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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Some More Art, And A Media Project Mystery

Hi everyone,

First off, I thought you all would like to know: we had over 60 000 page-views last month, obliterating our previous record. Thanks to each and every one of you and I hope you all continue reading and contributing and helping me put together a pretty damn good blog.

OK, enough self-congratulatory crap; we've got some great art contributions with commentary from our friend Don:

Cover of "Snappy" magazine, January 1937.  You said the Varga painting was the "oldest" you had seen- well, here's something older.  This is "Baby New Year" done in the typical "pin-up" style that was popular in the 30's.

"Baby Girl" painting from Olivia de Berardinas- I think Olivia is the world's greatest female pin-up artist...   She's very sensual and open-minded, with a definite "naughty streak."  She painted Baby Girl back in the 70's...   Her greeting card line then released it as a "Happy New Year" card toward the end of the 70's, and it was subsequently banned for it's supposed "pedophillic content."  How sad...   The cards immediately became collectors items, and unfortunately, she won't publish the painting in any of her pin-up books....
 Innocence by Kalal- I don't really know too much about this painting.  It was supposed to depict innocence as sensuality...   I saw this painting on exhibit- unfortunately, the gallery didn't allow photography...   I found the painting in a catalog years later...   Wish I knew more about the artist.

 But that's not all--

A reader sent me what appear to be screen-caps from a reality show featuring a couple of very sexy ladies in diapers:

It appears to be some reality show and the blonde in the pictures looks like a familiar actress. There were more pictures on ABKingdom but they were deleted. I would very much appreciate it if you could find where these pics are from. 

Anybody have any more info, or at least the full set of pictures?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morning In America

(OK, first things first: no I have not abandoned Mama’s Girl or Adult Entertainment. This is just a short palate cleanser I wanted to do before I finish them. I know you’ve been waiting a long time—sorry, hope you enjoy this one just as much (those of you who wondered why I avoided long, multi-part stories—now you know).
Oh, but this one’s got it all folks! It’s hot and sexy. It’s got spankings, rectal temp taking, domestic discipline, and (for the first time in one of my stories) an enema. Part two even has an epic “messy” scene and just a little public humiliation. Enjoy!)

