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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Poll: For Women Only Part 2

Again, if you are female, please take the time to vote (even if you came here by accident and every second you spend here is flesh crawling torture for you).

(And again, only 100% natural born women, please and thanks.)

The Question: If you could be any character in one of my stories, which one would you be? (Or, if you prefer, which character are you most like?)                                     

I would absolutely love to hear some comments from some of the ladies on this: What is it that appeals to you about the story and/or the character? Do you have any favorite scenes? And how do you think you would REALLY feel if you found yourself walking a mile in your favorite characters pampers-- I mean booties-- er, I mean shoes? Let us know.

Edit to add:

That should be "Dominant ROLE," obviously. Me rite english reel gud sumtimes!

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