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Monday, March 26, 2012

See You In The Funny Pages: Some Diaper Comics And More

 (First of all, thanks to everyone who's bought Power Princess; the response has been fantastic.)

A bunch of cool new stuff from comics, sent in by our friend Dick.

Bunny #1 (December 1966)

Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 7
  "This is from the cover of a reprint volume featuring the Big Baby, who appeared in a couple of stories back in 1970."

Elfen Lied Vol. 5 (2003)

Excalbur #11 (1989)
   "Flashback to the scene from #6"

The Pajama Diaries (June 14 2006)

Pervert Club #10 (1997)
   "It's about a high school fetish club..."

Sensation Comics #43 (July 1945)

 And my favorite  item:

"The last item isn't actually from a comic. It's from the 1941 Esquire Varga Calendar, which was issued in late 1940. It's the oldest item I have found so far."
 (Click here to see more great Vargas Pin-Ups.)

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  1. The Bunny comic has been posted over on my site for years. Nice to have it shared but makes you think what else you might have been missing...hmmmm