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Monday, May 30, 2011

The New Interns (1964)

Of The New Interns, our reader Hal writes:

It is a film about the trial and tribulations of new doctors as they move through their training. In one scene in the film, a wild (for 1964) party takes place.

At the height of the festivities, a doctor in training appears in a diaper (cloth, and put on over pants) along with a young woman wearing just a cloth diaper.

They do a bit of a dance before a baby carriage is wheeled in and the young woman is pushed in to it and taken away (for who knows what activities?).

On behalf of myself and everyone else, thanks for sending this clip, Hal. I hope everyone else likes it as much as I do.

Buried Treasure 3: Starting Over

A reader mentioned this on our media thread:

"you know this reality therapy TV show for creepy thirthysomethings Starting Over? I dunno if it's still running but, there was a season in which one of the women was forced into a humiliating regression therapy. No diapers to my knowledge but she was forced to wear a shimmering pink babydoll dress AT ALL TIMES! On one occasion where she's on regular clothes one morning the therapist calmly flipped on her and forced her to change back and it was hot! I dunno if Youtube has that particular scene but now I'll be looking it up."

I started doing a little checking and I found a full summery of the episode, and frankly, diapers or not, it sounds almost too good to be true. In fact, it reads like a story from Daily Diapers:

As my "thirty minute show" kicks in, Rhonda is carrying in a basket of adult-sized baby clothes. These are for Lisa. I missed the telling of Lisa's story, but it seems she is forty years old and still allowing her parents to take care of her. Maybe that's not such a bad gif if you can get it. No responsibilities.

As Lisa is dressing in her "baby" clothes, the other women are told they must treat her like a baby the rest of the day. TJ will be acting as baby Lisa's "mommy." Rhonda feels she's the perfect choice, as she has trouble showing compassion, always wants to be in control, and lives in a world where she expects perfection – the antithesis of a good mother.

As baby Lisa enters in full baby garb, Rhonda says she will do everything other babies do. She will take a nap, eat at the kiddy table, have all her food prepared by her mommy or another adult, use kiddy utensils and drink from a sippy cup. Later today, Mommy TJ will take her on a play date.

Mommy TJ reaches over and wipes the makeup off baby Lisa's face and puts her pacifier in her mouth. Lisa says she is embarrassed, humiliated and feels like a complete fool. Everyone knows the purposes of this; Lisa is an adult on the outside and a child on the inside.
TJ is challenged in her mommy role as she doesn't know how to identify with children. Lisa suddenly realizes if she has "a play date" she'll be walking around like this in public. Not as baby Lisa, but seemingly more like herself, she starts crying so hard she nearly start hyperventilating.

TJ brings Lisa to a play center called, "Funshine." TJ tells the "real" kids that she's leaving her baby for the first time. As she sits down to play, Lisa asks the kids to cook for her in their pretend kitchen, and they refuse. She fights with them about it, and TJ reprimands her for fighting with the other kids. She sees Lisa as a spoiled little girl who just wants to be seen and heard.

TJ and Lisa return home, and TJ immediately reports in to everyone what happened on Lisa's play date, prompting Allison to say she really worries about TJ as a mom. Point blank she just isn't maternal. Lisa admits to mixed feelings about this assignment. She is still embarrassed and humiliated, but part of her is also secretly enjoying it. I think that's the whole point, to see that this is how she's been living her life not because she's been forced to, but because she wants to.

The housemates are playing dress-up with Lisa, and Christina is putting jewelry and fake nails on Lisa. Once she hears Jill had made cookies earlier, Lisa starts demanding that the others get her a cookie and milk. Lisa and TJ realize they forgot Lisa's "bankey" at the play group, and TJ says they'll go back and get it. When Lisa asks when they'll get it, TJ starts ripping the dress-up things off Lisa so they can leave. Lisa gets hysterical with this and we see once again that it's hard to tell the difference between Lisa and Lisa acting like a baby.

After the tantrum, the other housemates comfort Lisa in her bedroom. Allison tells her it's not her fault. Jessica sees Lisa start to finally be willing to be herself as Lisa admits one of the reasons she is like this is that her mother never showed her how to do things to encourage that independence. Lisa say she never had birthday parties and that this year on her fortieth birthday her parents didn't even get her a present.

Iyanla calls TJ and asks if she has arranged for a sitter for Lisa. TJ replies that she hasn't and offers to stay home with her and is told a sitter has already been arranged. Lisa must stay home. When TJ tells Lisa she can't go out, she's sad again. She feels like that's a step back after all she's learned. Once the sitter arrives, she asks her to read her a story. As other ladies are partying it up and having a good time, Allison gets very tired, but feels it's important to say out with the girls and be supportive.

