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Friday, February 24, 2012

Adult Entertainment Part 2

Part 1
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     (Jenna sipped her wine and watched the screen, enraptured as Mercedes, Amber, and the man changed the squirming Tiffany’s diaper. The woman who greeted her at the door came out holding a camcorder and got down on her knees to film the event even closer. How much had this cost to produce? On top of the larger than usual fees for the models, there must’ve been at least three hidden cameras (she was sure she could identify one over the TV, one in the ceiling, and one on the back wall)… definitely a world class set up. On the screen, they had finished up the diaper change. Tiffany was sitting on the blanket, playing absently with one of the plush toys. It was getting a little boring, to be honest.
     Amber suddenly crinkled her nose. “What’s that smell?” She came over and sniffed around the oblivious Tiffany. She gagged and retreated, fanning her face theatrically. “Awww!” she cried, “Did you poop your pants?!”)

     The first thing Tiffany noticed after her apocalyptic orgasm was the fullness of her bladder: that heavy, uncomfortable pressure in her pelvis. Mercedes was grinning down at her, reveling in her power, her total domination of the helpless adult baby below her. It was almost like playing with a great big doll.  When she’d arrived earlier that evening, she’d dismissed the idea that diapers could be sexy. Now, she found herself scheming to steal Tiffany, to take her back to her place and keep her a helpless little baby indefinitely.
     She heard the hiss and looked down. Tiffany’s diapers began to darken and bulk up. Mercedes let out a laugh. “She peed herself!”
     Amber looked over from the man’s lap. “Really?!”
     “I guess we better give her a change,” said the man. He displaced Amber from his lap with a couple of firm pats to her rump; she rose reluctantly and stood by pouting as he rose, picked up the diaper bag and walked over to the blanket. “Eve?” he said in a clear, loud voice.
     Somewhere in the house a door opened and shut; the woman, the one who’d met them at the door, entered armed with a camcorder. She came and stood by silently in the background, recording everything diligently. Amber and the man came and stood by Tiffany. The buxom adult infant regarded them with wonder and nervous apprehension. Tiffany was acutely aware of her helplessness-- she murmured and squirmed in her soggy diaper.  The man knelt down next to Mercedes, who was already undoing the pamper. She folded down the front panel; inside, the padding was soggy and yellow and swollen. “Oh, it was a big one, wasn’t it,” Mercedes grinned, reaching down to tickle Tiffany’s belly button. Nude from the waist down, Tiffany squealed and wriggled on her soaked diaper. She was aware enough to feel just the slightest twinge of embarrassment, but there was a delicious, playful sexuality in the situation… not to mention how nice it would feel to be free of this soggy diaper. She wriggled her rump and emitted a low, whining moan.
    “Oh, is someone cranky?”  Mercedes asked sweetly.
     “UUHH!” she agreed forcefully, making all the grown-ups laugh. She squeaked and wriggled as Mercedes cleaned off her diaper with a wipe, then unceremoniously lifter her legs and wiped her bare ass. Tiffany sighed, the cool wipe feeling heavenly on her uncomfortable little tushy. The man handed Mercedes a fresh diaper, then took the powder and sprinkled it across her upturned derriere.  Mercedes gleefully patted it in, taking time to squeeze and caress Tiffany’s butt-cheeks, making the girl shiver. The fresh diaper was slid beneath her bottom, and her front was powdered. Mercedes pulled the diaper up tight between her legs with smug delight. The little noise Tiffany made when they sealed the diaper shut made her a little dizzy. In fact, she was surprised to say the entire experience had left her feeling a little faint.
     (Jenna knew the feeling—she’d always had a kinky side of course, a part of her that adored being spanked, having her hair pulled, and of course being watched, but this was something new entirely. On screen, they pulled Tiffany into a sitting position. She began playing absently with her toys once more…)
     “It is rather sexy, isn’t it?” Amber purred and embraced the man. She kissed him aggressively. On the floor in front of them, Tiffany played with her little toys and bounced up and down on her diapered bottom, what remained of her adult personality now reduced to a tiny feeling, somewhere deep inside her, that this wasn’t right.
     Mercedes watched Tiffany closely, occasionally reaching out to touch her gently. She was still buzzing with power—in fact, she was beginning to feel almost drunk. Amber and the man went back to making out on the couch. Mercedes watched Tiffany play, stroking her hair softly and staring at her with quiet lust. The Woman, Eve, stood back silently, recording everything.
     “So, tell me about this regression formula of yours,” Amber asked the man. “Does it always reduce its victims to drooling idiots so quickly?”
     “Oh no,” he said. “It’s much more—unpredictable than that…”
     On the floor, Mercedes found her dizziness increasing. Suddenly the room felt very hot; she reached up, pressed the back of her hand to her forehead, finding it warm to the touch. Her clothes were beginning to feel constricting.
     “Some go very quickly,” the man explained. “For others it takes a little longer. Some start by losing their speech centers, like pretty little Tiffany…”
     Tiffany turned at the sound of her name. With a gurgling laugh, she smiled vacantly at them and bounced her diapered bottom on the floor excitedly. Next to her, Mercedes was beginning to feel a little sick. She was warm, the room was spinning around her, and a vague nausea had settled in the pit of her stomach.
