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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disciplined by Her Mother-In-Law

     When is an AB video not an AB video?

     Though it doesn't feature diapers, Bobbie Tawse's Disciplined by Her Mother-In-Law (AKA Mother-In-Law Discipline) features one of the most thorough and embarrassing regressions of a full grown woman that I've even encountered on video. Through it's 45 minute run-time, it's protagonist Tammy (the luscious Sinn Sage)is put through a series of embarrassing and infantile punishments by her domineering mother-in-law (Clare Fonda, in rare form). Caught cheating on her husband, Tammy is spanked repeatedly, forced into little girl clothes, made to stand in the corner, has her mouth soaped and her temperature taken rectally. There is seemingly no punishment Tammy's in-law won't resort to in her quest to reduce her son's naughty wife to a contrite little girl.

     One of the best things about Bobbie Tawse's movies are the costumes (designed by the director herself. In fact, everyone who plays in real life should stop by her site and browse her selection; tons of cute dresses, baby doll nighties, and drop-seat jammies). Sinn finds herself dressed like an over-sized schoolgirl with her skirt pinned up at the back to reveal her spanked bottom (when she protests the idea of a trip to the park with her panties and red butt on display, she's given a good spanking). But I think my favorite is probably the little girl outfit she finds herself in later, seen in this screencap:

     Frankly the lack of diapers in this video is a little strange: Bobbie did feature diapers in three other clips (Spanked and Diapered, In This House, and Changing Attitudes, all deserving of their own future reviews). It certainly seems to be what the story is building toward (Tammy is spanked for having skid marks in her panties in the final scene). We all know how Clare Fonda feels about diapers. Bobbie's website even sold cloth diapers and covers for a while (though I don't see them there anymore). Perhaps Ms. Sage balked at the idea of performing in diapers... and I must say, it would have been sort of a shame to hide her magnificent derriere in pampers. Including diapers, however, would have made the video one of the most perfect adult baby videos ever.

     But diapers or not, Disciplined By her Mother-In-Law is still one of the best regression/domestic discipline videos I've ever seen. It's been two years since Dropseat Productions released a video. That's a damn shame: Their videos were unique, original, not afraid to delve into mutiple fetishes (spanking, domestic discipline, diapers, enema's etc.) while still delivering the goods in spades. I hope we see a resurgence in the near future.

The clip is available to stream here and here.



  1. This movie has always intrigued me as something special. I checked twice over the last few years whether he was willing to sell it via digital download, but it was a no-go unfortunately. Did you just stream it?

    (Heh, didn't realise that fixing typos via deleting would leave the previous comment there. :P)

    1. Yeah, I just streamed it. Obviously I'd prefer a download, but it was worth the stream I thought.

    2. You have to wonder why some of these sites still prefer to do things the hard way. Snail mail DVD ordering and buying minutes for streaming. How quaint. Some sites think they can control content that way but its really just an illusion. If I can see it or play it, I can capture it-- it just takes an extra step. Anyway, I wanted to say that Tomiko has a new LG video out (she now has several) check out:


    3. Yeah, it's too bad. I get their concern about piracy, but as you point out, it's so easy to just capture this stuff, you're better off selling a download at full price and having someone pirate it than you are charging seven bucks for a stream that someone's just going to rip-off and distribute anyway. Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the Tomiko video... looks like a good one.

    4. They need to understand that fighting piracy like that is not worth the revenue they lose from lost sales.

  2. Not only is this an AB video, it's much more of an AB video than 99% of diapering vids. Most diapering vids, and most fetishists, seem to become simply literal diaper fetishists - they fetishize the wearing of diapers, and diapers as an object, rather than anything diapers connote or are involved in.

    This is a true infantilization video - one of the best I've seen. It gets to the heart of AB stuff, which doesn't necessarily involve diapers, or anyway doesn't involve them as an essential ingredient.

    Besides that, as you point out, the performer's ass is so big and perfect that diapers would have been a waste of it. I've often found that in the diapering videos - the diapers ruin otherwise sexy clothing such as tight shortalls or tight onesies, and for what? The presence of diapers aren't essential to infantilization - toddlers and little girls wear those clothes as well.

    Anyway, if you're still looking for this, it's currently online free. It's posted as Old Spanking Clips 9 on xhamster.

    1. I get what you’re saying, and I agree with some of your points (particularly about people frequently going overboard with the diaper fetishism.) However, I think that ultimately there has to be a distinction between Adult Baby stuff and Age Regression/"Little girl" stuff. To me "Adult Baby" implies diapers and I think the term should be applied only to material involving diapers (if only for the benefit of those that like regression but aren't into diapers.) I would describe this clip as a Regression/LG clip that stops just short of going full Adult Baby (Adult Toddler?)

      (I'm also not sure I can agree with your statement about diapers "ruining" outfits-- I'm an absolute sucker for diaper bulges.)

      Would this clip have been better if Sinn had wound up diapered? I wouldn't have wanted her to spend the entire clip running around in a diaper (It's worth pointing out again that Sinn does have one of the nicest butts in the biz), but it would have been a nice ending... they regress her so far, it does seem like a shame to stop when they're so close to the end... I think diapers certainly would have made for a grand finale.

      Anyway, minor quibbles aside, I'm sure we (and everyone else) can agree that this is a superior spanking/regression clip and it's a damn shame Bobbie's no longer in the business.