 Charlize Theron as Betty

Part One
     She groaned. His voice scrapped inside her skull painfully… she buried herself into her pillow and pulled the sheets tighter around her, trying to escape from it. “Betty? Sweetheart? Time to get up baby.”
     Snarling, she struggled even harder to escape from the sound of his voice, but she knew it was no use. “Betty, c’mon, we’ve got to get ready to go…”
     She groaned again; whoever this ‘Betty’ was (was it her? She couldn’t remember just now), she did have to get up God awfully early in the morning. She turned onto her stomach and gathered her pillow in her arms.
     She steeled herself for his voice again, but instead there was just a deep chuckling. “So that’s how it’s going to be, huh?”
      In one swift flurry of motion, the covers were torn off. She emitted a shocked squeal as her beautiful, naked body was exposed to the morning chill, so pale and perfect in the light she looked like a snow sculpture. The smooth white flesh of her back and the plump, pale heart of her bottom broke out in goose pimples. She gave a moan of protest; feeling defiant, she stuck her rump up behind her and wiggled it at him like a naughty little girl.
     “You bad girl,” he said, his smile evident in his voice. He reached down and gave her bottom a sound smack, leaving a perfect pink imprint on her right cheek. She yelped and flattened out on her belly. She tried to roll away from him, but it was too late; he took a seat on the bed next to her. Wrapping his arm around her to keep her in place, he began swatting her jiggling tushy. She squealed and squirmed on her tummy against the cool sheets, trying desperately to flee, but he had her trapped tight, and his hard palm was lighting her pale backside on fire.
     “OHHHH, HHOOONNN-IIIIEEEEE!” she whined, beating her delicate feet against the mattress, “I’m tired! Just let me sleep in this once!” she pleaded like a bratty child, the slow but relentless spanking making her butt wobble and redden.
     “Sweetie, we go through this every week,” he scolded, raining smacks upon her bottom with careful precision. “Come on and get that little tushy in gear—it’s only an hour—you can have a nap when we get home.”
     “Oh, but I can’t! I--” she swallowed hard and tried to stop herself from saying it, knowing what the consequences would be. |But it was too late: “I’m sick!” she blurted out.
     The spanking stopped immediately. She sighed, her derriere burning bright red behind her, even though the spanking had been relatively slow and mild. He laid his hand on her bottom and held it there, feeling her smooth, warm flesh beneath his palm. She gulped trying to anticipate his next move. “Sick, huh?” he said skeptically, caressing the smooth skin of her rump gently.
     “Uh-huh,” she said, trying to sound raspy.
    “HHmm,” he murmured, reaching up to touch her forehead. She held her breath and tried to will her body temperature to rise. “You’re not trying to trick me and get out of church this morning, are you Betty?” he asked, patting her rump firmly.
     “No, I promise!”
     “Hmmm…” he rose and headed toward the door. “We’ll see. Stay right where you are and don’t move, young lady.” And then he was gone.
     She forced herself to lay still and chewed her lip nervously. She could hear cabinets opening and closing in the bathroom, their contents shifting.
     Silence… she felt his shadow fall across her. “Let’s take your temperature, baby.”
     She started to turn over, but he stopped her by gently laying a palm on her shoulder. “No no, honey,” he said gently. “I need you like this,” he said, patting her tushy.
     The comment hung in the air. Realization came to her, a small, cool ball in her stomach. She peeked over her shoulder and let out a cry when she saw the thermometer sticking out of the jar of Vaseline in his hand. “Oh, honey, no,” she protested, starting to turn over.
     Again, she was too late: he easily pinned her to the mattress and delivered and series of swats to her bottom, machining her kick and squeal. Once he had her subdued, he wasted no time in spreading her cheeks. She blushed furiously when she felt him take a dollop of Vaseline and spread it on her anus. Her heart thumped rapidly in her chest. She felt the thermometers cool, greasy tip poised at her bottoms crinkled entrance; she squealed as she felt it slipping into her with casual ease, vividly aware of every sensation as it slid deeper and deeper inside her. She curled her toes into little fists and buried her face in the pillow, blushing brightly. She realized with mounting embarrassment that she was getting quite moist. She pressed her thighs together and tried to stop herself from squirming on the sheets, preying he wouldn’t notice.
     She forced herself to lay still and breathe deeply, tried not to think about the cold glass tube sticking out of her tushy, and the warm hand cupping her crack, holding it in between its fingers. Meanwhile, she was getting hornier by the second, her pussy all moist and wet… the temptation to reach down between her legs and play with herself almost overwhelming …
     He withdrew the thermometer from her quickly, drawing a girlish squeal. Inspecting it, he chuckled and smiled at her. “Sorry sweetie,” he said, patting her rump apologetically, “98.6 on the nose.”
     He sat on the bed next to her, took her by the arm and pulled her across his lap. Moments later, she was kicking and squealing and squirming as he began raining spanks on her vulnerable bare bottom once more. “You naughty girl,” he scolded, grinning at the way her buns jiggled and reddened. “Now we’re going to be really late!”
     She squealed and flopped on her belly, kicking and pleading and punching the mattress. The spanking was painful and embarrassing, but even worse than that, she was getting desperately aroused, and it was getting impossible to think straight. “But honey, I’m not lying!” she insisted, “I really am sick!”
     “Oh really?” he said archly, stroking her tushy tenderly. She pouted and groaned and wriggled across his lap, savoring her helplessness. “Where are you sick, baby?” he asked, reaching out to stroke her soft blonde hair.
     “My tummy hurts,” she said petulantly.
     “Does it now?” he said with a disbelieving laugh. “Well, we’ll get that fixed up quickly, won’t we honey?” He bent to kiss her on the head. He helped her off his lap and watched her stretch out on the bedspread once more with a sly smile. “You stay right there,” he said, leaving her on the bed once again.
     She sighed and settled in, waiting until his footsteps reached the bathroom before she reached down, slipping her fingers between her legs and began rubbing herself off. She fought back her sighs and groans and worked her fingers desperately, only vaguely aware of the sounds of cabinets and shuffling behind her, followed by the sound of running water.
     She heard him returning… she was maddeningly close to orgasm, knew she couldn’t finish herself off before he got back. So, stifling a cry of frustration, she retracted her hand moments before he stepped through the door. She looked over her shoulder to see if she’d been caught, nearly choking at what she saw.
     The enema bag had been part of a gift for their first anniversary. After lavishing her with chocolates, flowers, perfume and a beautiful new dress, he’d handed her the nondescript package with a card reading:
To my beautiful, adoring wife Betty
On our anniversary, I pledge to care for you give you exactly what you need to keep you happy and healthy; And with the help of this gift, I promise to give you what you deserve, each and every time you need it.
     She tore open the package with a gleeful grin… which promptly melted into a horrified frown when she removed the bag, specially monogrammed with her initials, her husband howling with laughter at her dismayed expression.
     It was the same expression she wore now as she watched her husband hang the bag from the bed frame, bulging at the sides. “Nice and warm with lots of suds,” he said with a smile, smearing the nozzle with Vaseline.  She gaped at him, stupefied. She’d only had one so far since she’d gotten the bag and it was a dreadfully humiliating experience.
     He approached her, glistening tube in hand. She balked, squirming and trying to backpedal. “Honey, please not that…”
     “Nonsense,” he insisted “if you really have an upset tummy, this is the best way to make you feel better.”
     “Young lady, do you want another spanking?”
     She certainly did not. She forced herself to obey him, throwing herself down on her stomach with a heavy sigh and bracing herself, her thighs growing slick with anticipation. She felt the greased tip touch her hole and took in a deep breath; “be still,” he whispered gently. She bit her lip and squeaked as the tube pushed its way home.
     She sucked in deep breaths, trying to get used to the sensation. She looked back over her shoulder, blushing at what she saw; the hose wound its way out of her butt-crack like a tail. Above her, the bag bulged ominously, her own initials on the side mocking her. There was a small snap, and she gasped as she felt the water begin to flow. Her stomach filled; her cheeks grew redder and redder. She buried her face in the pillow and tried to relax as the enema blew her up like a balloon.
     He sat on the bed next to her, bending close and kissing her cheek. She released  a breathy groan as she felt him trail his hand down her back, gasped when he took the hose between his fingers and wriggled it slightly. She curled and uncurled her toes, teetering on the edge of arousal and discomfort. He chuckled, patted her bare bum affectionately. Her blush became even fierier when he trailed his hand down between her legs and found her wet.
     “Such a naughty girl,” he chuckled, gently massaging her privates. She groaned and wriggled in response, bratty and impatient. The tube in her bottom, the water flowing into her, the fullness in her belly, the wonderful fingers between her legs… it was all too much. Once again she raced toward an explosive climax.
     He withdrew his fingers quickly, drawing an outraged grunt from her. “Naughty, naughty little girl,” he said, delivering a brisk spank to her wriggling bottom.
     She squealed, the sensation of the nozzle, the water rushing in, the fullness of her abdomen, and the spanking overwhelming her senses. He laid a couple of more smacks on her wriggling rump and she emitted a series of grunts and groans. The Exposure, the embarrassment, the sting and jiggle of her backside was all making her desperately excited.
      Eventually, the bag was empty. “Don’t spill a drop, you naughty girl, or you’re really going to be in trouble,” he warned, popping the nozzle out of her hiney. She gasped and licked her lips, burying her face in the pillow. He quickly took the bag and nozzle to the bathroom and returned, taking a seat on the bed next to her. They sat side by side for a long moment; he petted her hair and stroked her skin gently, making her twitch and shiver. She was humiliated, her butt-cheeks were stinging, she was swollen with water, her bowels ached, and God help her, she was still massively, achingly aroused. She was worried she was quickly reaching a point where she’d literally have to choose between controlling her bowels and resisting the urge to masturbate.
     Finally he stood. “OK honey let’s get you to the potty,” he announced, helping her from the bed. With his aid, she baby stepped down the hall as quickly as she could, her buns clenched tightly. She glanced curiously at her belly, horrified and fascinated to see her tummy, ordinarily so perfect and flat, bulging out like half a basketball. She waddled as quickly as possible to the bathroom. “You may sit, but don’t expel until I tell you,” he told her firmly.
     She wasn’t about to argue; she scurried across to the toilet and perched herself on the seat, clenching her butt-cheeks and anus desperately. Her stomach burbled, her bowels demanding release. She watched with horror as her husband came in and took a seat across from her on the tub. “That’s a good girl,” he said gently, stroking her thigh.
     Her bowels were percolating loudly. “Please,” she said, crossing her ankles, straining so hard she practically shook on the seat.
     “Shhh,” he soothed, leaning forward to kiss her on the temple. “Just a little longer sweetheart,” He started kissing her and touching her body, playing with her nipples and rubbing her belly gently. She clenched her fists, trying to endure the exquisite, embarrassing agony: sitting naked on the toilet in front of her husband, desperate to expel an enema, desperate to climax… desperate to come and go at the same time.
     “Ok,” he said, “expel.”
     She complied immediately, letting out a massive gush of water. She sighed loudly, gratefully—she was embarrassed to admit it felt great to relive herself, especially while being kissed and touched by her handsome husband.
     She grunted—a ghastly splattering sound emerged, much amplified by the toilet. Her jaw dropped, her cheeks went red. She tried to contain herself, but she was too exhausted to fight it. She gave an anguished cry, unleashing another gassy torrent into the bowl. She groaned and spread her legs as he massaged his way down her abdomen toward her glistening pussy, sighing quietly when the tips of his fingers touched her clit softly…
     Out of nowhere, she blasted a messy fart. A load of water and mush splattered into the toilet. “OOOH! OOoo!” she cried and squealed, fighting for breath as a series of noisy farts and plops emerged. He worked his fingers between her legs, kissing her neck and whispering endearments to her. She came dangerously close to orgasm…
     He pulled back again… she cried out in frustration… the tease and denial of an orgasm was as bad as the embarrassment of expelling an enema in front of him.
     She flushed and rose from the toilet. “Are you sure you’re done?” he asked. She nodded numbly—indeed, she was certain she was emptier than she’d been in a long time. “Positive?”
     “Yes,” she said softly.
      “Very well; assume the position,” he said, toilet paper in hand. She did as she was told without hesitation, bending over the tub to present her plump, pink bottom to him. She moaned as he tore off a few sheets, wadded them up and pressed them between her dainty butt-cheeks. She shivered as he wiped her bottom clean like a toddler. With a thumping heart and slick thighs, she stood by and let him wipe her bottom like a little girl in potty training.
     Next thing she knew, she was in the shower. With a rag and some liquid soap, he set about cleaning her up. She stood under the nozzle, basking in the warmth of the water and the tingly delights of the sensual cleaning. He took his time, betting into every nook and cranny, until she was all clean once more.
     He helped her out of the shower… she stood by shivering and meek as he took a towel and dried her. He wrapped its soft fluffiness around her shoulders and smiled at her knowingly, making her blush and look away. He ushered her out the door and guided her down the hall and into the bedroom. Taking the towel off, he spread it out on the bed. He looked her in the eye and pointed, and she knew exactly what he wanted. She spread herself out on her tummy and shut her eyes. She gasped when he squirted the cool lotion onto her back, then purred contentedly when he started robbing it in. Now this I could get used to, she thought, indulging herself with a lazy smirk. He massaged her shoulders and upper back, then down to her mid back, and then lower still…. She swooned when he squirted a fat dollop on each velvety buttock and began to work it in, firmly, but never hurting her too much… even with a spanked bottom.
     Once her finished her thighs and calves, he had her turn over. She obeyed, rolling onto her back and staring up at him lasciviously, nearly catatonic with lust, begging him with every fiber of her being to finish her off. Still her continued her delightful, sensual torment, slowly sizzling the cool lotion across her breasts, making her gasp as it dropped on her nipples and ran into her cleavage. He rubbed it in slowly, taking time to tease her nipples. Down her pale tummy, smooth and flat once more, making her giggle when he tickled her belly-button.
     The attention paid to her pussy was maddeningly brief, just enough to bring her to the edge of relief and them deny her once more. “Please…” she begged, stretching in every direction to make herself more open and vulnerable.
     He patted her pubic mound and smiled. “Soon,” he said and bent to kiss her right above her pussy. “But not just yet,” he chuckled, taking her ankles and hoisting them into the air above her.
     She squawked, so shocked she didn’t even feel him slip the diaper under her tushy. Grinning, he gave each plump cheek a blast of powder and began patting it in. The realization of what was happening came cold and hard… she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
      “Oh honey, please don’t,” she begged.
     “Now you hush,” he scolded, giving her bottom a swat before lowering her onto the diaper. “You were off the potty in an awful hurry, missy,” he said, making her blush. “We wouldn’t want you having any accidents in church,” he said, pulling it up tight between her legs, and sealed the Velcro tabs closed. She sat up on her elbows and looked down with a frown: the diaper was massive and bulky and padded so thick between the legs that walking without waddling would be impossible. “This is ridiculous!” she protested, “I’m not going to have any damn accidents!”
     “Hush,” he said, pushing a pacifier into her mouth. “be a good girl,” he said, pulling a pair of thick rubber pants up her legs, “or I’ll make you suck on that thing through church.”
     She settled back and pouted, sucking the rubber nipple and allowing him to pull the panties up her legs, then lifted her rump so her could pull it over the diaper. She sat up and frowned, the diaper bulging massively below her.
     He helped her to her feet; The diaper bulged around her waist like a bubble, giving her figure an exaggerated pear shape. The diaper and rubber pants were getting very warm, and she knew it was soon going to be hot, moist, and uncomfortable in there. Thank goodness for the baby powder, she thought grimly.
     He fixed her with a solemn gaze. “Now,” he said, checking his watch, “because of your silliness, we’re already late, young lady, so I want you to hustle your backside and get ready quickly because we’re leaving soon. And if I have to take you to church in nothing but a diaper, then that’s what I’ll do,” he warned, making her gulp. “Now get!” he commanded, sending her waddling off to the bathroom to do her hair and make-up with a swat on her bulky diapered backside.

