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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some More Art, And A Media Project Mystery

Hi everyone,

First off, I thought you all would like to know: we had over 60 000 page-views last month, obliterating our previous record. Thanks to each and every one of you and I hope you all continue reading and contributing and helping me put together a pretty damn good blog.

OK, enough self-congratulatory crap; we've got some great art contributions with commentary from our friend Don:

Cover of "Snappy" magazine, January 1937.  You said the Varga painting was the "oldest" you had seen- well, here's something older.  This is "Baby New Year" done in the typical "pin-up" style that was popular in the 30's.

"Baby Girl" painting from Olivia de Berardinas- I think Olivia is the world's greatest female pin-up artist...   She's very sensual and open-minded, with a definite "naughty streak."  She painted Baby Girl back in the 70's...   Her greeting card line then released it as a "Happy New Year" card toward the end of the 70's, and it was subsequently banned for it's supposed "pedophillic content."  How sad...   The cards immediately became collectors items, and unfortunately, she won't publish the painting in any of her pin-up books....
 Innocence by Kalal- I don't really know too much about this painting.  It was supposed to depict innocence as sensuality...   I saw this painting on exhibit- unfortunately, the gallery didn't allow photography...   I found the painting in a catalog years later...   Wish I knew more about the artist.

 But that's not all--

A reader sent me what appear to be screen-caps from a reality show featuring a couple of very sexy ladies in diapers:

It appears to be some reality show and the blonde in the pictures looks like a familiar actress. There were more pictures on ABKingdom but they were deleted. I would very much appreciate it if you could find where these pics are from. 

Anybody have any more info, or at least the full set of pictures?

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  1. Ey funny you updated with another Media Project post, I was just about to tell you about a diapering scene sighting on horror Japanese comic I Am A Hero by Kengo Hanazawa. On volume 6 (which got recently translated by Offtopia) has the concerned and overly protective protagonist slipping off the bloodied panties from the half-rage zombified female companion and slipping on adult diapers under her school skirt. Also a sequence that shows she's suffering from a zombie fever dream: she hallucinates she's in her home fighting a giant evil plush doll when in reality she's fighting another rage zombie in the middle of a road. And it's awesome!