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Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Date: Casting Call

Hey everyone,

I usually like to have a good picture of my characters in my mind when I writing-- in fact I usually have a picture or two open at all times when I write. Here are my personal inspirations for the characters in the story.

Christina Hendricks As Candy

Candy's a sexy redheaded bombshell with curves to spare. Anyone who's seen Mad Men knows Christina Hendricks fits the bill to a T. I think she'd play Candy's fall from liberated sex-goddess to submissive adult baby perfectly.

Officer Guzman

 This one's not as concrete as Candy. Sierra isn't really based on one person  so much as an ideal: a tough, ambitious, arrogant authority figure brought low and forced into a situation where being tough isn't going to help. We're having ever so much fun thinking of ways to torment her, but it's all in good fun (though Officer Guzman might not agree).

Megan Fox as Violet

I know, I know-- "What is this, like the fifth time you've used her in one of these?" But I just can't help myself, folks... She's just so darn cute-- and such a potent muse for me. Just looking at this picture, I can can see Violet's entire story play out in front of me. We haven't been properly introduced to our unnamed narrator's step-sibling yet, but trust me-- I think you're all going to love what we've got cooked up for poor Violet on her rocket ride from most popular girl in school to a helpless baby in the charge of her hated step-brother.

And there you have it-- I hope you've enjoyed this peek into my madness Creative Process.

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