Part Two

Monday, March 26, 2012

See You In The Funny Pages: Some Diaper Comics And More

 (First of all, thanks to everyone who's bought Power Princess; the response has been fantastic.)

A bunch of cool new stuff from comics, sent in by our friend Dick.

Bunny #1 (December 1966)

Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 7
  "This is from the cover of a reprint volume featuring the Big Baby, who appeared in a couple of stories back in 1970."

Elfen Lied Vol. 5 (2003)

Excalbur #11 (1989)
   "Flashback to the scene from #6"

The Pajama Diaries (June 14 2006)

Pervert Club #10 (1997)
   "It's about a high school fetish club..."

Sensation Comics #43 (July 1945)

 And my favorite  item:

"The last item isn't actually from a comic. It's from the 1941 Esquire Varga Calendar, which was issued in late 1940. It's the oldest item I have found so far."
 (Click here to see more great Vargas Pin-Ups.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Real-Life Rugrats Fashion Show

(Big thanks to everyone who's bought the comic, the response has been exceptional.)
Our friend Dick describes this clip from the show "Oo La La" as 'sort of a companion piece to the Rugrats bit.'

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jerry Springer and Paris Hilton (AKA The Day We Hit Rock Bottom)

(Thanks again to Dick for these clips)

  Give Jerry Springer credit for one thing, folks-- he knows how to put on a show. This clip is like a cross between a post-apocalyptic circus, a Daily Diapers story, and the world's worst couples therapy session. I'm sickened, I'm horrified, and God help me, I'm even aroused:

If only she'd been naked... (download here).

Next up, a link to the diaper initiation scene from the terrible Paris Hilton movie Pledge This! No, Paris herself doesn't strap on a pamper of her own (no big loss, in my opinion), but the scene still misses out by not including most of the prettiest pledges.

Judge for your self (it's an all girl clip, I just haven't been able to get it off the site yet). The action starts at about 1:30.

On a side note: Did blogger do away with the quick edit button? I don't seem to see it anymore... It's made updating the list a real pain.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tyra Banks, Kris Jenner, And A Bunch Of Models Dressed Like Toddlers

Maybe this infantilism thing is more mainstream than we thought...

From Daily Diapers (starts at about 2:30):

I've got to tell you, this clip leaves me kind of speechless (and not just because these people actually seem to admire Kris Jenner). Not a lot in the way of diapers but the age play element seems pretty obvious (in spite of the photographer's seeming efforts to tone that down). I was almost expecting someone to get a spanking, to be honest. I liked the girls eating the baby-food and the girl with her head in Kris' lap-- who was your favorite?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Power Princess-- On Sale Now!

low-res preview

low-res preview
low-res preview

Read the full description here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Howard Stern and Selma Hayek

Our latest contribution from Dick: the Howard Stern scene discussed here:

And here's a little bonus: Selma Hayek shows her cute little butt in a pair of PJ's with a droopy dropseat:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Some Clips

Hey everyone

Thanks to Darren, who sent us the America's Most Wanted clip... be warned, it's pretty dark:

Next up: the '92 Jerry Springer Clip (see the whole thing here or all in one part here). Thanks to Dick and Kevin for the find:

Darren also sent us this clip where Jenny McCarthy is discovered wearing a huge pad in the movie Dirty Love:

It's an OK clip, not really my thing, but her reaction is priceless. Just imagine if she'd been wearing a big adult diaper.