The next morning a belly dancer arrives to give the women an early workout. It's very hard for Allison to do these moves because of the hysterectomy, but she wants to do it. This is all about being in touch with your body. TJ and Lisa keep up their roles while they have a very flippant conversation during this. TJ asks Lisa if she enjoys being sexy, and Lisa says she just wants to be like her mommy.

Lisa meets with her life coach, Rhonda, and tells her dressing like a baby made her feel good in some ways as she liked the attention. She talks of TJ being her mother and says it was ridiculous as TJ has problems of her own. She mentions TJ ripping her nails off after the dress-up and feels it sent her through some sort of breakthrough, as she never could have expressed herself like that with her real parents. She feels she never had a childhood. The adult Lisa will go on a fake interview today, but in the baby clothes, just to get some more input on where she stands.

Lisa drives herself to the interview in the baby clothes and says the interview gave her a reality check. Her longest job was eight years ago and still only lasted two years. The "prospective employer" says they look for longevity. Lisa says she doesn't know what she wants, and admits in the interview that she gets carried away sometimes and says inappropriate things.

(See the whole article here: http://www.realityshack.com/modules/articles/article.php?id=1277)

Has anybody seen this?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jane's Addiction-- Mountain Song

Big thanks to a reader down below for reminding me about this. In this video (which I believe was banned at one point) we see two young ladies dancing in diapers and t-shirts while the band plays. The action starts at around 1:40 and they continue to appear intermittently throughout the video. Enjoy:

Excalibur #6: Full Diaper Sequence

Big thanks to our totally awesome reader Elizabeth, who sent us the full diaper sequence from Excalibur #6. While it's not exactly how our original poster described it (there's no "run to the bathroom"), he was right about one thing... it is hilarious!
(As an aside: does that big blond guy seem really happy to see Kitty like this, or am I imagining things?)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Babes in Diapers Media Project

This is intended to be the master list of all diaper/adult baby material involving women in the mainstream media. If you know of something I've missed, write it in the comments or send me an e-mail.

If you're having trouble viewing the clips, I've started uploading them onto my account at diaperpin.me. It requires a free account, but signing up is quick and painless.


Written by Tennessee Williams, Directed by Elia Kazan. From Wikipedia:

In the Mississippi Delta, failing, bigoted, middle-aged cotton gin-owner Archie Lee Meighan (Karl Malden) has been married to pretty, empty-headed 19-year old virgin Baby Doll Meighan (Carroll Baker) for two years. Archie impatiently waits for Baby Doll's 20th birthday just a few days away when, by prior agreement with Baby Doll's dying father, the marriage can finally be consummated. In the meantime, Baby Doll still sleeps in a crib, wearing childish shorty-nightgowns and sucking her thumb, while Archie spies on her through a hole in a wall of their decrepit antebellum mansion, "Tiger Tail".

Note: No Diapers.

Carroll Baker in her crib in Baby Doll

As the result of a curse, a trio of spoiled, cruel high-school girls begin aging rapidly, leaving one girl incontinent. After a humiliating episode in the supermarket where she's forced to buy diapers from the boy she has a crush on, we see her at home in lingerie and a big disposable diaper.

Better Living Through Circuitry (1999)

A documentary about about rave culture featuring a brief shot of a girl dancing in a diaper.

Broadminded (1931)

A comedy featuring a mixed adult baby party.

Another bad Troma movie. The official synopsis reads:

The notorious Diaper Mafia take hostage the Tromaville School for the Very Special, only the Toxic Avenger and his morbidly obese sidekick Lardass can save Tromaville.
Marcia Lynn

(Thanks to Hal for the heads up).

Happy Days (1929)
Actress Marjorie White plays Baby New Year in these publicity stills for the 1929 film Happy Days:

The lovely Patricia Arquette (for some reason) stands on her head wearing a diaper to impress her (seemingly idiotic) boyfriend.

The Major and the Minor

In this 1942 comedy, a woman "dresses down" as a child to ride the train for half price. No diapers.

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, & Girly (AKA Girly 1970)

 Psychological horror from England-- a deranged family brings home drifters to play their bizarre roll playing
games. Sonny and Girly sleep in cribs and are treated as kids when they're ostensibly in their late teens/early twenties.

Big thanks to Hal for this one:

A group of young doctors has a big party. One of the doctors turns up with a cloth diaper over his pants. He introduces his "twin sister": a pretty girl in a bra and bonnet wearing a diaper like a bikini. They dance until a large carriage is wheeled in. The girl as grabbed, puled into the carriage and whisked away by a doctor who seems very eager to get his hands on her.

