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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tyra Banks, Kris Jenner, And A Bunch Of Models Dressed Like Toddlers

Maybe this infantilism thing is more mainstream than we thought...

From Daily Diapers (starts at about 2:30):

I've got to tell you, this clip leaves me kind of speechless (and not just because these people actually seem to admire Kris Jenner). Not a lot in the way of diapers but the age play element seems pretty obvious (in spite of the photographer's seeming efforts to tone that down). I was almost expecting someone to get a spanking, to be honest. I liked the girls eating the baby-food and the girl with her head in Kris' lap-- who was your favorite?


  1. What a dumb waste of a photoshoot. The one girl who looked more like a kid was the one who braided her hair. This video shouldn't have been on here, and I'm surprised it showed up on daily diapers.

    1. Perhaps I'm over-reacting, perhaps there's no malicious intent, perhaps your comment's wording makes it seem more obnoxious than intended...

      But just in case it isn't, here's my carefully considered reply:

      1. Please don't tell me what "shouldn't" be on my blog: If you don't like it, or you're looking to dictate the content of a blog, go start your own, and be sure to send me the link.

      2. Please don't act like your opinion represents the opinion of every reader, and don't act like your opinion is the only one that counts; we've got a lot of different readers with a lot of different tastes and you don’t speak for all of them.

      3. You don't have to like everything, but there's an appropriate way to express your dislike. And if you feel the need to rip into me, write me an e-mail instead of doing it in public.

      I can't stand internet drama, but we've been getting a lot of pushy, rude people around here lately (actually, I suspect it's just one or two loud-mouthed narcissists) and I'm getting tired of it. This may be an infantilism blog, but that's no reason to act like a whiner every time something doesn't tickle your fancy.

    2. Well said, Parker. I think we all need to realize how lucky we are to have a blog like this that deals with our particular slant on life. Further, I believe since this is Parker's Blog he can include whatever he wants. If you don't like it, make your own Blog. 'nuff said.