On another topic:
Lots of big movement around here lots of new contributions, and I find myself dealing with more and more content with male and female diaper wearing.

I'm not into male diaper stuff in any way shape or form, and in fact find it a major turn-off (not criticizing, just being honest). I've adopted a policy of not hosting any male content directly on the blog but linking to it on other sites. Does that sound fair? Questions, comments, spare change?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Fat Media Project Update!

Bow down, people: we've got a massive update form super-correspondent Dick.

First, on the wrestling front:

As indicated by my comment on your post (yes, that was me) I have been looking into this "diaper match" business.
I've discovered that
1. There was a tv show called "TNA Xplosion."
2. The July 27 2003 episode featured a match between Daizee Haze and Nurse Veronica.
3. I can't be sure this is THE match, but I think there's a good chance that it is.
4. I've found someone who has a copy of that episode.
On a site called BJ's Wrestling Tapes and DVDs, this page

has a line partway down reading as follows:
(TAPE#685)NWA-TNA 54 7-27-03
I think this is it.
Now, there are some concerns. For one thing, the site doesn't seem to have been updated recently. For another, he says "this is a list of tapes for my personal use only." If you were to contact him, and persuade him to provide you with a copy of the tape, who knows?
What do you think?

I've contacted BJ, but have yet to hear back. I'm not too optimistic, but well see what we get. Any wrestling fans actually catch this match

But wait, there's more! Dick also sent in a whole list of diaper scenes from TV, some mixed, some female only, with pictures. Dick say he has most of these clips, but it'll take some time to get them ready, so if anyone's got any of these clips, send them and help take the pressure off.

America's Most Wanted
Air date: May 19 2007
Dramatization of a real-life incident where a woman was held prisoner by two men features a scene where the actress is seen in a diaper

America's Next Top Model
Episode: The Early Bird Gets a Makeover
Air date: September 9 2009
Model (Sundai Love) is seen wearing a diaperish outfit

Channel Zero
Air date: August 21 2008
Episode of cable-access show features a performance by a band whose singer (Seiko Urabe) is in a diaper

Doctor Dean
Air date: September 1992
Medically oriented talk show. Adult baby episode features a diapered woman.

Air date: November 20 1991
Talk show. Adult baby episode doesn't feature any female guests, but three diapered women are seen in footage shown at commercial breaks 

Girls Behaving Badly
Episode of Candid Camera type show features two women (Chelsea Handler, Melissa Howard) who visit a bar with adult diapers visibly sticking out of their pants, prompting some interesting responses from the men they meet
See the clip here.

Hjælp jeg er i Japan
Game show (Danish version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including two women, are dressed as babies. One lady gets her top lifted by the host to better show her diaper to the audience; she squeals in embarrassment
See it here.

Hjelp, jeg er med i et Japansk gameshow!
Game show (Norwegian version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including three women, are dressed as babies.
 See it here.

The Howard Stern Radio Show
Air date: January 23 1999
Show features video of Stern's radio program. In this episode, a young lady visits the show and says she will do anything to get a friend's record played on the air. Stern tells her to put on an adult diaper. Once she's put on the diaper, she has to get down on all fours and eat out of a dog bowl. Then she has to stand up and wet herself 

Air date: November 12 2000
Cast members playing incontinent people are briefly seen in adult diapers

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Episode: Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire
Air date: October 4 2007
Brother and sister trying to become famous inadvertently end up in diapers on a strange cable tv show. Among the diaperees are four women, including a regular cast member (Kaitlin Olson) 

Jerry Springer (two episodes)
Air date: October 12 1992
Adult baby episode features one diapered woman (Denise Roma) among the guests. She has a lengthy segment alone with Springer at the beginning of the show, before joining the men. Appears to be wearing a cloth diaper with plastic pants, almost unheard of in a mainstream context
Air date: July 15 2002
Woman gets diapered (over her underwear) on stage

Let's Make a Deal
Game show featuring contestants in costumes. Numerous episodes over the years have featured women in diapers

The Montell Williams Show
Episode: February 23 1992
Adult baby episode of the talk show features one woman (Angela Bauer) among the guests. She wears a little-girl outfit on stage, but a photo is displayed showing her in a diaper

A que no te atreves
Air date: 1999
Spanish language show produced in the U.S.  One segment featured a "baby race" in which the contestants (including one woman) crawled on all fours on a wet surface

Round the Twist
Episode: TV or Not TV
Air date: February 28 2001
Australian series about a family living in a haunted house. In this episode the characters must contend with a faulty tv remote which causes people to acquire the outfits and mindset of the characters they see on tv. At the end someone unthinkingly pops in a tape of a baby, and the entire family find themselves in baby clothes, with mental states to match. Mom (Susanne Chapman) displays no visible diaper, but teenage daughter (Ebonnie Masini) appears to be wearing green plastic pants 

See it here (starts at about 22:10).

Saturday Night Live (two episodes)
Air date: January 31 1987 
Three SNL performers (including one woman, Nora Dunn) appear diapered in a sketch
 This clip can be seen here, but it's not available outside the US... anyone want to hook us up with a capture?
Air date: September 26 1998
Fake ad for adult diaper brand called "Oops I Crapped My Pants." At the end an elderly couple wear them under their clothes, with very obvious diaper bulges

Episode: Her Story II
Air date: February 7 2006
In one scene, a nurse who is obsessed with getting pregnant imagines a room full of people are wearing diapers and nothing else. Among the crowd are five diapered women 
See it here.

Secret Lives of Women
Air date: April 1 2008
This episode features a female adult baby (seen in diapers at one point)

Playboy Channel sex-themed show. Adult baby episode features scene where host (Samantha Phillips) gets into the act 
The clip can be seen here.

Air date: August 11 1993
Adult baby episode of talk show includes one woman (Denise Roma, again). Unlike the other guests, she refuses to show her diaper on stage, but is briefly seen wearing it in a still photo taken backstage

Talk Talk Talk
Episode of German series features the host (Sonya Kraus) wearing a diaper, for some reason

Episodes: (Season Two) Part Eight, Part Nine
Air dates: December 9 and 16 1982
Series about British women imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II. A woman (Stephanie Beacham) is shot by guards and left paralyzed and incontinent. She has three diaper scenes over two episodes

Top of the Pops
Air date: July 26 1979
Episode of British music show features a rendition of the song "Born to Be Alive" with four diapered dancers
Dick says the only one her doesn't have is Talk Talk Talk (a shame since Sonya Kraus is pretty sexy):
But as I say, let's help him out, folks. If you've got any of these clips handy, send them to:
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Say What?! "Diaper Matches?!"

