media, the stories, and pieces of artwork/media with something barely resemble a diaper doesn't cut it.

     First of all, I'd be interested to know how you became such an expert on what "most" of the people who check out my site are coming for-- have you taken a survey? Can you explain your polling methods? Do you run a Babes in Diapers fan club I don't know about?  Or are you just one of those people who goes around stating your opinion as fact? Talking the loudest doesn't make you right and it doesn't mean you speak for everyone.

     Second: What's this "doesn't cut it" stuff? Seriously? Should we set up a hot-line so I can run everything past you before it's posted to ensure it meets your standards? I think you'll find people are more willing to listen to your ideas when you drop the entitlement crap.

I would like to see more about the ABDL lifestyle in the news- reviews of products related to the lifestyle- diapers, clothing, furniture, toys...  Perhaps reviews of AB-related websites- who's getting it right and who's not worth visiting.

     I do what I can, but it's tough. I don't get a chance to play in real life very much anymore... you'll probably have to look for someone a little more plugged into the community for that kind of thing. However, I am planning on putting together a directory of related sites and blogs, so hopefully that'll be of some help.

...I will probably buy the (Kymberly Vs. Sinn) clip with the hopes that they see that there is an audience out there and hope they make more. But if they do make more they need to a diaper that ABDL's will like! The match is called "Crybaby" so I think an AB diaper such as ABU Cushies or Bambino would be best but if their afraid those might scare off any DL's then they can go with a Bambino Bianco, TotalDry XL or something like that. If you want people to buy a diaper video the diaper has to look good as well as the models!

     Thanks for your reasonable, rational, well though-out critique and suggestions. I initially thought about asking for Cushies, but I thought I probably shouldn't push my luck by asking for anything too exotic. If it sells well enough , I'll make sure they get something everyone will like for the re-match.

...(Kym Vs. Sinn) was the most amazing video I have ever seen! I try and comment on your babes in diapers page, but it won't let me post for some reason. I'm a huge fan of catfighting and to find a video with spanking and diapers was just the greatest thing ever!
You mentioned something about Kym having to wear a diaper in her next match...please tell me there will be more, MANY more of these types of matches! 

     Thanks very much and I'm glad you liked it. The clip's been selling extremely well (currently number one on Hit the Mat's bestseller board), a re-match between Kym and Sinn seems inevitable.  I'd love to do more, but I've got to think about it a bit: I'd hate for these to get repetitive, but I don't want to tinker with a winning formula too much. What (besides "better" diapers) would you guys like to see in a future diaper match (or, failing that, what did you like about this one that you'd like to see carried over in future installments?)

(Oh, and if you're having trouble commenting you may need to update your browser).

Thanks again to everyone who's sent e-mails, comments, and taken the poll. Remember if you like what you see, or if you have some constructive criticism, please take time to leave even a small note.It really means a lot.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helena Bonham Carter Wore Diapers On The Set Of Harry Potter


According to the Express "HELENA BONHAM CARTER wore a nappy on the set of HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE because she had a weak bladder after the birth of her second child. "

The article continues:

...her madcap, high-energy scenes came too close to the birth, and Bonham Carter admits she had several accidents during filming - so she resorted to wearing a nappy to save herself from embarrassing drying-off sessions.
She tells Style magazine, "I really couldn't jump up and down and scream without losing most of my bodily liquid. They had these air dryers (on set), these huge things - that's where I would dry myself off.
"None of the men (knew I wore diapers). They don't know, you see. But all the girls were, like, 'How can you?' But, actually, I don't think I was too embarrassed. There's something quite liberating about having a baby... I loved having a baby. I would have a baby every day if (I could). The birth day is fantastic. It is magic. It is complete magic."

(Via Daily Diapers)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Delightful Dani Jensen

Now Playing On Naughty Diaper Girls

I'm not fooled by Dani Jensen's adorable exterior...

... I know that behind that cute face and perfectly petite body...

... somewhere just below the surface, there lurks a naughty little girl...

... a sultry little brat; a diapered temptress, just waiting to wrap you around her little finger...

 ... a sensual ,pampered femme fatale, using her helplessness to ensnare you in her web... to seduce you...

... and make your her diaper-changing daddy-slave forever...

(Visit Clare Fonda Spanking for info on all Clare's sites.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Last Look At The Crybaby Match...

... And then I'll shut up about it, I promise.

