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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Media Project Odds 'N' Ends and More

Hi Everyone,

First some old business: thanks very much to the anonymous poster who provided this color version of the Shirley Maclaine picture below, along with the following explanation:

"It was from Esquire Magazine, 1961. There is a poem that goes with this particular shot:

If you think I'm cute
In my birthday suit...
Please don't kid my indiscretion;
I feel my best,
When I manifest
My compulsive tendencies towards
Psycho-sexual infantile regression..."

(I love this picture, by the way. Any one know if there are any more?)

Next up: Thanks to Michael for pointing me to this scene from the movie the Indian Runner: The lovely Patricia Arquette standing on her head in a diaper:

Next up: A little treasure hunt.
Chad writes that the movie Pledge This! (starring, of all people, Paris Hilton) features "..your typical sorority 'initiation' stuff, it's just a like few second scene of two the girls and the older woman pledging walking through down a pathway in front of the school or such, and then the older(not good looking) one shakes her tush and makes a comment about being changed."
 I haven't been able to track this scene down yet, any else have it?

Lastly, George sent us this clip from the show Sexcetra, which he describes thusly:

While this video is mainly about a guy named "Baby Tim"  There is one point  where the host "Sam Philips" changes into some baby clothes, but no diaper.  She wears it for the rest of the show, then at the end, there is an interview with her and she says "you know, sometimes, I wouldn't mind sitting at home, wearing a diaper, naked, and sucking on some chick's tit."

OK, brutal honesty time here people: I think "Baby Tim" is, frankly, grotesque; I can't bring myself to post the clip on the blog or edit it down to just the host (who is very cute, especially in baby clothes, and I do love her closing thoughts), but feel free to check it out for yourselves.

Last on the agenda:

Once again, I'm wrapped up in two stories and I'm not sure where to focus on. This time I've decided to throw it open to you guys and see what you think.

Adult Entertainment
A somewhat dark tale of mental regression. A group of Adult Film Starlets are gathered in a large house in the country; each one had been paid a substantial amount of money to appear in a mysterious new project. When they're told they'll be making a regression video, they agree without realizing this particular production goes way beyond role-playing. This story features multiple mental regressions, will likely be fairly sexual, and will probably be 3-4 parts. I've already got a good bite on part one. Ordinarily, I wouldn't consider stopping. But then I had another idea that I think I like even more...

Family Ties
Sara's  summer isn't off to a good start. Not only is she going to have to repeat the twelfth grade, her beautiful Mother, Jenny, has just gotten re-married... to Sara's ex-boyfriend! Frank's a great catch (high school quarter back with a rich family, a good job, and a spot at one of the most prestigious business schools in America), but he runs a tight ship and expects Sara's mom to run the house (especially since she quit her waitress job). Now he's taken to punishing her like a little girl, with spankings and early bedtimes for bad behavior and a weekly "spank night" to clear up any misdeeds that may have gone unnoticed... and Jenny actually seems to be enjoying herself! Worse, with Sara's grades still not up to snuff, she may soon face the embarrassing prospect of being punished by her ex-boyfriend-turned-step-father right along side her own mother! Will the girls shape up, or will Frank have to go even further to rein in their bratty behavior?

This one is less developed than the other and I'm just beginning/still planning it out (at first I figured it would be 3-4 parts, but now I think it'll be about half that, maybe less). But I think it's got strong possibilities...

So I'm turning to you guys to help me decide. I'd love to hear what you think about the ideas, but I'll settle for a vote in the poll.

(Note: the poll is non-binding and just an exercise in seeing which way the wind blows. Just because one story "wins' doesn't mean it's the one I'll go foreword with).


  1. I enjoy your stories, but the second idea sounds a lot like my step mother my enemy

    1. I've never heard of My Stepmother My Enemy-- have you got a link?

    2. http://www.oocities.org/tb_tali/stories/msmme.htm

    3. Regarding Shirley Maclane--I should have added this link as well in my last post:


      (scroll down mid page to see images/content)

      The article features Shirley in various cheesecake & comic poses doing a take on the 12 months of the year with themes and poems accompanying the images. I believe the diaper pose was for January (Baby New Year and all that). There was no other diaper picture in the article.

      Incidentally, I believe I can take credit for first introducing this image to the AB community. I first came across the image on an Air Force base in the late 80's overseas-- The images were actually in a book about Esquire-- some sort of retrospective or "best of" compilation. Diaper images were VERY hard to come by in those days, so you can imagine that I'd felt that I'd struck gold. I later posted the image to the alt.sex.diaper group on the old use net back around 1997 or so.

      Ironically, that AF library is also how I discovered "The New Interns" diaper scene. There was a stack of old soundtrack albums and "The New Interns" was in there with them. There was a picture of the girl in the diaper on the cover. It took me several years until I was back in the states to finally track down the actual movie, capturing the scene on VCR when it aired on some late night old movie station.

      That's how we had to things in the Dinosaur days pre internet!

      Anyway, enjoy.


  2. Even though I'm the author of "My Stepmother, My Enemy", I'd love to see your "Family Ties" story. Has it been posted anywhere?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      First of all, I loved "My Stepmother..." very cool story (though the ending was a tad dark for my tastes.) I also want to assure you that, despite any surface similarities, "Family Ties" will be a completely different type of story from yours: It's much lighter, more of a domestic discipline story, and will also involve both the girl and her mother being punished and diapered. It hasn't been written yet, but I think it's probably first on the list once I've got everything else sorted out. When It's done, it'll be up here first, so watch for it!