     It's no secret I like spanking stuff, and some of my favorite spanking stuff is from Pro-wrestling (and yet I have no other interest in pro-wrestling...). And the place I go to find it is Chross' excellent message board, which has a long running thread dedicated to the topic. Well, I was browsing the most recent enteries and came across this very interesting tidbit:

I've been reading some wrestling books recently and in the USWA or Memphis Championship Wrestling, there used to be a bunch of spankings going on. Now many many posts ago somebody posted some AMAZING videos of some nurse looking woman whipping some chicks with belts over desks during promo's. Is there anyway somebody can find these videos? They used to have powder and diaper stipulations also...70's-80's was some great wrestling action form what I've read! I can't find videos anywhere, only blogs and stuff that talk about them. I need help finding this amazing material. Help me please! thanks!

     I did a quick search and turned up... nothing too exciting, actually. The most interesting piece of info I could find was that successful indy wrestler Daizee Haze lost a diaper match to Nurse Veronica... no further info.

     OK, wrestlemaniacs, help out your ignorant brethren here: Anyone have any further info on this strange practice? Anyone ever seen one? Is this still done? Anyone have any pics or video of a girl on girl powder and diaper match?

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Who would you most like to see in a diaper match?

Kelly Kelly?

Michelle McCool?

The Bella Twins?


     Who's your favorite? What's your ideal diaper match? let us know in the comments now.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mama's Girl: Saturday Afternoon

Part 1
Part 2

(This one kind of got away from me… it’s messy and very humiliating—consider yourself forewarned.)


