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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reader Mail

Princess Pottypants wrote a great response to my last entry that I wanted to discuss right here on the front page:

I voted for Stephanie from Poor Little Rich Girl. From a shallow standpoint, it would be awfully nice to be rich =P And being in one of your more gentle stories isn't a bad prospect, either... But there's just something about the humiliation of having all that power and then losing it that is rather appealing, at least theoretically. As is the thought of being put in a nice, thick diaper with a well deserved warm bottom. Ultimately, humiliating as it is for her, the whole thing is about helping her grow into a better person. Looking back, though, I think one of the main reasons I chose that story is that it was the first of yours I read, so it stuck with me.

While I didn't vote for either of your "messy girls", I do enjoy that sort of thing, as is probably obvious if you've read any of my stories on the Daily Diaper forums. I think what kept me from voting for either of them is that their humiliations were more public... In Poor Little Rich Girl, Stephanie's situation is known to only two people, with the threat of more finding out if she doesn't shape up. Amanda and Jessie both fill their pants in front of multiple people that they know fairly well. Which makes for a fun story, but I wouldn't want to deal with that in reality. Plus, they both have lost control over their minds and/or bodies in a way that, again, is interesting to experience through them, but that I wouldn't want for myself. Stephanie is somewhat incapacitated by her transformation, but she still has full control over herself, if not her future. She's lost her power, but she was misusing it anyway... She'll never be the same again, but seeing what kind of person she was, that's, ultimately, for the better.

Of course, if I were actually in her position, I probably wouldn't see it quite that way ^-^ Still, of all your stories, hers seemed like it could be the most fun to go through. Humiliating, but in a private way, and with her mind still fully able to process what is happening to it so she can grow from the experience. Plus, she's rich ^-^

That being said, in a long and pretentious way, I enjoy all of your stories, and hope to see more soon. 

Thanks for the great response, Princess.

First, it's interesting you mention money; I notice that the characters who were wealthy (Gaga, Stephanie) or at least have a good job (Jessie) scored highest. Even Nikki from Financial Planning (arguably the most humiliating story I've written to date) scored better than characters whose finances we know nothing about (Kitten, the Brat etc.). That's probably not too surprising, though: I think practically everyone enjoys the idea of being rich. Plus, I think there's a "comeuppance" factor in a lot these stories that just lends itself to using spoiled, rich characters.

Thank you for your candor and honesty in your answer. I can see your point about Stephanie's treatment being "for her own good"; I guess I never really thought about it that way, but I suppose her treatment is helping her a better person, or at the very least a better boss.

Your points about the messy girls are well taken. I suppose I should clarify that it isn't even that I'm surprised that there are women who enjoy messy diapers... it's the (rather public) humiliation factor in those stories that I had thought would keep anyone from voting for them. I guess I was wrong.

Anyway thanks for your response, it was very much appreciated.

Edited to add:
If you haven't already checked out Princess Pottypants'  blog, I suggest you head over there now. Lots of great stories and photo-captions.


  1. ~Blushes~ I didn't expect my reply to get this much attention. Thanks for plugging my blog ^_^ I'm happy you like my stories, since I enjoy yours so much.

  2. Don't mention it! Thank YOU for your great comments!

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