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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Couple of Celebrity Diaper/Baby-Clothes Pictures...

     ...But first a boring word from your webmaster.

      Things in real life are getting hectic again, but I'm still going to aim for at least one post a week. I've got two new stories on the go, but I'm not feeling wonderful about either of them at the moment... maybe I should put what I've got up on the blog and see what you guys have to say...

     But enough of my moaning... Here are Pictures of Shirley Maclaine, Lucille Ball, and Carol Burnett in diapers and/or baby clothes. Thanks to Michael for sending these.


  1. You, most definitely should post the stories and let us our fans see them.

  2. Yes, I agree on the stories. Sometimes fan feedback can give you the motivation to continue.

    I saw the cover of Power Princess on ok's blog. Can't wait for the finished product!

    1. Actually, I don't think that's going to be necessary, guys. I should probably have the first one done by the end of the month/early next month, and I've got a pretty good bite on the other one now, so that should be following shortly. I have no idea if anyone else is going to like them, but I guess we'll see soon enough.
      Thanks for the concern, though.

  3. Where does that Shirley Maclaine pic originate from? It seems quite random. Maybe their is more.

    1. The attached article says is was a cheese-cake photo shoot. Might be from an old girlie mag.

    2. http://carolinestreet.tumblr.com/post/2597038718/shirley-maclaine-regresses-for-esquire-magazine

      It was from Esquire Magazine, 1961. There is a poem that goes with this particular shot:

      If you think I'm cute
      In my birthday suit...
      Please don't kid my indiscretion;
      I feel my best,
      When I manifest
      My compulsive tendencies towards
      Psycho-sexual infantile regression...