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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buried Treasure 2: It's Alive!!!

Because the Rugrats search hasn't been frustrating enough, let's up the ante with an even more obscure reference:

About 15 or so years ago on YTV in Canada, there was a lame sketch show called It's Alive!!! (exclamation points theirs). One of the recurring segments was a parody of high-school dramas called Heartbreak High (not to be confused with a real show of the same name).

I once saw a Christmas themed episode where Heartbreak High did a takeoff of on It's a Wonderful Life where the main character (Jeff), on the brink of suicide, is shown how much he means to his friends by a guy in a  devil costume (in what I'm pretty sure is a ripoff of a similar bit from SNL with Jon Lovitz and Andrew Dice Clay from the '80's, but anyway...). As ghosts, they visit and watch some of his friends.

The school is putting on a Christmas Pageant, and some of Jeff's friends (all girls I think) are trying to think of costumes to wear. As a ghost, Jeff tries to offer advice, which is misheard, leading to the girls donning "funny," wacky costumes, such as a bar of soap. One of the girls decides to dress like a baby.

At the end of the sketch, each girl reveals herself to the school and is ridiculed and laughed at by the students for their silly/embarrassing costumes; Jeff has to step up and "interpret" his friends' costumes for the audience, thus saving the day.

Anyway, from what I can recall, the reveal on the Adult Baby girl was exquisite. She was a beautiful Asian girl, and from I can remember, her costume was great: Giant diaper, pacifier, and I think a little dress and bonnet too. Her embarrassment when she's revealed to the school and everyone laughs was delightful.

I believe this is the beginning of the sketch (no diapers unfortunately)


Again, if anyone even remembers this, please comment so I at least know I didn't dream the whole thing.


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