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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Julie Benz Diapered in Bad Girls From Valley High

The former Dexter star here plays a cruel High school girl who becomes incontinent due to a cure that causes her to age rapidly. She's forced to buy diapers at the supermarket from a guy she knows, sports pampers and a sexy nightgown, is heard "rustling" by a teacher at school and makes a tearful confession to her friends that she's been "wearing adult diapers for two weeks." Enjoy.



  1. Oh my lols Julie Benz! I only know her from Rambo and The Punisher Warzone and in both films she seemingly plays the same idiot!

  2. Thanks for the post, I went and bought the DVD mainly because I liked her in Dexter but she did look sexy wearing the diaper in her bedroom. As the film, Christopher Lloyd is so funny that it was worth watching just for his performance.

  3. Julia Benz in a diaper was sexy as fuck!!! I like the scene were she went pee pee at the Supermarket! The look on her face was priceless! It made me hard too!

  4. did anyone else notice the girl in the full body pajamas and glasses also "rustled" when she walked?