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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More Stuff for the Media Project

First up, we have the final, definitive info on the Shirley Maclane picture. Hal writes:

Regarding Shirley Maclane--I should have added this link as well in my last post:

(scroll down mid page to see images/content)

The article features Shirley in various cheesecake & comic poses doing a take on the 12 months of the year with themes and poems accompanying the images. I believe the diaper pose was for January (Baby New Year and all that). There was no other diaper picture in the article.

Incidentally, I believe I can take credit for first introducing this image to the AB community. I first came across the image on an Air Force base in the late 80's overseas-- The images were actually in a book about Esquire-- some sort of retrospective or "best of" compilation. Diaper images were VERY hard to come by in those days, so you can imagine that I'd felt that I'd struck gold. I later posted the image to the alt.sex.diaper group on the old use net back around 1997 or so.

Hal, on behalf of our readers, I'd like to say thanks very much.
Next we have some great contributions from Dick. First up, some very nice Baby New Years magazine covers, featuring supermodel Claudia Schiffer, Amy Miller and Michelle Drake (with Steve Martin), Playboy Playmate and former Mrs. Ohio Stacy Arthur, and finally, sex-symbol Jenny McCarthy (Dick says he thinks Ms. McCarthy's face has been pasted onto another body in this shot):

Thanks for the find, Dick; I especially love the Claudia Schiffer and Jenny McCarthy ones.

But wait, there's more: Dick also sent links to two youtube vids featuring mixed diaper wearing:

1. " "En paƱales ante las drogas", is a Spanish public service announcement that aired in 2002.  The diapers are metaphorical - the idea is that teenagers are like helpless babies in the face of drugs."

2 "This one was produced by a Swiss organization trying to raise awareness about incontinence."

A huge thanks once again to everyone who contributes and reads the blog. 

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