Playmates (1944)
A 'soundie' produced for playing in a sort of video jukebox," from June 4, 1944, this short film features a group of adults dressed and acting like children(including a number of shots of the girls in big, childish bloomers).

Pledge This! (2006)

Another bad, straight-to-video National Lampoon production starring (for some reason) Paris Hilton. It has (according to our reader) "..your typical sorority 'initiation' stuff, it's just a like few second scene of two the girls and the older woman pledging walking through down a pathway in front of the school or such, and then the older(not good looking) one shakes her tush and makes a comment about being changed."

See the clip here.

TV star Blake Lively plays a young woman staring in a series of pornographic pictures. The shoot begins with Ms. Lively romping in a playpen in nothing but a bra, pigtails, and a pair of frilly, pink baby panties, then submitting to an OTK spanking from her lovely co-star. The scene does not  feature diapers.

The Reluctant Dragon (1941)

A cartoon short about a baby with a genius level IQ who quickly becomes a cultural phenomenon, even going as far as to influence women's fashion.

The Road To Wellville (1994)

Not, strictly speaking, a diaper scene. The movie is about a 19th century health spa. In the movie, male guests exercise wearing diaper-like garments. In one scene, Lara Flynn Boyle's character puts one on in order to seduce one of the men." 

A Taste Of Money (1988)

A mainstream prono  featuring The Crib Girls (as they're known in the credits). These three (apparently full time) adult baby women recur throughout the production, stay in a crib, wear diapers, and engage in some vary naughty behavior.
A Thousand Pleasures (1968)

Two women keep a third woman as a baby, forcing her to wear diapers, sleep in a crib and act like an infant. Unseen by me; you can see some stills at Daily Diapers.

Too Young To Kiss (1951)

20 year old June Allyson poses as her 14 year old sister to study under an an impresario. No diapers, but the pretty ms. Allyson must go further and further into her role to maintain the charade-- including taking a spanking!

Video Vixens

A strange clip where a group of blindfolded men are asked if they prefer the feeling of a beautiful woman's skin to the feeling of the diaper she'd wearing.

The Ward

... Set in a mental institution, there's a character named Zoey who acts like a little girl. She wears her hair in pigtails and carries a stuffed rabbit around most of the time, and you see her suck her thumb a few times. No diapers, though.

Rita Hayworth in a publicity photo for the 1941 comedy.


In the mid-1990s, the ABC news program 20/20 ran a story on the plight of workers at a Nabisco plant in Oxnard, California. The female employees claimed that they weren't being given adequate bathroom breaks and had to resort to wearing diapers to work. The news report didn't actually show the women in diapers, but I seem to remember them discussing their humiliation at having to wear diapers and showing some of the diapers they wore.
The reader also sent in this LA Times article about the women.

The 15 Stone Babies

A UK documentary about adult babies, featuring one Adult baby Girl.

 Alcino Alves & Rocha- Xupeta

 Music video featuring a bevy of beautiful women sucking pacifiers.

On the latest episode of MBC‘s “All My Love“, After School‘s Lizzy and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon delighted the audience by dressing up as cute babies.
The scene was part of an hypothetical situation where ‘Okyeob’ (played by Jo Kwon) was married to ‘Soonduk’ (played by Lizzy); the scene then went on to reveal what their babies would have looked like.
Air date: May 19 2007
Dramatization of a real-life incident where a woman was held prisoner by two men features a scene where the actress is seen in a diaper.

America's Next Top Model*
(Episode/air date unknown)
During a shoot with the cast of Jackass, one of the models slips on a diaper and pees in it in front of everyone.

Episode: The Early Bird Gets a Makeover
Air date: September 9 2009
Model (Sundai Love) is seen wearing a diaperish outfit

America's Next Top model
(Episode/air date unknown)
 The models dress as toddlers for a shoot with Kris Jenner.

Anything For Money

"The premise was that an actor would stop random people on the street and offer them money to perform crazy stunts. In-studio contestants would then try to guess if the person took the money.

In this scene, a woman is asked to appear in a (fake) ad for a health club whose motto is "We baby you." Naturally she will have to wear baby clothes..."

Bad Ronald- Let's Begin Video

 This video, a parody of Mister Rogers style kids shows, features the band partying with an entire cast of beautiful women in diapers and baby clothes.
Update: Watch it in Hi Def.

The Big Breakfast
This popular British morning show featured a regular segment called  "Buddies in the nuddy" featuring adults dressed in diapers-- and on one occasion, even Baywatch bombshell Gena Lee Nolin

Big Brother 2013

While the contestants dress up in baby PJ's and romp around in big playpens, the attractive judge watches in a bib, bonnet, and diaper.

