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Monday, May 30, 2011

Buried Treasure 3: Starting Over

A reader mentioned this on our media thread:

"you know this reality therapy TV show for creepy thirthysomethings Starting Over? I dunno if it's still running but, there was a season in which one of the women was forced into a humiliating regression therapy. No diapers to my knowledge but she was forced to wear a shimmering pink babydoll dress AT ALL TIMES! On one occasion where she's on regular clothes one morning the therapist calmly flipped on her and forced her to change back and it was hot! I dunno if Youtube has that particular scene but now I'll be looking it up."

I started doing a little checking and I found a full summery of the episode, and frankly, diapers or not, it sounds almost too good to be true. In fact, it reads like a story from Daily Diapers:

As my "thirty minute show" kicks in, Rhonda is carrying in a basket of adult-sized baby clothes. These are for Lisa. I missed the telling of Lisa's story, but it seems she is forty years old and still allowing her parents to take care of her. Maybe that's not such a bad gif if you can get it. No responsibilities.

As Lisa is dressing in her "baby" clothes, the other women are told they must treat her like a baby the rest of the day. TJ will be acting as baby Lisa's "mommy." Rhonda feels she's the perfect choice, as she has trouble showing compassion, always wants to be in control, and lives in a world where she expects perfection – the antithesis of a good mother.

As baby Lisa enters in full baby garb, Rhonda says she will do everything other babies do. She will take a nap, eat at the kiddy table, have all her food prepared by her mommy or another adult, use kiddy utensils and drink from a sippy cup. Later today, Mommy TJ will take her on a play date.

Mommy TJ reaches over and wipes the makeup off baby Lisa's face and puts her pacifier in her mouth. Lisa says she is embarrassed, humiliated and feels like a complete fool. Everyone knows the purposes of this; Lisa is an adult on the outside and a child on the inside.
TJ is challenged in her mommy role as she doesn't know how to identify with children. Lisa suddenly realizes if she has "a play date" she'll be walking around like this in public. Not as baby Lisa, but seemingly more like herself, she starts crying so hard she nearly start hyperventilating.

TJ brings Lisa to a play center called, "Funshine." TJ tells the "real" kids that she's leaving her baby for the first time. As she sits down to play, Lisa asks the kids to cook for her in their pretend kitchen, and they refuse. She fights with them about it, and TJ reprimands her for fighting with the other kids. She sees Lisa as a spoiled little girl who just wants to be seen and heard.

TJ and Lisa return home, and TJ immediately reports in to everyone what happened on Lisa's play date, prompting Allison to say she really worries about TJ as a mom. Point blank she just isn't maternal. Lisa admits to mixed feelings about this assignment. She is still embarrassed and humiliated, but part of her is also secretly enjoying it. I think that's the whole point, to see that this is how she's been living her life not because she's been forced to, but because she wants to.

The housemates are playing dress-up with Lisa, and Christina is putting jewelry and fake nails on Lisa. Once she hears Jill had made cookies earlier, Lisa starts demanding that the others get her a cookie and milk. Lisa and TJ realize they forgot Lisa's "bankey" at the play group, and TJ says they'll go back and get it. When Lisa asks when they'll get it, TJ starts ripping the dress-up things off Lisa so they can leave. Lisa gets hysterical with this and we see once again that it's hard to tell the difference between Lisa and Lisa acting like a baby.

After the tantrum, the other housemates comfort Lisa in her bedroom. Allison tells her it's not her fault. Jessica sees Lisa start to finally be willing to be herself as Lisa admits one of the reasons she is like this is that her mother never showed her how to do things to encourage that independence. Lisa say she never had birthday parties and that this year on her fortieth birthday her parents didn't even get her a present.

Iyanla calls TJ and asks if she has arranged for a sitter for Lisa. TJ replies that she hasn't and offers to stay home with her and is told a sitter has already been arranged. Lisa must stay home. When TJ tells Lisa she can't go out, she's sad again. She feels like that's a step back after all she's learned. Once the sitter arrives, she asks her to read her a story. As other ladies are partying it up and having a good time, Allison gets very tired, but feels it's important to say out with the girls and be supportive.

The next morning a belly dancer arrives to give the women an early workout. It's very hard for Allison to do these moves because of the hysterectomy, but she wants to do it. This is all about being in touch with your body. TJ and Lisa keep up their roles while they have a very flippant conversation during this. TJ asks Lisa if she enjoys being sexy, and Lisa says she just wants to be like her mommy.

Lisa meets with her life coach, Rhonda, and tells her dressing like a baby made her feel good in some ways as she liked the attention. She talks of TJ being her mother and says it was ridiculous as TJ has problems of her own. She mentions TJ ripping her nails off after the dress-up and feels it sent her through some sort of breakthrough, as she never could have expressed herself like that with her real parents. She feels she never had a childhood. The adult Lisa will go on a fake interview today, but in the baby clothes, just to get some more input on where she stands.

Lisa drives herself to the interview in the baby clothes and says the interview gave her a reality check. Her longest job was eight years ago and still only lasted two years. The "prospective employer" says they look for longevity. Lisa says she doesn't know what she wants, and admits in the interview that she gets carried away sometimes and says inappropriate things.

(See the whole article here: http://www.realityshack.com/modules/articles/article.php?id=1277)

Has anybody seen this?

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