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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Fat Media Project Update!

Bow down, people: we've got a massive update form super-correspondent Dick.

First, on the wrestling front:

As indicated by my comment on your post (yes, that was me) I have been looking into this "diaper match" business.
I've discovered that
1. There was a tv show called "TNA Xplosion."
2. The July 27 2003 episode featured a match between Daizee Haze and Nurse Veronica.
3. I can't be sure this is THE match, but I think there's a good chance that it is.
4. I've found someone who has a copy of that episode.
On a site called BJ's Wrestling Tapes and DVDs, this page

has a line partway down reading as follows:
(TAPE#685)NWA-TNA 54 7-27-03
I think this is it.
Now, there are some concerns. For one thing, the site doesn't seem to have been updated recently. For another, he says "this is a list of tapes for my personal use only." If you were to contact him, and persuade him to provide you with a copy of the tape, who knows?
What do you think?

I've contacted BJ, but have yet to hear back. I'm not too optimistic, but well see what we get. Any wrestling fans actually catch this match

But wait, there's more! Dick also sent in a whole list of diaper scenes from TV, some mixed, some female only, with pictures. Dick say he has most of these clips, but it'll take some time to get them ready, so if anyone's got any of these clips, send them and help take the pressure off.

America's Most Wanted
Air date: May 19 2007
Dramatization of a real-life incident where a woman was held prisoner by two men features a scene where the actress is seen in a diaper

America's Next Top Model
Episode: The Early Bird Gets a Makeover
Air date: September 9 2009
Model (Sundai Love) is seen wearing a diaperish outfit

Channel Zero
Air date: August 21 2008
Episode of cable-access show features a performance by a band whose singer (Seiko Urabe) is in a diaper

Doctor Dean
Air date: September 1992
Medically oriented talk show. Adult baby episode features a diapered woman.

Air date: November 20 1991
Talk show. Adult baby episode doesn't feature any female guests, but three diapered women are seen in footage shown at commercial breaks 

Girls Behaving Badly
Episode of Candid Camera type show features two women (Chelsea Handler, Melissa Howard) who visit a bar with adult diapers visibly sticking out of their pants, prompting some interesting responses from the men they meet
See the clip here.

Hjælp jeg er i Japan
Game show (Danish version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including two women, are dressed as babies. One lady gets her top lifted by the host to better show her diaper to the audience; she squeals in embarrassment
See it here.

Hjelp, jeg er med i et Japansk gameshow!
Game show (Norwegian version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including three women, are dressed as babies.
 See it here.

The Howard Stern Radio Show
Air date: January 23 1999
Show features video of Stern's radio program. In this episode, a young lady visits the show and says she will do anything to get a friend's record played on the air. Stern tells her to put on an adult diaper. Once she's put on the diaper, she has to get down on all fours and eat out of a dog bowl. Then she has to stand up and wet herself 

Air date: November 12 2000
Cast members playing incontinent people are briefly seen in adult diapers

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Episode: Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire
Air date: October 4 2007
Brother and sister trying to become famous inadvertently end up in diapers on a strange cable tv show. Among the diaperees are four women, including a regular cast member (Kaitlin Olson) 

Jerry Springer (two episodes)
Air date: October 12 1992
Adult baby episode features one diapered woman (Denise Roma) among the guests. She has a lengthy segment alone with Springer at the beginning of the show, before joining the men. Appears to be wearing a cloth diaper with plastic pants, almost unheard of in a mainstream context
Air date: July 15 2002
Woman gets diapered (over her underwear) on stage

Let's Make a Deal
Game show featuring contestants in costumes. Numerous episodes over the years have featured women in diapers

The Montell Williams Show
Episode: February 23 1992
Adult baby episode of the talk show features one woman (Angela Bauer) among the guests. She wears a little-girl outfit on stage, but a photo is displayed showing her in a diaper

A que no te atreves
Air date: 1999
Spanish language show produced in the U.S.  One segment featured a "baby race" in which the contestants (including one woman) crawled on all fours on a wet surface

Round the Twist
Episode: TV or Not TV
Air date: February 28 2001
Australian series about a family living in a haunted house. In this episode the characters must contend with a faulty tv remote which causes people to acquire the outfits and mindset of the characters they see on tv. At the end someone unthinkingly pops in a tape of a baby, and the entire family find themselves in baby clothes, with mental states to match. Mom (Susanne Chapman) displays no visible diaper, but teenage daughter (Ebonnie Masini) appears to be wearing green plastic pants 

See it here (starts at about 22:10).

Saturday Night Live (two episodes)
Air date: January 31 1987 
Three SNL performers (including one woman, Nora Dunn) appear diapered in a sketch
 This clip can be seen here, but it's not available outside the US... anyone want to hook us up with a capture?
Air date: September 26 1998
Fake ad for adult diaper brand called "Oops I Crapped My Pants." At the end an elderly couple wear them under their clothes, with very obvious diaper bulges

Episode: Her Story II
Air date: February 7 2006
In one scene, a nurse who is obsessed with getting pregnant imagines a room full of people are wearing diapers and nothing else. Among the crowd are five diapered women 
See it here.

Secret Lives of Women
Air date: April 1 2008
This episode features a female adult baby (seen in diapers at one point)

Playboy Channel sex-themed show. Adult baby episode features scene where host (Samantha Phillips) gets into the act 
The clip can be seen here.

Air date: August 11 1993
Adult baby episode of talk show includes one woman (Denise Roma, again). Unlike the other guests, she refuses to show her diaper on stage, but is briefly seen wearing it in a still photo taken backstage

Talk Talk Talk
Episode of German series features the host (Sonya Kraus) wearing a diaper, for some reason

Episodes: (Season Two) Part Eight, Part Nine
Air dates: December 9 and 16 1982
Series about British women imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II. A woman (Stephanie Beacham) is shot by guards and left paralyzed and incontinent. She has three diaper scenes over two episodes

Top of the Pops
Air date: July 26 1979
Episode of British music show features a rendition of the song "Born to Be Alive" with four diapered dancers
Dick says the only one her doesn't have is Talk Talk Talk (a shame since Sonya Kraus is pretty sexy):
But as I say, let's help him out, folks. If you've got any of these clips handy, send them to:
I'll add these entries to the main list ASAP.


  1. Sweet bajeebus, how did he even?...

    Well, I don't remember that Round the Twist episode, so that's kind of cool. ^_^

    It just so happens that that scene is in the season trailer too, though it's not terribly exciting.

    The author whose various books Round The Twist was based on, had a seeming running theme with regression-ish elements which always struck me as particularly odd. In one of the books in his 'gizmo' series, the main character actually got shrunk to the size of a doll, and was diapered and placed in a highchair, as I vaguely recall...

  2. Here is one of the game show clips:


  3. "Dick Richards" here -

    Some more links:

    The other game show:

    Jerry Springer 1992

    Round the Twist (the action starts at about 22:10)