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Monday, February 13, 2012

Adult Entertainment Part 1

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Adult Entertainment





(This story is not intended to be snotty criticism of regression themed videos or the actresses who appear in them. It is not an accurate representation of the adult film industry. It is no way based in reality or real people and is not intended to represent in any way the people who make, star in, or distribute regression videos, which I happen to enjoy. In fact, here are some of my favorite producers:

So, with all that said, please enjoy the story.)

     “Shit! Fucking figures!” Jenna banged the wheel angrily. Finally, after an hour and a half, she’d made it. Shifting into park, she pulled her phone from her bag. She dialed her agent and slid out the door, slamming it behind her. “Jared, you fucker! You better call me as soon as you get this! Those directions you gave me were retarded!” She walked up the front toward the door. The mansion loomed before her. She had to admit, the place was pretty impressive, though the location left a little to be desired. “I was driving around out here for over an hour! Now I’m late! If they cut me… I mean, if I don’t get paid tonight… we’re through in the morning you little shit!”
     She went up the steps with a heavy sigh. “It’s 10:30 now. Call me back as soon as you get this, Jared, seriously. I gotta go.” hanging up, she slipped her phone into her bag, and reached out to ring the bell.
     In fairness to Jared, the place was way out in the boonies. It was a nice place, sure (actually, she thought to herself, it’s fucking gorgeous), but who wanted to live way out in the sticks like this? Not for me, she thought, reaching out to push the bell again after some time had passed. Jenna was the kind of girl who loved to be connected… to feel plugged in. She supposed it was why she’d chosen the business in the first place. It was fun work, and she enjoyed it… but the really high paying jobs had eluded her…
     Until tonight.
     It was supposed to be her big break—the first really well paying job that would be her ticket to the big time. That was the idea, anyway, she though bitterly, stabbing the button with her finger one last time. Seconds ticked away. A minute. She sighed heavily. Now I have to find a new agent, she thought, turning back toward her car.
     Behind her, the door slid open. “Excuse me?”
     She turned. A beautiful woman, elegant, refined, well-dressed… definitely not in the business, Jenna concluded. “Are you Jenna?” Her voice was soft and warm.
     “Yeah,” Jenna answered, “am I too late?”
     “Not at all,” the woman smiled, opening the door. “Come on in.”
     Jenna followed her inside.
     Beautifully decorated and exquisitely furnished, Jenna stared in awe as she was lead through into the living room. She watched the woman pour a glass of wine. But instead of drinking, she handed it to Jenna. “Here you go. Just wait here for a moment; we’ll be right with you.”
     “Oh. OK.”
     The woman bustled down the hall and into a room near the end shutting the door behind her. Jenna sipped her wine—low voices could be heard down the hall.
     Sipping her drink, she studied her surroundings. Bad location or not, I could get used to a place like this, she thought. Besides, I bet it’s got a great view. Maybe a girl like me could get used to country living. She smiled and drank. Let’s not get a head of ourselves, she reasoned. She still didn’t even know what kind of job this was.
     She heard a door shut. She looked up. A tall, handsome man in a suit was coming down the hall. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh please, she thought, let him be my co-star. I’m so sick of shaggy surf-bums.
     “You must be Amber.” She shivered involuntarily at his smooth rich voice. She nodded, shaking his hand when he offered it.  “You’re probably eager to get this show on the road.”
     “Ready when you are,” she forced herself to say, hoping she didn’t sound too much like a little girl with a crush.
     “Soon enough. Finish your drink,” he smiled, “we should get you caught up a bit. Why don’t you have a seat?”
     She settled in on the plush couch. He went over to the computer in the corner of the room and began working. “What about the others? My agent told me there would be two other girls?”
     “Three, actually,” he said without looking up. “They’re… already working; you’ll meet them soon enough.”
     “Oh,” she said, cursing Jared once again. She’d missed out on a scene… she could only hope they wouldn’t take it out of her pay.
     “Did your agent tell you about the job?”
     “Not really.”
