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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bestest Friends: Review

     In my review of Pampered Penny’s The Mix Up (found here), I lauded Penny Barber’s performance in the dominant role. Indeed, the lovely, sweet, and submissive Samantha Grace was no match for Penny’s maternal instincts, and the poor girl found herself stripped, spanked, diapered, and dressed like a baby in no time.
   Overall, sexy redhead Kendra James doesn’t fare much better in Bestest Friends than Ms. Grace did in the previous volume: over the course of its 23 minute run-time, the beautiful Kendra, like Samantha, finds herself stripped, spanked, diapered, and forced to climax in her diapers by the delightfully dominant Penny. The approach to the characters, however, couldn’t be more different; where the adorable Samantha was shy, demure, and submissive from the beginning, Kendra thoroughly resists her regression; she struggles, fights, wises off, and back-talks to the bitter end. Those of you who enjoyed The Mix Up, but found the divine Ms. Grace a little too docile for your taste will love Kendra James here; watching Penny reward her bratty backtalk with a sore bottom and a fluffy diaper is truly a joy to behold.
     Penny is delightful as usual, storming in and taking charge, cutting down Kendra’s protests and quickly reducing her to a contrite little girl in a great big diaper. Ever the mistress of dialogue, Penny almost meets her match in the feisty Kendra-- but in the end her unwavering confidence wins the day, and the way as she brushes aside all Kendra’s protests, undercutting her adulthood and mocking her immaturity, is exquisite. Soon, Kendra finds herself diapered, dressed like a baby, forced to orgasm in her diapers—and maybe even a little thankful for the experience?
     All in all, this is another solid entry from Pampered Penny. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, I highly recommend it.  Penny really knows her work and she has a wonderful gift for saying exactly the right thing, no matter what her co-stars throw at her, and she looks pretty cute in a diaper herself!

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