Winona Ryder  as Gwen


     Sucking her soother miserably, Kim squeezed her Mommy’s hand in hers. The bottom of her diapers would have been totally visible in this short little dress anyway, but the hem bounced with every step she took, displaying her oversized pampers to everyone who looked—which was pretty much everyone.  She tried to keep her eyes down, but every once in a while she’d glance up and see someone pointing or giggling or sometimes just staring at her—in  disbelief, in shock, in outrage… once or twice she even detected something she was sure was lust.
     Her legs were bare from the leg bands of her bulging, ruffled plastic pants to the tops of her frilly ankle socks. Her big little-girl jelly shoes clacked loudly beneath her. Kim sucked her pacifier and kept her eyes fixed on the ground, blushing from the stares and snickers. Her mother, seemingly oblivious to the attention they were drawing, squeezed her hand and tugged her along. Kim had to waddle as fast as her bulky diapers would allow.
     The humiliation was unbearable and her feet were starting to hurt, but they finally reached their destination.
     The boutique was small and nondescript; it had no window displays, thick, black curtains obscured all views of the interior, its door was locked (entry could only be gained by pushing a buzzer)—there wasn’t even a sign. Kim’s mom pushed the button and waited for the buzz before pulling the door open.
     They stepped into the main entrance, which was only a waiting room.  A line of comfortable chairs sat against the far wall for customers to wait for their appointments—but there’d be none of that for Kim and her mother. They were honored guests.
     A curtain moved aside, and Mrs.  Potter stepped out. She was an older woman, but fit; a woman who took care of herself and took pride in her appearance. She greeted Kim’s mother warmly, then turned her attention to the girl. “And how are we today, sweetheart?” she cooed, tickling her under the chin.
     She sulked. Her mother shot her a sharp look. “Answer Mrs. Potter,” she said.
     “Good,” Kim said shyly from behind the pacifier.
     “I see mommy’s got you in one of your little outfits,” Said Mrs. Potter, smiling knowingly. “Were you a bad little girl?”
     Kim turned red. Unable to force herself to answer, she was almost happy when her Mother chimed in for her: “Kimmy’s in punishment today—she came home very late from work last night without calling mommy.”
     Kim cringed, embarrassed, but happy her mother hadn’t told Mrs. Potter about the skid-marked panties.
     “You naughty girl!” Mrs. Potter scolded with a smile, “I hope your mother tanned your little bottom for that!”
     “Oh, don’t worry,” said Kim’s mom with a smirk, “Kimmy’s going to be sitting very gingerly today, I think”
     “And rightfully so” said Mrs. Potter, leading them into the back; “I’d do the same to Gwen—if she were still working, that is,” she said with a smirk.  “Speaking of which: I hope you don’t mind-- I was about to give her a bottle.”
     “Oh, go ahead,” said Kim’s mom as they arrived in the back room.
     On the floor in her oversized playpen, Gwen gave them a look of misery and embarrassment through the bars working her pacifier nervously in her mouth. Although Kim and her mother had seen her in this positions many times over the years, she still blushed furiously under her bonnet and tried to tug the hem of her dress down over the seat of her diapers (to no avail). She and Kim regarded each other with mutual sympathy and embarrassment; it was comforting to be near someone in the same situation, but it was also a humiliating reminder of their own status.
     Mrs. Potter opened the side door of the playpen and extended a hand, helping Gwen to her feet as Kim was ushered through the door and took a seat on the floor.
     Gwen was lead over to the couch and stood by awkwardly as her mom settled. The woman held her arms out toward her: “Come honey; time for your baba!”
     Blushing furiously, she sat in the woman’s lap and cuddled close. Her mother took the bottle from the table and put it in her mouth. Reluctantly, Gwen started to suck.
     Kim blushed and looked away. It wasn’t milk in the bottle, but her mother’s special formula. Combine with the special oatmeal she knew Gwen was also fed regularly (she’d probably just finished a big bowl right before they walked in), Kim knew that Gwen was in for a very messy diaper in short order—most likely in front of herself and her mother. She blushed in sympathy for the girl and prayed she wouldn’t be next.
     Kim knew Gwen’s story well. She’d been an arrogant, willful young woman, on the corporate fast-track. Her mother watched with pride as Gwen built the seemingly perfect life for herself—a great job, a nice house, and a wonderful husband. But pride turned to horror; Mrs. Potter was forced to watch helplessly as Gwen became a venal, cutthroat monster who abused and lost her husband and destroyed her personal and professional life in an alcoholic implosion. Kim had watched Gwen sit by blushing as her mother told the story of how she took her daughter in at her lowest and vowed to never make the same mistake again. How she decided to take control of her daughter’s life before she hurt herself. How she “demoted” her daughter back to infancy. How she began a strict regimen of domestic discipline and diaper domination. How she would never allow her daughter to grow up and commit the same mistakes again.
     Kim looked at Gwen, thankful once more to not be her; at least she was allowed to go to work and have something of a life. At least diapers were only a small part of her routine, used only for punishment. Gwen was anywhere from five to ten years her senior and had been in diapers 24/7 as long as Kim had known her, and for a couple of years before that at least. She watched Gwen and worried—was this what the future held for her, too?
     The women chatted as Gwen slurped down her bottle, slowly at first and only quickening her pace when her mother threatened her with a spanking. Kim watched the disappearing liquid with dreadful sympathy—Gwen’s embarrassment was only beginning. She knew from firsthand experience what lay ahead for her.
     Soon she was finished the bottle. Gwen blushed as her mother pulled her close and patted her back, forcing out a loud burp. “Good girl!” her mother praised, making Gwen cringe with embarrassment.
     “Ok, girls,” Mrs. Potter said, “you two play for a bit while we chat.”
     Kim and Gwen were led across the room and into the playpen, the door latching shut behind them. The Mommies returned to their seats and chatted. Kim picked up a stuffed bunny and cuddled it while Gwen crossed her arms and sulked, a look of absolute misery on her face. Kim reached out and touched her leg comfortingly, but she continued to sulk and pout. Kim took her pacifier out and leaned in close to whisper: “Hey, it’s ok…”
     Gwen scoffed. “You know what that stuff does…”
     “Gwen, I’ve seen it before…”
     “I just….” She started to cry. “It’s so embarrassing!”
     Kim patted and rubbed her back soothingly, trying to comfort her. Taking the stuffed bunny, she tickled Gwen under the chin, making her grin. She reached around and found a stuffed bear, and soon they were playing like real toddlers. Though childish and embarrassing, it was relaxing and helped them take their minds off the situation. Kim kept half an ear on the mother’s conversation:
     “…Can’t wait to see it, Barb…” Kim’s mom was bursting with excitement. “Those other little outfits you made for Kim are so adorable—I’m always so tempted to send her to work in one!”
     “It’s my pleasure,” Mrs. Potter replied, “I can’t repay you for your special oatmeal and formula.” She smiled. “It’s made Gwen so much more—controllable.”
     After “dealing with” her own daughter, Mrs. Potter began talking with other frustrated mothers, all struggling with their own immature daughters. She set up a business to help them, providing clothing and furniture for adult baby girls. She’d met Kim’s mom online a few years ago, and they’d worked out a little exchange: the oatmeal and formula for the crib and some cute little outfits. They ended up going into business producing and selling the special oatmeal and formula to a highly specialized, but loyal clientele… and they’d done quite well for themselves.
      Beside Kim, Gwen groaned and rubbed her stomach. Kim touched her shoulder. “You OK?”
     In response, Gwen passed gas loudly, muffled by her diapers. “Oh. My. God.” She groaned, turning red. Kim rubbed her back, crinkling her nose as the stench emerged.
     “Gwen, its ok—let it go,” she whispered sweetly. She knew all too well that it was only a matter of time before a similar fate befell her.
     But Gwen hunched over, bearing her teeth, her insides cramping. She could hear her tummy gurgle, feel the contents of her intestines swelling and the rolling of her bowels, the liquid stimulating them into action. It was a hopeless cause, and yet she still fought against it, even as Kim rubbed her shoulders and whispered soothingly for her to let go.
     Instead she only fought harder to protect her dignity, thus making it even more embarrassing when she uncontrollably released a wet, bubbling fart into her diapers. She clenched her bottom one final time, trying desperately to control herself like she used to be able to. Kim’s whispered comforts only made it all worse, only made her more determined to keep her diapers clean.
     Her stomach grumbled. With a squeal, an involuntary gush came farting out of her, settling heavily in the seat of her diaper.
     “Are you OK?” asked Kim.
     Gwen grunted in response, eliciting another round of mushy poop into her pampers with a series of squishy farting squelches. The back of her diaper filled, the warm, greasy mush smearing across her buttocks and filling the space between her cheeks.
     “Oh-oh,” Mrs. Potter chuckled, “sounds like someone’s gonna need a new diapee…”