     “I guess it’s what you’d call a role-play production,” he said.
     “Ah,” she said. A fetish thing. Figures—the money was way too good for anything normal. That’s ok, she thought. She’d been expecting it. “You mean like a Naughty Nurses kind of thing?”
     He smiled. “Not exactly. Here,” he turned on the TV with a remote. “Let me show you some of what we’ve shot so far.”
     He hit a few more buttons on the keyboard. The screen flashed to life. It was the living room: the exact living room that she was sitting in right now. Only where she was sitting, three beautiful, sexy, young women (whom she immediately identified as her co-stars) reclined and sipped glasses of wine not unlike the one she was currently drawing a big drink from now. To the left, the handsome man was seated in a comfortable looking chair, looking relaxed (and seriously cute, she thought). The woman from before was nowhere in sight.
     “You watch this,” the man said, rising from the computer, “I’m going to check on things in the other room.”
     Jenna watched.


          “…. So; before we begin, I guess I should ask if any of you girls are familiar with our company and what we do.”
     “My agent sent me to your website,” said the blonde at the end archly. Amber liked to research her jobs. She’d been in the business for a while (in fact, this was intended to be her last job), she’d seen and done a lot of strange things. But these weirdoes at New Age Productions took the cake. “I liked the one with the secretary and her boss the best. That executive looked really sexy in her diaper,” she smirked, taking another sip of wine.
     The brunette on the end sputtered. “Did you say diaper?!” she was new to the business, still wet behind the ears. She’d done fetish modeling before, she loved bondage and spanking, but diapers were a new one on her.  All of a sudden, Tiffany was nervous; this was the best paying job she’d ever had, but suddenly, she was beginning to have doubts.
     “So this is like regression stuff?” Mercedes asked from the middle of the couch. She’d had friends who’d done it and she’d had offers herself, but it was just too weird for her.  For this kind of money, though, she could get over her reservations.
     “So what’s the story here?” said Amber smugly. Truth was, most of these videos tended to be the same anyway: a sexy female lawyer/beauty queen/teacher is hypnotized/drugged/cursed and is soon crawling around in diapers, babbling in a lame approximation of baby talk. At least half the time the perpetrator winds up joining her in diaper-clad adult infancy.
     “And weren’t there supposed to be four of us?” Mercedes asked. Not that she really cared: She had her own website, she easily had more exposure than these other two skanks combined, and she wasn’t interested in sharing the spotlight any more than necessary.  In a way, finding out they’d be making a regression video was a relief: I think I’d rather change a diaper than fuck these two, she thought to herself.
     “Our fourth guest hasn’t arrived yet. Not to worry, though.” The man smiled. “We can start without her. As for the story, well…” he paused and looked them over, “Let’s just say this one’s a little different than the others.”
      “I suppose three girls at once is pretty ambitious for this outfit, right?” said Amber, cocking an eyebrow.
     (Jenna rolled her eyes. She knew Amber’s type: the aging, pseudo-sophisticate, just on the cusp of getting too old for it, compensating with fake world-weariness. She’d met more than a few like her.)
     “As I said, this scenario is a little different,” he said without missing a beat. He was a cool, cat, this one. “We’re looking to put a sort of ‘reality TV’ spin on this production. One of you has the regression drug slipped in your drink…”
     “Excuse me?” said Mercedes, a trifle nervously.
     “When she regresses, it’ll be about 48 hours before she’s back to normal. The other two girls will be her mommies for the remainder of the weekend.”
     “Well,” Amber sighed, “you did say there’d be some role-play involved.”
     “I think I get it,” said Tiffany uncertainly, “but who’s gonna plah th’ ba’ba?”
     Amber and Mercedes stared. Gasping, Tiffany reached up and touched her throat. “Sumpthin’ wong wit’ mh tongue…” she slurred. She felt a wetness on the right side of her chin. Something dripped onto her chest.
     “OH MY GOD!” Amber shrieked, “she’s drooling!”
