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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Say What?! "Diaper Matches?!"

     It's no secret I like spanking stuff, and some of my favorite spanking stuff is from Pro-wrestling (and yet I have no other interest in pro-wrestling...). And the place I go to find it is Chross' excellent message board, which has a long running thread dedicated to the topic. Well, I was browsing the most recent enteries and came across this very interesting tidbit:

I've been reading some wrestling books recently and in the USWA or Memphis Championship Wrestling, there used to be a bunch of spankings going on. Now many many posts ago somebody posted some AMAZING videos of some nurse looking woman whipping some chicks with belts over desks during promo's. Is there anyway somebody can find these videos? They used to have powder and diaper stipulations also...70's-80's was some great wrestling action form what I've read! I can't find videos anywhere, only blogs and stuff that talk about them. I need help finding this amazing material. Help me please! thanks!

     I did a quick search and turned up... nothing too exciting, actually. The most interesting piece of info I could find was that successful indy wrestler Daizee Haze lost a diaper match to Nurse Veronica... no further info.

     OK, wrestlemaniacs, help out your ignorant brethren here: Anyone have any further info on this strange practice? Anyone ever seen one? Is this still done? Anyone have any pics or video of a girl on girl powder and diaper match?

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Who would you most like to see in a diaper match?

Kelly Kelly?

Michelle McCool?

The Bella Twins?


     Who's your favorite? What's your ideal diaper match? let us know in the comments now.


  1. No video yet, but found some clues. If the match was broadcast, it was on a show called TNA Xplosion. There was a match between Daizee Haze and Nurse Veronica on July 27, 2003 (don't know if that's the date of the actual match or the airdate). I had heard of diaper matches before but had no idea they did this with the girls too.

  2. There is a female wrestler by the name of Sara Del Rey. Well, she has a rather large behind. And her ring gear at times does look very...diaper-ish.

  3. I would like to see Daizee Haze lose a diaper match! Especially if it's actually happened!

  4. I'd like 2 see a diaper match in WWE as of recently when Kelly Kelly was the divas champion and she was being humiliated by Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

    Maybe Parker can do a diaper wrestling story along those lines,that would really be a huge turn on for any WWE Diva fan.

    I've read some stories that I found on the net,I'll locate them and try post them to the blog with Parker's permission of course.


  5. Hi
    I couldn't find a video but some information aroundthe web: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veronica_Stevens#cite_note-xplosion-0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daizee_Haze http://www.clickwrestle.com/cotw/daizee-haze

    I don't know about diaper matches but I know about enema/poop-hold wrestling matches fought in Japan, search the internet for "GIGA Enema Battle GP" or "enema wrestling" or "enema olympics sumo". There are also some hentai drawnings and comics stories, like Remora works omorase vol.001. I found some clips and pics on the femfight community site http://udtqc.altervista.org/fff/


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