     Gwen cried pathetically. Kim kissed her cheek and helped her up to her knees.  Her bowels churning, Gwen stuck out her butt and grunted…
      Another mushy explosion, another poopy avalanche into her diapers, its seat expanding visibly behind her. At last, she was finished. Shaky, like she would lose her balance at any time, Gwen leaned into Kim for support. She peaked back over her shoulder; beneath her pretty little party dress, the lumpy seat of Gwen’s pampers bulged and sagged. A very obvious poopy stench emerged. She buried her face in Kim’s shoulder and sobbed.
     The two mommies wrinkled and crinkled their noses and chuckled to each other. “Whew-Wee!” exclaimed Kim’s mom, “Somebody’s very messy indeed!”
     Mrs. Potter moved over to the playpen, squatting down, she reached through the bars, pulled out the waistband of Gwen’s diaper and peeked inside. “Goodness!” she laughed. “That’s a very poopy diaper!”
     She opened the door and helped Gwen to her feet, leading her out through the door and shutting it behind her. Kim gripped the bars of the playpen and watched intently as Gwen was led across the room to the large changing table against the far wall, her messy diaper wobbling behind her. Her mother stripped her out of her dress, revealing her lumpy, sagging diaper to the room. Gwen peeked over her shoulder at Kim sadly as her mother helped her up onto the table; she grimaced as her diaper squished beneath her. Gwen lay back quietly and tried not to squirm.
     Mrs. Potter undid the tapes on the front of the diaper and folded the front panel down, exposing Gwen’s very messy diaper to the room. “PEE-U!” she cried, crinkling her nose and fanning her face theatrically. Gwen sobbed gently as the clean-up began. The cool wipes felt wonderful on her messy skin, and she forced herself to lay as still as possible during the process.
     Kim watched with morbid fascination as Gwen’s poopy rear-end was meticulously cleaned off by her mommy, then smeared with lotion. Kim tried to deny the site of Gwen having diaper-rash ointment rubbed into her tushy was making her aroused.
     Gwen’s bottom and pussy were powdered, and a fresh diaper was pulled up between her thighs. Soon she was standing in front of everyone, naked but for her big diaper. “Here; wait’ll you see the new outfit I made for Gwen—I just finished it yesterday!” said Mrs. Potter, rushing from the room, leaving Gwen topless and diapered in front of the company. Blushing hotly, Gwen reached up shyly and covered her breasts.
     Her mother returned quickly, a pink cloth bundle in her arms. She helped Gwen step inside and pulled it up her legs. Soon she stood before the guests in a pair of powder pink shorty-pant overalls, her cheeks red with embarrassment. With Kim’s mother laughing and applauding in the background, Mrs. Potter popped a pacifier into Gwen’s mouth and had her do a couple of little spins. Kim stared, at once mortified for her friend and aroused to see her dressed in such embarrassing, revealing clothes.
     Taking her by the hand, Gwen’s mom lead her across the room and back into the playpen. She sat heavily on her diapered rump and crossed her arms, pouting from behind her soother. Kim slid over and put her arm around Gwen’s shoulders, murmuring comfortingly.
     The mothers chatted for a while more before Kim’s mom finally rose. “Well, Barb, we should probably get going…”
     Mrs. Potter checked the clock. “Yes, I have another appointment that should be stopping by any second.” She looked at Gwen and smiled: “and then I should be giving the Stinker over there her bath, right honey?”
     Gwen cringed and blushed.
     A chiming sound emerged—“Oh,” said Mrs. Potter, “There they are now!” She pressed the buzzer. The two women went over to the playpen, unlatched the door, and helped their daughters to their feet before ushering them out. The two stood side by side, blushing. Their mothers straightened out their outfits and checked to make sure everything was in place, admonishing the squirming girls to hold still. “Oh, you two look so cute!” she gushed. The girls shuffled their feet and fixed their eyes on the floor, desperate to avoid any more embarrassing attention.
     “Oh Kim,” her mother whispered softly, leaning in to kiss her daughter on the forehead, “don’t sulk.”
     Kim nodded and sucked her pacifier, psyching herself up for what was sure to be yet another dreadful humiliation.
     “Come along dear; these are new customers and I think it would do them well to see our two most adorable successes,” she beamed, pinching their cheeks. “Now come along, sweetie. Don’t dawdle,” she said, landing a swat to her daughter’s hugely diapered bottom.
     “Oh! I almost forgot!” Mrs. Potter trotted into the next room, returning quickly with a pink box wrapped in a string. “Here it is,” she said, handing it to Kim’s mom, “my best work yet, if I say so myself.”
     “Thanks, Barb,” said Kim’s mom, “I can’t wait to get her in it!”
    “Any time, honey,”
     They returned to the entrance, and were shocked to find a girl, only 18 years old, across the lap of an older woman who was clearly her mother, getting her bare bottom blistered by a firm oak hairbrush. Behind them, a second girl, obviously the first girl’s twin, stood facing the wall, pants and panties at half-mast, sobbing with her naked butt blazing bright red. The group froze, mesmerized by the strange scene before them. With her tight jeans bunched up around her knees, the girl kicked her feet in the air behind her, and her mother was beating a steady rhythm against her jiggling bottom. The girl sobbed and wailed, pleading, but her mother just continued spanking and lecturing.
     “It’s too late now, girls,” she said firmly, swatting her daughter’s backside, “I told you what was going to happen if you didn’t straighten out.”
     “BUT MA-MAW…!” the girl wailed helplessly.
     “I don’t want to hear it, young lady,” her mother said, “I warned you girls what the consequences for misbehavior and bad grades would be, but you didn’t listen.” She continued to apply the brush to her daughter’s blazing tushy, making her squeal. “You probably thought I was bluffing, didn’t you? Well, here we are, little girls, and there’s nothing you can say or do that’s going to stop me from putting the pair of you in diapers for the summer!”
     The girl burst into fresh tears at that, and in the corner her sister pouted miserably, rubbing her bare, spanked bottom like a petulant child. Kim watched the proceedings with wide-eyed shock, squirming in proxy-embarrassment for the girls. The mother ceased her spanking for a moment to acknowledge Mrs. Potter and her guests.
     “Terribly sorry about this, ladies,” she said, giving her sobbing daughter’s bright-red buns a squeeze, “but the girls simply refused to listen to reason.”
     “Perfectly understandable,” Mrs. Potter answered with a smile, “I know from experience that nothing sorts out a naughty girl like a bright red hiney and a fluffy diaper.” She reached over and patted Gwen’s freshly diapered tushy. “Right, honey?” she smirked, making her daughter blush as red as the twin’s butts.
     They watched her deliver another 25 spanks, then stop, resting a hand on her daughter’s bright-red bottom. “OK, Susan—I want you to get that red tushy of yours up against the wall next to Tina and I want you to stay there until I say so.” Sobbing, the girl climbed to her feet and shuffled over to stand beside her sister, bare pussy and bright red bottom on full display. Susan settled in next to Tina, each a perfect copy of the other, right down to the exact shade of crimson across their blushing bottoms. As the twins sobbed and quivered in unison, their mother rose and came across the room to properly greet the two business-women and their adult baby daughters.
     “Ann Nelson,” she said, shaking their hands. “These are my daughters, Susan and Tina.” She turned toward them and said sharply “say hello, girls!”
     They each choked out a trembling hello, never stopping to take a break from rubbing their sore bottoms.
     Kim’s mom and Mrs. Potter introduced themselves and their blushing, cringing daughters. “Oh, they are so darling!” she said, reaching forward to pinch their cheeks and tickle them under the chin. Kim and Gwen fidgeted and blushed in response. “I know two more young ladies who are going to look absolutely adorable in these clothes,” she said smugly toward the twins.
     The girls peeked over their shoulders and regarded the adult babies with matching horrified expressions, before bursting into tears once more. The very thought of being transformed into a pair of oversized teenaged-toddlers was too much for the two fashionable, modern young women to bear.
     The mothers chatted momentarily, comparing stories of their willful, spoiled daughters and the methods of discipline they’d used to punish them, to varying degrees of success. They chatted about the various styles of clothing and furniture that Mrs. Potter dealt in, and she was very interested in the “special diet’ developed by Kim’s mother. “These two always did look most adorable in poopy, droopy diapers,” she said with a chuckle. The twins could only stammer and sob, mortified at the degree of control their mother was going to have over them.
     At last, Kim’s mother took her daughter’s hand once more. “Well, we’ve got to run,” she said apologetically. Goodbyes were said, phone numbers were exchanged, and the women agreed to get their diapered daughters together for a play-date in the near future. And with that, Mrs. Nelson called her daughters over to join them. With tears streaming down their cheeks, they waddled over to their mother in tandem, pants and panties around their knees, their faces as red as their well spanked tushies. Kim watched them waddle off behind their mother, Mrs. Potter, and Gwen, their bare butts glowing bright red behind them like a pair of taillights.