     Tiffany reached up and touched her chin, discovering that Amber was right. Amber and Mercedes were staring at her as though she were an alien, as though she had some sort of disease. The man just watched and smiled inscrutably. She thought about how hot he was, blushing at making such a fool of herself in front of him. Wracking her brain, she tried to find the right combination of words to explain herself.
     “A-da abba babba ba!” she babbled brightly. She went pale, reaching up to touch her throat. Mercedes and Amber laughed.
     “Awww!” Mercedes gushed, “That’s so cute!”
     Tiffany shifted and squirmed in her seat, feeling extremely self-conscious. Without noticing, she popped a thumb into her mouth and began sucking. Amber and Mercedes’ harmonized “AAwwww” made her blush fiercely.
     (Jenna watched the screen in amazement. These girls were phenomenal actors—in a business where most people couldn’t even fake an orgasm realistically, here these girls were projecting shock, confusion, fear, and amusement like Meryl Streep in her prime. How were they filming all this? She began to look at the room around her, trying to identify the hidden cameras.)
     The man stood and walked around the table toward her. Tiffany blushed and locked her eyes on the floor in front of her. It was so embarrassing to be acting so silly in front of such a good looking guy. She sucked her thumb and whimpered, confused and a little frightened by the evening’s strange turn of events.
     He came and stood in front of her. Tiffany stared at his shoes, willing herself to become invisible. She felt him tuck a finger beneath her chin. Slowly he tilted her head back; her entire body tingled with embarrassment as he locked eyes with her. Tiffany desperately wanted to look away, but it was almost like her eyes were magnetized to his. He was just so fucking handsome! Her body tingled: she wanted to melt, she wanted to fall into a hole. Above all, she didn’t want to look silly in front of him. She ran her tongue over the squirming thumb between her lips.
     “Come on, sweetheart,” he said warmly. She rose without thinking about it, desperate to please him, desperate for him to like her. “Amber,” he said, never averting his gaze from Tiffany’s face, “would you mind going to my bag over there and laying the blanket down on the floor?” He smiled at her. Tiffany couldn’t help smiling back shyly. “We’ve got to get this little girl into a diaper before she makes a mess.”
     Tiffany’s legs wobbled at the mention of diapers. She knew, on some level, that it was coming, but she still tottered on her high heels, and she would have fallen if the man hadn’t reached out to steady her. “Careful!” he said with a chuckle, holding her upright. “Here, let’s get these silly shoes off,” he laughed, helping her step out of her heels. Barefoot she didn’t even come up to his chin. Blushing, she realized she really did feel like a little girl.
     As Amber laid out the blanket on the floor, the man turned to Mercedes, who’d been watching in stunned silence. “Mercedes, would you take the oil and powder from my bag and put it on the floor, please?”
     She rose slowly in from her spot and moved toward the diaper-bag like someone in a dream. The man took Tiffany’s hand, raised it to his lips and kissed the back before leading her toward the blanket. Tiffany wanted to run, to fight and scream and escape.
     Instead she trotted along behind him like a little puppy, held in place by his hypnotic gaze. He stood her in front of him and smiled. Reaching out, he brushed her hair back, the tips of his fingers brushing her face lightly. “Lay down, honey,” he commanded gently. Tiffany hesitated; fear bubbled inside her, beneath layers of confusion, humiliation, and pure, throbbing arousal. She wanted to run, tried to will her legs to work, to begin pumping and take her away from here. She had the very strong feeling that something essential was being stolen from her.
     But his voice held her in place and compelled her to obey. She lowered herself to the floor, then shifted onto her back on the blanket. She sucked her thumb and eyeballed the man and her co-stars as they walked around her, mighty giants from her perspective on the floor. She couldn’t recall ever feeling so helpless and vulnerable.
     The man knelt in front of her and smiled. Rolling her dress over her hips, he exposed her brief thong. “Those are some very naughty panties, aren’t they, sweetie?” he said in mock indignation. Tiffany could only nod bashfully. Reaching up, he took hold of her tiny panties and tugged them down her legs and off her dainty feet. Behind him, the two women smirked and giggled and whispered to each other, pointing to her smoothly shaved crotch. “I hope you’re watching, ladies,” he said pointedly, “because you’re going to be changing the next one.”
