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Monday, February 27, 2012

Media Project Update

Alloy Ash--Via The Spank Statement

Hey everyone,

     First up from Dave: from the video One Minute Man by Missy Elliott (ft. Ludacris) "has girls in cribs, bottles of milk, and suggested bed wetting. This starts with the longest segment (2:28 - 2:45) and then shows up sporadically through the rest of the video." This is a great scene-- the girls are really cute and I love their little panties. Here's an edit of all relevant material:

     Next up, we've got this tidbit form our old friend Dick:

This time I'm sending an episode of a show called "Anything for Money." The premise was that an actor would stop random people on the street and offer them money to perform crazy stunts. In-studio contestants would then try to guess if the person took the money.

In this scene, a woman is asked to appear in a (fake) ad for a health club whose motto is "We baby you." Naturally she will have to wear baby clothes...

     Elana sent us this interesting tidbit from the guardian-- fodder for all you Sic-Fi ABDL fans:

Smart baby pyjamas
The news that your baby's nappy needs changing eventually reaches your nose, but that information could now arrive more quickly by text or email. Exmobaby (exmobaby.exmovere.com) will demonstrate a wearable baby monitor that can detect an infant's vital signs and relay them to phones, PCs and tablets. The sensors are hidden under layers of fabric, which the manufacturer says makes them virtually undetectable to human touch.
The washable pyjamas pick up humidity, movement, skin temperature and heart rate. They connect to the internet using low-power digital radio… and are, of course, rechargeable.

     Next up on the Buried Treasure front, we have this item from Bill:

"About ten years or so ago, there was a game show called Street Smarts where players made wagers based on whether or not the random man on the street could correctly answer trivia questions. In one (possibly Halloween) episode, the "man on the street" was a pretty young woman in a diaper and t-shirt."

     Bill says there was definitely a clip of this online at one point-- anyone seen it, anyone got it?

     Last on the agenda: personal business, apologies, excuses, whining etc...

     Finally making my way through my e-mail backlog-- if you haven't heard from me yet or if I haven't gotten you something I promised, thank your for your patience, I'll get it to you ASAP.

     On the story front: I'm a bit burned out and not sure what I want to do next, so I'm taking the lazy way out and putting it in your hands again-- let me know what you think.


  1. something tells me that diaper she's wearing isnt very absorbant

    1. http://www.sendspace.com/file/jv33bs

      Above is the link to the "Street Smarts" clip. Would it have killed them to get the girl to turn around and do a pose or two? I just HATE to see a wasted opportunity! :)


  2. I have the clip if anybody wants it,I just don't know how 2 upload onto this blog,maybe I'll e-mail it to Parker and he can upload it.