Campus Confidential 

A reader writes of the 2005 ABC family Channel Movie:

...I was flipping through channels and came across a movie called "Campus Confidential" where one part of it mentioned these two cheerleaders that had apparently taken so many diuretics that they had become incontinent and needed diapers, and then it showed the two cheerleaders walking away, pulling their skirts down. Then later one of the people that had exposed the two cheerleaders said "because of our leaky cheerleaders, we should install baby changing stations in the ladies rooms."


Air date: August 21 2008
Episode of cable-access show features a performance by the band Gelatine, whose singer (Seiko Urabe) is in a diaper.
Update: Check out Gelatine on Channel Zero, plus an unreleased documentary about the band, here.
Update 2: See more Gelatine here.

China Beach*

One of the nurses ( the unbelievably cute Dana Delany) catches dysentery and is diapered because she's unable to make it to the bathroom. She's changed by a doctor and another nurse (including a shot where they lift her legs to slide the diaper under her butt), undergoes an embarrassing examination from a handsome doctor she has a crush on, and when she's recovered enough to reach the toilet under her own power again, she receives a standing ovation from the patents and staff. Note: although there are several references to diapers in this episode (including a doctor who remarks to her that he'll "miss those diaper changes"), you don't actually see Ms. Delany wearing one.


 A game show where a girl wore a diaper in order to mock one of the other participants.

Dancing With The Stars
Marie Osmond performs dressed in a Little Girl costume.

The Dating Guy  *

The lead characters attend a costume party. One of the guests is a cute girl dressed as a baby who flirts with a guy dressed like a convict. She asks him if he wants to "come to her crib and be her daddy." Another guest comments that she'll probably make him change her diaper. Short but sweet.

Depends Commercial Featuring Lisa Rinna 

The star of Days of our Lives and Melrose Place tries depends in a new commercial.

Second Depends Commercial Featuring  Lisa Rinna

A continuation of the above entry.

Another Depends Ad, with Australian TV Personality Alex Wileman

Not unlike the Lisa Rinna commercial, except this time the star strips out of her dress and actually models the depends.


A cheerleader tries an Alli-like weight loss drug-- even though a glance at the side effects prompts a friend to tell her to "remember to wear diapers." She doesn't listen and winds up pooping her pants in front of the entire squad.

Note: no diapers.

Air date: September 1992
Medically oriented talk show. Adult baby episode features a diapered woman.

Update: See the clip here.

Air date: November 20 1991
Talk show. Adult baby episode doesn't feature any female guests, but three diapered women are seen in footage shown at commercial breaks

Ernie Kovacs Special

Only heard about this one. Supposedly, on one of Ernie's periodic specials, there was a sketch featuring a family with an AB daughter, complete with diapers and bonnet.

Update: View the clip here.

Freak Like Me

A UK reality show featuring an attractive 18 year old girl who still sucks a "dummy" (pacifier.)

Freddy's Nightmares: Black Tickets

A short-lived spin-off of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. In this clip, a young woman, believing she's pregnant, dreams she's in a nursery. After encountering some scary visions, she tumbles into a playpen. Her boyfriend and parents enter, talk baby talk to her, and sing her a lullaby. Unfortunatly, she remains in her adult clothes (which is a shame, because if she'd wound up in diapers after she tumbled into the playpen, the sequence would have been perfect), but it's still a good scene.
There's a nice twist at the end which I won't reveal here...

The main cast, including regulars Amy and Lela, must wear "dream pants," which turn out to be diapers.


On season 2 episode 2 of the polarizing HBO series, the main character's gay roommate pats her butt, then asks "are you wearing a diaper?" suspiciously.

Episode of Candid Camera type show features two women (Chelsea Handler, Melissa Howard) who visit a bar with adult diapers visibly sticking out of their pants, prompting some interesting responses from the men they meet.
See the clip here.

Golden Girls s3e20 (And Ma Makes Three)
"Slutty" Blanch describes an erotic dream inspired by the film Three Men and a Baby that has distinct ABDL overtones.

Grey's Anatomy*

One of the doctors wears a diaper while assisting on a long operation. One of her colleges is so impressed with her dedication, she decides to try it too. 


When a villain uses his "diarrhea gun" on Grossology agent Abby, she winds up spending the whole episode running back and forth from the toilet. In the end her diarrhea is cured, but she's still forced to wear a diaper to the final conflict with the villain just in case. (note: also features a guy in diapers).