     They settled in on either side of her, Amber looking smug and condescending, Mercedes watching with interest; she had to admit, it was all sexier than she’d imagined it would be. She watched him oil Tiffany’s bottom, thrilling at the absolute power he had over the squirming girl. Maybe this’ll be more fun than I thought; she smiled, watching the handsome man dust Tiffany’s entire body with powder. She smirked… I think I’m going to enjoy changing diapers.
    Soon Tiffany had a diaper taped up around her middle. He pulled the girl into a sitting position on her well-padded backside. The diaper was big and bulky, an exact replica of the sort of pampers you see real babies in every day. It was a strange sensation, but before she had time to think about it, her dress was pulled up over her head, revealing her breasts to the entire room. “Would you ladies like to pick out her outfit?” He stood and opened a nearby closet, revealing a wardrobe of baby clothes for adult-sized women.
     Amber and Mercedes were over in a flash practically screaming with joy as they rifled through the closed, examining, mixing, and matching various items before selecting an outfit. Grinning wickedly, they descended on the helpless Tiffany, dressing her with cruel speed and efficiency.
     (Once they’d finished, Jenna almost laughed: Tiffany did look adorable in a dorky sort of way: She was wearing a pink and white party dress, covered in ultra feminine lace and bows. On her head she sported a big pink bonnet, and over her diaper, a pair of white tights with three rows of frills across the seat. She did look gloriously ridiculous.)
     Once she’d been dressed, Tiffany sat in the middle of the room in a daze. She felt strange—floaty and detached from her own body. Worse, her mind was fuzzy and getting softer by the second. She had to focus hard to keep a hold on her identity. She frowned and sucked her thumb, squirming in her diapers. She was trying to concentrate, the keep all her thoughts and memories in place, but the diapers were so warm and fluffy and they felt so nice against her bottom and naughty parts that it was hard to focus on anything else.
     “Aww! So cute!” Amber cooed mockingly tickling Tiffany under her chin. The girl giggled and squirmed, delighted with the attention. Mercedes held out a cute little plush bear, grinning widely when Tiffany snatched and clutched it to her bosom with an ecstatic gurgle, squeezing and nuzzling it with all her might.
      She knew, somewhere inside, that this wasn’t who she was. She could vaguely remember that she’d been a mature, grown-up, and capable woman when she’d arrived this evening. In fact, there was a very small part of her, deep inside, that was screaming at her to stop acting like such a fool and get out of here. She ignored it, turning over on her hands and knees and playing with the little stuffed bear, sticking her bulky diapered rump up in the air behind her unselfconsciously. She smiled and gurgled to herself, bouncing the bear on the floor.
     Amber watched laughing, delighted with the show. Mercedes kneeled next to Tiffany, watching her play with a strange smile. Reaching out, she touched the girl’s thickly diapered backside, sliding her palm against the cool, smooth plastic. She squeezed and patted, fondling the plump, rounded bottom beneath the layers of plastic and padding. Tiffany moaned and waggled her pampered butt in response. Mercedes slid her fingers down between Tiffany’s legs, pressing the plastic up against her clit and rubbing gently… Tiffany groaned and wiggled her rump appreciatively.
     “So, just how much of a baby is she really?” Mercedes asked, her voice husky and low.
     The man smiled. “Only her mind has been regressed. Her body maintains its adult responses… and appetites.”
     He wasn’t kidding. Mercedes grinned broadly, continuing to work her fingers slowly between Tiffany’s legs, delighting in her absolute power over the regressed little darling in front of her.
     She playfully pushed Tiffany onto her back on the blanket, making her squeal. Mercedes was on her in a moment, pinning her wrists to the floor and staring into Tiffany’s wide eyes with a predatory grin. Tiffany squirmed helplessly on her back, the diaper crinkling beneath her, its plastic seat slipping and sliding on the floor beneath her.