     “…Others start with loss of motor control,” he explained. “Others lose control of their bodily functions.”
     Amber burst out laughing. “They piss and shit their pants?”
     Mercedes felt an ominous rumble in her stomach. She listened to the conversation in the background apprehensively, rubbing her tummy softly. She suddenly felt weak, her muscles rubbery. She felt both sick and giddy. She was beginning to worry something was very wrong.
     Amber coiled herself around the man and smiled. The whole perverted “traditional family values” of the entire situation-- a gorgeous man with two beautiful wives and a helpless, sexy adult baby—was wonderfully naughty. She kissed him, rubbing herself up against him… wanting him so bad it was almost painful.
     Mercedes felt a trickle down her chin, She reached up and touched it gently, cold fear gripping her heart as she realized she was drooling. She her fight or flight response kicked in: she wanted to stand and run, but her muscles were slack like melted butter. She could only sit quivering like an enormous pile of jell-o. There was a strong, sharp cramp in her stomach. She felt a sudden stirring in her, followed by an urgent need to move her bowels. She clenched and squeezed her buttocks closed, trying to ride it out, but the pressure just kept increasing.
     Her jaw dropped, and she emitted a small noise as she involuntary released a series of small, moist lumps into the seat of her panties. She blushed and began fighting back tears.
     The stench emerged immediately. Tiffany Looked over at her, crinkled her nose and giggled knowingly. Mercedes blushed fiery red, feeling the mush in the seat of her panties, the greasy paste between her butt-cheeks, all hot and gooey.
     She wanted to stand up and run, but she couldn’t make her body obey her commands. She sat shivering in the middle of the living room floor with a big load of poop in her pants. The stench enveloped her, spreading throughout the room. Over on the couch, Amber wrinkled her nose. She sniffed the air, gagged. “What’s that smell?!”
     She slid off the man’s lap, sniffed her way over to the blanket. Mercedes held herself as still as possible, trying to come up with a plan. She was desperate to avoid detection, but she doubted she could even crawl away at this point. Her heart froze as Amber came closer, passing Mercedes on her way over to Tiffany. She felt a flash of relief, but she knew it would be easy enough to figure out it wasn’t Tiffany who was stinking up the place. Her stomach rolled: she realized, with a sick feeling, that she still had to go.
     “Did you poop your pants little girl?” Amber scolded Tiffany, who for her part could only suck her pacifier and shake her head. “No? Are you lying to mommy?” Amber asked. She reached out, took the back of Tiffany’s diapers, and pulled them out at the waistband so she could peek inside. “Hmm,” she mused, “you’re not the culprit after all… but who…”
Hyper-aware of the warm load in her pants, Mercedes held herself perfectly still, even as Amber cast a suspicious eye in her direction. She gave a tentative sniff in and recoiled, gagging. “OH MY GOD! IS THAT YOU?!”
     Mercedes cringed. She glanced over her shoulder: the man sat on the couch, watching the spectacle with a detached expression; behind him, the woman recorded everything, as still and silent as a shadow. Amber slid over toward her and sniffed. “Oh man, it is!”
     “Looks like we know who got the second dose,” the man said quietly from the couch.
     Mercedes gasped for air, feeling faint. She couldn’t’ believe how much her fortunes had changed in the past couple of minutes. She glanced at Tiffany, who giggled at her: even in her diminished state, she still grasped the humor of “mommy” messing her pants like a baby. Mercedes looked away, unable to bare the humiliation of having the girl she had so thoroughly dominated mere minutes before having a front-row seat to her disgrace. “Did you poop in your pants?” Amber asked seriously.
    She gave Amber a guilty look. The thought about denying it for a second—trying to convince her it was Tiffany. She was still trying to think of a way to convince her when her stomach lurched again. She gasped, a muddy, bubbling squelch emerging from the seat of her panties. She could only blush and stare at Amber’s shocked expression as she added further installment to the load in her panties. She bent, gave and involuntary grunt, and added to the mess in her underwear with a sizable fart.
     Incredulous, Amber pushed Mercedes up on all fours, raising her skirt up over her waist. She gasped when her silken, zebra print panties came into view, their seat bulging and lumpy, the back panel clearly discolored. “How could you?!” Amber scolded, giving Mercedes a smack on the back of her thigh, making her jump and yelp. Amber tried to suppress a grin, fully understanding now, fully shifting into her role. “I’m gonna clean up this dirty bum of yours, young lady, and if you don’t behave ‘mI gonna spank your little bottom when I’m done!”
     Amber pulled her to her feet. Her heart jack-hammering, Mercedes forced herself to stand still and hold her skirt up over her waist. Amber tisked and inspected her bulging, messy panties. “Disgraceful,” she muttered, tugging down the soiled underpants to reveal her bottom and the mucky, brown smear across it. Amber ditched the dirty panties into the nearby trash, leaving Mercedes standing by with her messy backside on full display. Amber approached baby-wipes in hand. Mercedes heard the lid open, then gasped as moments later she felt the cold cloth between the cheeks of her bottom. “Stay still, little girl!” Amber ordered, discarding the used wipe and pulling out another. Mercedes bit her lip and forced herself to stand still as she felt the wipe against her bare skin. Her ample rump had been well and truly smeared with a gooey brown mess, but Amber soon had her clean and fresh.