Game show (Danish version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including two women, are dressed as babies. One lady gets her top lifted by the host to better show her diaper to the audience; she squeals in embarrassment.
Game show (Norwegian version of I Survived a Japanese Game Show). In this episode the contestants, including three women, are dressed as babies.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids*

Our favorite reader Hal writes:

It doesn't contain diapers, but does feature an attractive MILF reduced to a little girl complete with party dress and black mary janes.

It's from the TV show "Honey I Shrunk the Kids", starring Peter Scolari. The episode is titled "Honey, I'm Spooked".

In it, the mother of the family is turned in to a 6 year old by a playful poltergeist.

Its unfortunate that she doesn't get reduced to diapers. A consolation prize might have been white cotton panties. However, what we get are ruffled, boxer like bloomers.

Additionally, at the end we don't get to see her transform back. It would have been great to see her reaction when her mind is restored to adult status but finds herself still dressed as a child. However, that doesn't happen. We just transition back to her being her normal self in her adult clothes. Missed opportunity.

The clip isn't as good as it would be if she'd been reduced to diapers (obviously), but I still like it.

Update: view the clip in sound here.

Hot In Cleveland 
One of the stars appears in a Japanese commercial  for adult diapers. She wears one under her clothes.

The Howard Stern Radio Show
Air date: January 23 1999
Show features video of Stern's radio program. In this episode, a young lady visits the show and says she will do anything to get a friend's record played on the air. Stern tells her to put on an adult diaper. Once she's put on the diaper, she has to get down on all fours and eat out of a dog bowl. Then she has to stand up and wet herself 
 View the clip here.

How I Met Your Mother 

A fake commercial for "Adult Undergarments" puts a funny twist on the usual incontinence protection ads.

Air date: November 12 2000
Cast members playing incontinent people are briefly seen in adult diapers.

I Love Lucy
Lucy briefly wears a bonnet.

I Survived A Japanese Game Show 

Four diapered girls compete.


German commercial featuring a group of mixed adults wearing diapers in a bar.

It's Alive!!! 

A girl who dresses like a baby for the school Christmas Pageant is mocked and embarrassed in front of the students.

Episode: Frank Sets Sweet Dee on Fire
Air date: October 4 2007
Brother and sister trying to become famous inadvertently end up in diapers on a strange cable tv show. Among the diaperees are four women, including a regular cast member (Kaitlin Olson).


A strange clip of a man giving his wife a pacifier from the dark British sketch show.

Jane's Addiction- Mountain Song video *

I had totally  forgotten about this one. a reader writes:
"There is a Jane's Addiction song where they do a live performance in the video the opening scene has two girls dancing in diapers."

 IIRC, there was a big controversy over this video, and I think it may have even been banned on MTV for a while.

Air date: October 12 1992
Adult baby episode features one diapered woman (Denise Roma) among the guests. She has a lengthy segment alone with Springer at the beginning of the show, before joining the men. Appears to be wearing a cloth diaper with plastic pants, almost unheard of in a mainstream context
 Air date: July 15 2002
Woman gets diapered (over her underwear) on stage
View the clip here.

Jersey Shore

A reader sent in this article about Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her post-pregnancy incontinence forcing her to wear diapers.

Keeping up with the Kardashians*

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe force their mother Kris Jenner to wear depends.

Law and Order: SVU

A poster on Daily Diapers writes:

"People keep telling me that there is an episode of Law and Order SVU where the detectives go into some house where they shoot adult films. One of the rooms they go into has a woman apparently dressed up in a diaper and baby clothing. I have searched desperately for this episode believing that it was an episode that came before or in season 6 which was in 2005. I was hoping somebody could help me find it or even better get me a "link" of the episode which in most cases would come from Megavideo."
Can anybody confirm this?

Game show featuring contestants in costumes. Numerous episodes over the years have featured women in diapers
Update: See a clip here.

Madame's Place

A short clip featuring a man and a woman playing baby.

Women and men wear diapers on an episode from this Israeli reality show.

Miley Cyrus On the VMA Awards and Ellen

Miley does an age-playish performance on the Video Music Awards, then discusses her insperations on Ellen.

The Miracle of Kathy Miller

In this 1981 TV movie based on the true story of a promising young athlete badly injured in a car accident, an 18 year old Helen Hunt wears diapers in a pair of scenes. Not the cheeriest clip on our page, but interesting none the less.

Missy Elliott (ft. Ludacris)- One Minute Man

This video "has girls in cribs, bottles of milk, and suggested bed wetting."