     Holding her wrists with one hand, Mercedes grinned wickedly and began scratching her nails lightly against the soft skin of Tiffany’s underarms.
     The girl exploded into laughter beneath her. She giggled helplessly, pleading with her big round eyes for Mercedes to stop. But she’d already started on the other armpit; Tiffany burst into laughter once more. She kicked and wriggled on her back, the hem of her dress flipped back far enough to reveal her belly button, and below it her huge, bulky diaper, all puffed up around the lower portion of her torso like a giant mushroom. Mercedes attacked her belly, making the girl scream with laughter. Mercedes smiled warmly to herself… She couldn’t believe how much fun it was to tease and torment the helpless adult baby.  She reached up to stroke her face gently. Beneath her flimsy dress, Tiffany’s breasts heaved as she fought to recover her breath. She eyed Mercedes warily, silently pleading with her for mercy. Mercedes bent down and kissed her roughly, reaching up to feel Tiffany’s breasts through her dress. The girl moaned and shifted in response, the diaper crinkling beneath her; clearly, she was enjoying this much more than the tickling.
     “Poor baby,” Mercedes whispered, rubbing the front of the girl’s diaper, making the plastic crackle in the still night air. Tiffany purred and squirmed and pouted up at her tormenter, helpless and fearful and horny as hell.
     (Jenna watched the screen intently, licking her lips. She could hardly believe it, but this was actually turning her on. The way Tiffany acted so helpless, along with Mercedes aggressive kisses and merciless teasing—dominating her completely… it was driving her wild.)
     Mercedes kissed Tiffany, exploring her mouth with her tongue. She trailed her hand down her belly and into the front of her diaper. Tiffany gasped and gurgled spreading her legs as far as they’d go in the diaper. Mercedes smiled cruelly and worked her fingers, quicker and quicker; she watched Tiffany shiver and coo and whimper, pushing her closer and closer to the edge, and then slowed to almost a full stop. Tiffany whined and thrust her pelvis against the warm fingers in her diapers.
     “Ohhh, who’s a greedy baby?” she chuckled sweetly, pressing her warm, moist mouth down onto Tiffany’s. Beneath her the girl moaned, enjoying the sensations, but at the same time fixated mindlessly on her own pleasure, humping the hand down the front of her big, crinkly pampers with reckless abandon.
    Amber took her eyes from the show to study her host. He sipped a drink slowly and eyed the two girls writhing on the floor. His expression was cool and collected, but Amber had been around men long enough to know when they were aroused. This one was more in control of himself than any other man she’d seen, but this little scene was still making him hot. Amber smiled and walked toward him slowly. She stood in front of him, grinning mischievously like a little girl. “This seat taken?” she asked, sliding into his lap. He immediately wrapped one arm around her waist, resting his large hand on her hip, and placed the other one on her thigh. She shivered when he pulled her in for a kiss.  They made out offhandedly, each keeping half an eye on the show on the floor. Amber felt his erection growing and felt her heart leap: my god, it’s huge!
     Mercedes grinned and worked her fingers; Tiffany writhed and gurgled and humped her hand wildly. She’d lost herself in pleasure-- all worries of her rapidly dissipating adult identity had melted away. “Come on, baby,” Mercedes whispered. “Come for me.” She leaned down and kissed her neck, then pressed her lips against Tiffany’s ear and whispered, her breath hot and moist against the girl’s skin: “Come for mama…”
     Tiffany exploded into orgasm; for one white hot moment, it was like she was pure pleasure and nothing else existed. She twisted and bucked on the floor, her skin alive and tingling with every sensation.
     Her eyes fluttered open. She stretched lazily, more content than she’d been in a long time. She yawned and scratched her belly. She knew, somewhere deep down that this wasn’t right, this wasn’t who she was supposed to be at all, but it was so hard to focus.
     She looked up at Mercedes, who grinned down at her with savage lust.
     Tiffany smiled back vacantly, spread her legs, and pissed her diaper with a loud hiss.

Part Two


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