     They strolled through the park, the pink box tucked under her mother’s arm. Him held her hand and sucked her soother, trying to avoid eye contact with the passers-by. She could feel their looks, their eyes on her thickly pampered bottom, but there was nothing she could do about. She waddled passively beside her mother, frowning and trying futility to tug the hem of her dress down over her bulging, ruffled butt. She desperately wanted to get home (even though she knew she had an evening of being babysat by Mia ahead of her). But her mother pulled her toward a bench and announced, loudly enough to be heard by anybody listening: “Time for your baba, baby!”
     Kim dragged her feet and struggled to pull her hand free. “No, mommy, please!”
     “Yes! Come along young lady or I give you a spanking first,” she warned, delivering an open hand swat to her diapered backside. She sat and pulled Kim into her lap. People watched and chuckled, and Kim shot her mother a pleading look.
      “No mama, please don’t…”
     But it was too late—her mother popped the nipple into her mouth, and before she knew it, Kim was slurping down a big bottle of formula.
     From its taste, you would never know it wasn’t milk. But as the liquid filled her belly and began mixing with the oatmeal she eaten earlier, the pulp inside her began to soak it up and swell inside her. By the time the bottle was halfway done, she was already quite full, but she knew it didn’t matter— she knew her mom was going to sit here until she’d drank every drop.
     She sucked as fast as she could, trying to limit her humiliating public exposure. People slowed as they walked by to stare, and her diaper was on full display. Finally, though, she had to take a break: her tummy was so full she thought she might burst. She realized her bladder was quite full. It was one problem too many to have to deal with, she spread her legs and released her bladder slowly, trying not to call attention to herself.
     Her tummy was starting to cramp now. Loud, burbling gurgles emerged, and she felt a gas-bubble descending. She clenched her buns, trying desperately to keep from humiliating herself any further, but another cramp stabbed her in the belly and squeezed out a loud fart.
     “OOpsie!” her mother chided her blushing daughter, “baby made a little toot!”
     Kim was mortified, but she now had enough room in her to finish her bottle. Her guts cramped and gurgled as the contents expanded inside and stimulated her bowels into action. When she’d finally finished, Kim knew that a dirty diaper was imminent. The only question now was whether or not she could make it home first.
     Her mother pulled her into a sit, wrapped her arms around her and patted her on the back until she emitted a burp.
     Her mother ushered Kim off her lap. She stood by waiting for her mom to gather their things. Kim felt her tummy gurgle and growl. She felt absolutely stuffed… worse, she could feel her bowels twitching to life inside her.
     They continued their walk, Kim’s mother keeping a tight grip on her diapered daughter to make sure she wouldn’t run off to try and find a toilet. Her stomach cramping and gurgling, Kim started to sweat. A very strong urge to move her bowels was steadily building up inside her. Somewhere down below, the pressure was beginning to rise. Her diaper was hot and humid around her waist, its seat chafing the soft skin of her delicate rear-end.
     They ambled through the park slowly, Kim’s situation becoming more dire by the second. Her bowels lurched and gurgled, the urge grew stronger and stronger, and by the time they neared the other end of the park, she was desperate. Waddling as fast as her big diaper and tightly clenched butt-cheeks would allow, Kim wiped the sweat from her brow and prayed she wouldn’t be too late.
      They continued their walk, Kim growing more desperate by the second. She started passing gas, soft little fluffs at first, but soon she was involuntarily squeezing out loud, wet farts. The relief was unbelievable, but her mother made smirking comments every time the tell-tale rumble emerged from the seat of her diapers, making Kim blush brightly.
     She looked up, seeing a handsome man jogging toward them. Kim’s heart dropped: oh my god, she thought, it’s Nick! She looked down quickly and prayed he wouldn’t recognize her.
     “Kim!” He called. She cringed, realizing he was coming over. “Hey Kim!”
     He stopped in front of her. Kim groaned inwardly—he was so hot, just being around him was making her sweat. She redoubled her efforts to keep her diapers clean. “How’s it going?” he asked. She looked up at him pleadingly—he frowned, noticing her pacifier. “Um…”
     Kim’s mother extended her hand. “Hi, I’m Kim’s mom.” Nick shook her hand, still staring at Kim. She blushed and squirmed as he ran his gaze over her—her and her embarrassing baby outfit.
     “Pleased to meet you,” he said absently.
     “You must be Nick.”
     “What? Oh—right…” he said absently, finally noticing Kim’s diaper.
     “Kim’s told me so much about you—it’s too bad she can’t see you tonight.”
     “Kim?” he asked slowly, “what are you wearing?”
      “I--um,” she stammered. “That—it—I--”
     “I’m afraid Kimmy’s in punishment at the moment,” her mother explained with a sad smile.
     Kim thought she’d implode with embarrassment. Her stomach burbled ominously—she clenched her cheeks so tightly they shook. “Uh, punishment?” Nick asked.
     “Yes, she came home quite late last night without calling and gave me quite the scare!”
     “Mommy, please,” Kim begged tearfully.
     But her mother surged ahead undaunted. “Then, I found a big nasty skid mark in her pretty panties!”
     Kim groaned. Nick looked at her wide eyed.
     “So I wiped her little backside, then I spanked her and sent her to bed with a diapered bottom,” she smiled, ruffling Kim’s hair. “And now she’s in diapers for the rest of the weekend! Right honey?”
     Kim pouted glumly, tears rolling down her cheeks. Nicked looked at her, confused and horrified by her mother’s tale. “Kim…?” he said uncertainly.
     She looked at him, desperate to say something, anything that would make him forget. “I--”
     Her stomach gurgled. A cramp doubled her over—she clenched tightly, but it was no use. Her buttocks parted and she pushed out a thick, mushy gush into her diaper with a noisy, gassy fart. Her humiliation was overwhelming, even more overwhelming than the relief she felt.
     Nick gasped and took a step back, driven by Kim dumping another splattering, farty mess into the seat of her diaper.
     “Uh oh,” her mother smirked, patting the seat of Kim’s diaper, “sounds like Kimmy’s making her mommy a big present!”
    Kim looked up into Nick’s face, seeing only horror and revulsion. She was desperate to explain—to find something to say that would make him like her again.
     But instead her tummy gurgled, followed by another uncontrollable surge of poop and gas emerging with a rude noise, the seat of her diapers bulging visibly behind her.
     She finished. Feet wide apart, she struggled to find her balance. She didn’t want to, but morbid curiosity forced her to peek over her shoulder. The seat of her diapers bulged and sagged behind her, its lumpy seat obvious to even a casual glance.
     She looked to Nick for sympathy, but he looked disgusted. Kim felt her mother’s arm on her elbow.
     “Come along, darling,” said her mother, leading her over to a nearby bench. “Let’s get you changed.”
     In a daze, Kim didn’t resist being pulled along, nor when her mother eased her onto the bench, her mushy diaper squishing beneath her. She passively lay back when her gently pushed her, and only whimpered pathetically as her dress was flipped up, revealing her diaper to the world. They’d attracted a small crowd now, including Nick, whose expression suggested someone unable to look away from a gory train-wreck.
     She shot her mother a pleading look, but she didn’t notice, undoing the pins and folding down the front panel. A collective “EEWW!” rippled through the crowd when the full extent of Kim’s mess was revealed. It looked like a bucket of thick, brown clay had been poured down the back, smearing her buttocks and lower back and almost the entire seat of the diaper.
     “Whew-wee!” Her mother exclaimed, fanning her face. “You messed this diaper right up, didn’t you, Honey?” she said sweetly, going to work on Kim’s messy hiney. Kim hid her face and cried, sure that this most public of humiliations would literally kill her.
    She felt the cool wet-wipe go between her cheeks, cleaning out her gooey butt-crack. She looked up at Nick, bursting into sobs once more when she saw how pale he looked, like he would faint.
     Finally, she was clean. Her mother dusted her tushy with powder and sealed her into a new diaper. Rising steadily to her feet, Kim hung her head and sobbed as the crowd burst into applause. She looked for Nick, but he was nowhere in sight. Her mother took her hand once more.
     “Okay, princess, home time.”  Taking her hand, she led Kim toward home. “I think you need a bath and a nap before Mia comes over to babysit tonight…”

(Author Commentary:
Ok, as I say, this one kind of got away from me. When I sat down to start writing, I only knew that Kim and her mom were going on a public outing. There was no Mrs. Potter, Gwen, or Nelson Twins I my original outline, and in fact I’d planned a trip to the mall or the bank or something. But then I thought—‘I always wonder where the baby clothes and furniture come from in these stories… maybe it’s time to find out.’ So I wrote Mrs. Potter in, then decided that she must have a daughter of her own, then figured that she should have some other clients too. Before I knew it, I had a whole secret society of Dommy Mommies and their diapered daughters on my hands. Gwen and the twins won’t be back in this story, but a spin-off is inevitable… perhaps a whole series of them.
     Anyway, that’s the story behind the story, if anyone cared. I hope everyone liked it, but even if you didn’t, I still hope you’re eagerly awaiting Saturday Night.)