Episode: February 23 1992
Adult baby episode of the talk show features one woman (Angela Bauer) among the guests. She wears a little-girl outfit on stage, but a photo is displayed showing her in a diaper 

My Favorite Martian

Nosy landlady Mrs. Brown (Pamela Britton) finds herself mentally regressing through childhood into infancy. No diapers, unfortunately, but some nice acting

Mystery Diagnosis

the true story of a woman whose chronic diarrhea is so severe she's forced into diapers at one point

Ooh  La La

"...Footage of an actual fashion show with a diapered model..."


From the creators of the League Of Gentlemen-- An attractive young woman traumatized by the events of the first season is left catatonic in the care of a deranged and overbearing woman who insists on treating her like a baby, including messy feedings, a trip in a stroller, and mention of a messy diaper.
Air date: 1999
Spanish language show produced in the U.S.  One segment featured a "baby race" in which the contestants (including one woman) crawled on all fours on a wet surface.

Rad Girls 
A female Jackass which had "an episode in which one of the girls is diapered and changed in a bit that lasts about 5 minutes.  Have not found it on You Tube but its around someplace."

See some behind the scenes footage here.

Rad Girls Again
I think this is a different segment, featuring, among other things, a very public diaper change.
Episode: TV or Not TV
Air date: February 28 2001
Australian series about a family living in a haunted house. In this episode the characters must contend with a faulty tv remote which causes people to acquire the outfits and mindset of the characters they see on tv. At the end someone unthinkingly pops in a tape of a baby, and the entire family find themselves in baby clothes, with mental states to match. Mom (Susanne Chapman) displays no visible diaper, but teenage daughter (Ebonnie Masini) appears to be wearing green plastic pants 

Rita Et Bruno 
A short clip from a European comedy show, featuring a man and a woman in a giant playpen.

Rugrats Movie Commercial

A group of models strut the catwalk in diapers and baby clothes.

Update: See the clip here.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch (animated)

A short clip featuring two grown girls in diapers with shaved heads.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Live Action)

Sabrina and her aunt transform themselves into baby-dolls in order to spy on someone.

Air date: January 31 1987 
Three SNL performers (including one woman, Nora Dunn) appear diapered in a sketch

Saturday Night Live
Air date: September 26 1998
Fake ad for adult diaper brand called "Oops I Crapped My Pants." At the end an elderly couple wear them under their clothes, with very obvious diaper bulges

This Playboy TV series has features a few ABDL references, Including an interview with Wendy of Adult Baby Source/AdultBaby.XXX fame and a few of her models. In the same post, we see footage of one of the hosts trying on frilly rumba panties and babyish plastic panties-- she even sucks her thumb!
Episode: Her Story II
Air date: February 7 2006
In one scene, a nurse who is obsessed with getting pregnant imagines a room full of people are wearing diapers and nothing else. Among the crowd are five diapered women

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl 

A call girl babysits a (male) adult baby. Near the end of the episode she has a fantasy about regressing herself.

Air date: April 1 2008
This episode features a female adult baby (seen in diapers at one point)

Update: View the clip.

Sex Game of Life

Still from a Japanese Game Show airing October 7 2010.

Air date: August 11 1993
Adult baby episode of talk show includes one woman (Denise Roma, again). Unlike the other guests, she refuses to show her diaper on stage, but is briefly seen wearing it in a still photo taken backstage.

Sin Cities

This Sexcetra-esque show also featured an interview with Wendy from AdultBaby.xxx.

Sonic Youth: Bull In the Heather

In this video bassist Kim Gordan re-enacting a scene from the movie Baby Doll. No diapers.

Sophie B. Hawkins: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

This controversial video, featuring the singer writhering around in what appears to be a huge diaper, was banned from MTV.

Soul Food

As the result of an accident, a young woman is rendered incontinent and must wear diapers. She then worries about the possible effects a diaper will have on her love life. See some stills here.

Space Cadets

A group of people are tricked into believing they're going into space for a reality show. Includes a sequence where the subjects try on diapers under tight body stockings.


A show on RTE in Ireland where a group of people stay in a haunted castle. One of the contestants brings diapers and actually wears them at one point.

Starting Over

A reader writes:
"you know this reality therapy TV show for creepy thirthysomethings Starting Over? I dunno if it's still running but, there was a season in which one of the women was forced into a humiliating regression therapy. No diapers to my knowledge but she was forced to wear a shimmering pink babydoll dress AT ALL TIMES! On one occasion where she's on regular clothes one morning the therapist calmly flipped on her and forced her to change back and it was hot! I dunno if Youtube has that particular scene but now I'll be looking it up."

If anyone finds it, let me know and I'll get it up here.