Update: sissy_boy01helpfully informs me the diaper is "Depend Adjustable Underwear which can be pulled apart then put on like a diaper with velcro fasteners but come as a pull up." Sorry if that's a problem for anyone (for the record it's meaningless to me-- the diapering is still one of the hottest I've ever seen). He further states "I will probably buy the clip with the hopes that they see that there is an audience out there and hope they make more. But if they do make more they need to a diaper that ABDL's will like!" I'll pass the suggestion along if we do a sequel, but he's probably right: if this one doesn't do well, there probably won't be another. I'd love to do a re-match where Kym tries to get revenge on Sinn...

But if you've still got doubts, here's a little trailer I put together to give you all an idea of what The clip is like. Frankly, I couldn't be happier with how it came out: I think it's got the perfect balance between wrestling, spanking, and diapers. Wrestling and cat fight fans are going to love the action (kudos to Kymberly and Sinn once again for really throwing themselves into it-- trust me, there's no half-assing going on here). I know spanking fans are going to be happy-- there's a variety of positions (face down, diaper position, all fours, and OTK), and the girls didn't hold anything back (as you can see, they were both quite red by the time it was over). And for you diaper fans, you've got a long powdering, followed by a diapering that I honestly think is one of the best I've ever seen.

Download the trailer here.

Hit the Mat also posted a little preview on their site; see it here.

On sale now at Hit the Mat and on Clips4sale.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Better Than A Cup Of Coffee: Another Preview Of The Crybaby Match

Hey guys,

What a great way to start your day! The good folks at Hit The Mat sent me the final cut of the diaper match video I wrote for them, along with this lovely little tidbit. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. The clip itself should be up for sale soon on the HTM homepage and Clips4Sale. I hope you'll check it out.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Babes in Diapers Superpoll

Hey everyone,

Please take the time to click over to Mister Poll and take this short survey I made. I want this blog to be the best it can possibly be and I need your help to do it, so if you wouldn't mind taking a couple of minutes out of your day and letting me know what you think I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Diaper References on 2 Broke Girls

(Thanks to Dennis for the heads up) Although there's really only one diaper reference (that I noticed, anyway) the entire middle part of the episode is build up to it, so i included all of it. The premise is that the main characters have volunteered for drug tests, the side effects of which could include "relentless urination" and "anal leakage" (among others.) Though the 2 Broke Girls themselves seem to have drawn the placebo, their roommate begins experiencing relentless urination almost immediately. In the next scene, the Girls attend a meeting-- when someone mentions that they're late, they inform him they had to stop and "buy diapers for a friend."

(Of course, if I'd written the episode, the 2 Broke Girls themselves would have started experiencing  "RU" and "AL" on their way to the meeting, had to stop off and buy some pampers on the way, and have to blushingly explain that they're late because they had to stop and buy diapers for a "friend." And then experienced their "side effects" throughout the meeting... which version do you prefer?)

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Crybaby Match: Kymberly Jane Vs. Sinn Sage

Hey everyone,

Some pretty cool news: I've been talking with the nice people at Hit The Mat wrestling about the possibility of staging diaper matches for their site. Not only were they open to the idea, they actually let me do the script for the first one! Not only that, we were able to snag two totally awesome models: The lovely and talented Kymberly Jane and the fabulous and vivacious Sinn Sage (star of one of my all time favorite age play videos).

So here's a little preview of The Crybaby Match!

Cutie-Pie Kimberly

Seductive Sinn
The Premise: in order to win one fighter must spank her opponent until she taps out. The winner then strips the loser, powders her and puts her in diapers, which she must wear in her next match.There’s no love lost between them, both girls are tough and each thinks she should be able to take the other down easily. Both competitors relish the idea of humiliating their opponent.

The women battle back and forth.

Kym sits on her back and delivers a series of smacks to Sinn's squirming bottom.
“Looks like rump-roast is on the menu!”
Sinn lands a series of hard blows and soon has Kymberly down on her back.
Sinn spanks Kymberly in the dreaded diaper position: “Consider this a preview of your first diaper change!”

The clip runs about 10 minutes, and features multiple spankings for both girls, grappling, holds, and cat-fighting for you wrestling fans, and of course, a beautiful, tough woman powdered and diapered in the center of the ring. I'll have all the info and some more pics in a couple of days. Stay tuned...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tyra Banks Interviews An Adult Baby and Lisa Rinna Wears Depends

Hey guys,

First off, I've got a really cool announcement I'm going to be making in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that... I think you guys are going to be excited.

Here's a clip sent in by Callalily & Blake of the 2BeeAdorable blog: Lisa Rinna, best known for her roles  on Days of our Lives and Melrose Place appears in a new depends commercial:

Here's a clip I can't believe I'd never heard of: Tyra Banks has an adult baby on her show and even shows a little segment about her life. This is the Bizarro version of the Jerry Springer clip below.