     Mercedes stood by in a daze; she knew she’d been slipped the regression drug, knew she should be terrified… should, in fact, be running away in terror. But she felt so weak and disoriented, her mind so clouded, even the humiliation she felt at having messed herself felt far away, like it was something that happened to another person. Amber tugged off her clothes, leaving her standing there nude and bewildered. She turned, saw the man watching. There was no amusement or arousal or pity or anything else in his eyes. If he felt anything about the strange tableaux before him, there were no clues about it in his eyes.
     She turned toward the voice. On the blanket, Amber had spread out a big, thick diaper on the floor. With a seductive smirk, she beckoned Mercedes toward her. “C’mere, honey. Come to Mama,” she husked, smiling and reaching out to touch her bare leg when she came near.
     Something started welling up in Mercedes. Moments ago, she’d been in complete control, dominating and diapering a fully grown young woman and loving every minute of it. Now, the tables had been turned completely, and she stood, disgraced, humiliated, and about to be diapered herself. She was crying before she even realized it, tears streaming down her face, smearing her makeup. She knew it was ridiculous, but she couldn’t stop herself from launching into a tantrum. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she stamped her foot and started screaming, overwhelmed by the unfairness of it all. “No!” She yelled, “No fair! I s’posed to be the mommy!” she cried before bursting into tears.
     But Amber, having fully shifted into her role as mother of this bizarre little family unit, was resolved. “Now, Mercedes,” she scolded, pulling the girl close, “you remember what I said would happen if you didn’t cooperate?” She took the girl’s wrist firmly, reached behind her and landed a flurry of hard spanks on her luscious bubble-butt. Mercedes squealed and pranced in place in response, realizing how silly she must look, even as she was totally unable to get herself under control. From the floor, Tiffany watched the proceedings and giggled as Mercedes was spank-walked over to the open diaper. “Get that chubby tushy on that diaper, young lady, or you’re going to be eating off the mantle for the rest of the week,” she smirked, delighted with her spot-on delivery of one of her own mother’s well-used spanking threats.
     Mercedes stamped and pouted. She wanted to resist, but her sore derrière and the steely look in Amber’s eyes convinced her it wouldn’t be a good idea. Sticking a thumb in her mouth, she lowered her stinging rump onto the thirsty pad, gasping as her plump buns landed on the cushy surface. She sniffled and sucked her thumb for comfort. Amber grinned, crawling toward her like a hungry panther. Mercedes quietly cried and sucked her thumb as Amber eased her onto her back. Sprinkling powder onto her privates, Amber maintained eye-contact as she patted it in. Mercedes shifted in response, arousal beginning to creep in on her anger and embarrassment. “Legs up,” Amber cooed brightly, taking Mercedes ankles and lifting them over her head, grinning as her full, rounded backside came into view. “Look at that cute little bottom,” she laughed, delivering a series of firm pats to each cheek, making Mercedes blush before she powdered her tushy.
     And that was it—moments later, Mercedes groaned as the front panel was pulled up tight against her crotch and taped snugly around her waist. Dazed, she was pulled into a sitting position, her tushy still tingling beneath her in her hot diapers. Her dress was pulled up over her arms, leaving her nude, except for her big diaper. Her heart drumming in her ears, she sat passively as Amber threaded her arms through the pretty little dress she’d picked out for her. A bonnet was tied under her chin, a pacifier was popped into her mouth…
     And when it was all over, there she was— reduced from luscious sex-goddess to blubbering adult infant in a matter of moments. Amber grinned and laughed and gushed over her, thoroughly delighting in Mercedes’ embarrassing diaper demotion.
     Mercedes sucked her soother and cried quietly; she was fully aware, knew that she was an adult trapped in an unresponsive body, remembered every detail of her identity (though she noticed with a cold stab of fear, that even that was beginning to fade). She couldn’t believe how fast it had fallen apart; how quickly she went from sexy, dommie mommy to a drooling, over-grown baby.
     She looked at Tiffany, feeling another surge of embarrassment when she realized how her regression mirrored her own. The girl smiled at her, sensing that she was shy. She crawled over, big diaper waggling back and forth behind her, and settled in beside her former tormentor. Tossing her arms around her, she squeezed Mercedes tightly and kissing her cheek. Mercedes blushed, realizing that the childish gesture had actually made her feel better. She looked at Tiffany and smiled shyly. Earlier she had thoroughly dominated her, stripping away her adulthood, infantilizing her, and forcing her to orgasm.
     Now all she wanted was kindness and understanding from her—pity for her weakened condition.
     Smiling angelically, Tiffany leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on her new sister’s lips…


  1. Fantastic! Loved Mercedes's slow recognition of what was happening to her, and then her quick trip to diapers. Keep up the good work!

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