Update: A reader informs me there used to be footage of this online under the title "baby Lisa."

Update 2: See a short clip of the episode here.

Storage Wars Texas  Episode 46: The Ninja and the Pitmaster

Pretty blonde buyer Jenny G. buys a locker that contains boxes of adult diapers. At the end of the episode, she tries one on over her jeans.

Street Smarts

"About ten years or so ago, there was a game show called Street Smarts where players made wagers based on whether or not the random man on the street could correctly answer trivia questions. In one (possibly Halloween) episode, the "man on the street" was a pretty young woman in a diaper and t-shirt."
Our reader says there was a clip online at one point: anyone seen it?

Update: View the clip here.

Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

A quick flash of two girls out partying in diapers and pacifiers with their hair up in pigtails. 

Episode of German series features the host (Sonya Kraus) wearing a diaper, for some reason

Episodes: (Season Two) Part Eight, Part Nine
Air dates: December 9 and 16 1982
Series about British women imprisoned by the Japanese during World War II. A woman (Stephanie Beacham) is shot by guards and left paralyzed and incontinent. She has three diaper scenes over two episodes
Update: See it here.

TNA Xplosion 

Research for a post about about "diaper matches," revealed that well known wrestler Daizee Haze lost a diaper match to Nurse Veronica (a fact confirmed by her  Wikipedia page). According to one reader:

If the match was broadcast, it was on a show called TNA Xplosion. There was a match between Daizee Haze and Nurse Veronica on July 27, 2003 (don't know if that's the date of the actual match or the airdate).
Air date: July 26 1979
Episode of British music show features a rendition of the song "Born to Be Alive" with four diapered dancers

Air date: unknown

Another segment featuring a married couple with a pair of cute Adult baby girls.

Tyra Banks Show

Tyra interviews an Adult Baby.

Niki Cox and her friend pledge a sorority, which means going through Adult Baby initiation. Features four grown women in full adult baby gear.

Bunny #1 (December 1966) 

   "This is from the cover of a reprint volume featuring the Big Baby, who appeared in a couple of stories back in 1970."
Update: Another pic of Big Baby, this time from the book Odds 'n' Ends by R. Crumb.

Elfen Lied Vol. 5 (2003)  

 Excalibur #6

Not really sure what exactly is going on here...

Update: a reader writes:
"that's AB Kitty Pride on Excalibur #6. Some imp guy's magic did her in. There's also a hilarious scene after that where you see her running to the bathroom."
Thanks for the info!


   "Flashback to the scene from # 6"

 From The Baby Net:


... Though the ABDL character's storyline (her name is Genie, like a diaper genie, get it?) runs for a small section of the book the actual diaper content is really just two pages and the only real good look at her in the diaper that you get is in those two panels posted above. I'd scan and post the two pages from the book that are relevant but I don't have a scanner and I'd feel way too awkward to scan this in a library. If anybody is really curious about this I'd encourage you to buy the book yourself because Carla Speed McNeil is a wonderful but underappreciated comic artist and writer and if I can get her the fetish dollar then I'm perfectly willing to.

In the storyline the main character Jaeger is telling various stories of his sexual exploits. He brings up Genie whom he met at a speed dating event and they hook up. He wakes up to find himself in an elaborate, oversexualized, nursery room and her sitting at her computer telling an ABDL message board about how he's going to clean her up and fuck her again. Genie then stands up, poops herself, and the storyline cuts off there. It's played off as being very disgusting and shocking and Genie is painted as a mentally unbalanced character. McNeil says that she wanted a fetish weird enough to shock Jaeger and she found some ABDL websites online as reference.

A pair of uptight, judgmental super heroines visit an ABDl fetish club with mixed patronage. 

"Here, management has sought to improve productivity with a new policy: in order to cut down on bathroom breaks, everybody must wear diapers!"

Love And Rockets 

From famed indy comic Love and Rockets:(the story Perla La Loca): a slightly deviate lady from the community who pays young women to dress  like little girls for her to take care of. I have no idea which issue number/graphic novel this story is contained in-- anyone want to help us out?

Update: It's from the Wigwam Bam storyline (volume 1 issues 38 and 39). The older woman is Nan Tucker, a popular comedienne, who pays Crystal (a prostitute) to live as her little girl. The girl in the background is Hopey, the protagonist of the story, who is staying with Nan after befriending Jewel, her daughter (who disapproves of her mother's relationship with Crystal). Hopey and Crystal become friends, and Hopey seems fascinated  with her new friend and her lifestyle, and spies on Crystal and Nan "playing".

Later, Nan is revealed to be at the center of a network of older female TV stars and their hired little girls, and at one point there's even a big party featuring several "adult children." Hopey is very accepting of all of this, even saying it looks fun, and at one point gives oral sex to one of the "little girls." The story seems overall very understanding of age play lifestyles, although it takes a heavy turn toward the dark side near the end. (See the full update here.)

The Pajama Diaries (June 14 2006)

   "It's about a high school fetish club..."

An FBI agent is lifted out of reality into a higher dimension by the beings that live there (or something). While there she appears not in her standard suit, but in a large diaper with comically oversized diaper pin. 

Sensation Comics #31 (July, 1944)

Wonder Woman spanked by the Queen of the Grown Downs (No diapers).

Sensation Comics #43 (July 1945)

Update: A better copy of the first panel, plus the following panel added.

Uncanny X-Men #452

 During a psychic battle, an X-Woman is transformed into an adult baby (note: this sequence also contains physical Age Regression and Progression)


Amanda Seyfried's ABDL Tweet

Actress Amanda Seyfried posts a picture of a "pretty woman in a diaper" on her Twitter feed.

Baby Blues

From the cover of Ten Years and Still in Diapers, a compilation of the comic strip Baby Blues. The cover shows the entire family diapered.

Baby Girl by Olivia de Berardinas

"Baby Girl" painting from Olivia de Berardinas- I think Olivia is the world's greatest female pin-up artist...   She's very sensual and open-minded, with a definite "naughty streak."  She painted Baby Girl back in the 70's...   Her greeting card line then released it as a "Happy New Year" card toward the end of the 70's, and it was subsequently banned for it's supposed "pedophillic content."  How sad...   The cards immediately became collectors items, and unfortunately, she won't publish the painting in any of her pin-up books....

 The comedian discusses wetting her bed into her late teens and wearing diapers to bed as a result.

Bill Randall's Date Book

A series of sexy calender books, featuring a few New Years babes.

Birthday Sex 

Footage from a play featuring an Adult Baby girl. The same post also contains footage of the same actress performing a diapered, AB themed strip-tease. 

Bizarre Magazine (May 2011) 

The famed alternative lifestyle magazine sends a pair of correspondents to an Adult Baby nursery.

Bizarre Magazine (Date unknown)

An interview with a real-life "Daddy."

Cristal Steverson (aka "Serious"): Halloween Baby 


A cute age-play themed comedy sketch featuring some nice little girl clothes and a spanking. 

The Daily Mail (Feb 21 2013)

Article about an adult sized bouncy chair at a London trade show.

Betty Barrett diaper queen of the convention for the Diaper Service Institute of America. Chicago, 1947
See three more sexy diaper queens in this entry form Life magazine in 1946:
Update: Found another one:

Another possible Diaper Queen:

Update: Ever more diaper queens:
Update: And another.

Esquire Magazine December 1961

Esquire published the following picture of Shirley Maclaine in a diaper and bonnet, sucking a bottle:
Along with a poem:

If you think I'm cute
In my birthday suit...
Please don't kid my indiscretion;
I feel my best,
When I manifest
My compulsive tendencies towards
Psycho-sexual infantile regression...

FHM (Oct. 1998)

 A piece on Wetset magazine.

Gangsta Baby 

Another Youtube clip: The titular character meets his ideal woman:

Clips from The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) 2013 (Part 1,Part 2)
Go through a fast food drive-through with an adult dressed as a baby in a car seat in the back. The adult must have a pacifier in his or her mouth and must be pre-verbal. The video clip must scan from the driver ordering food to the adult-child in the backseat to the fast-food employee at the window. FYI the adult-child will require extra napkins. 

Hustler Magazine  (Sept '94)
Photo spread featuring a model posing in a giant crib with a giant bottle.

Harvey Nichols Ad Campaign

 ...Featuring models in wet pants.

The Human Digest

Art accompanying a full-length tale of Adult Baby love (Via Care4Baby):

I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself 

Author Jen Kirkman in a crib on the cover of her book.

 Incontinence Girl
This Japanese girl band performs in diapers.

Index Magazine November 1998

...actress Amy Sedaris. I don't know what the idea behind the photo is (she doesn't really have an artificial arm).

Innocence by Kalal
Innocence by Kalal- I don't really know too much about this painting.  It was supposed to depict innocence as sensuality...  Wish I knew more about the artist.

Some cute New Years Babes.

Kate Price: Adult Baby (But "not  in that way)
During a discussion with reporters about her recently released a line of baby clothes, glamor model Kate "Jordan" Price talked about how she'd like to wear a romper suit for adults (but draws the line at being an "Adult Baby" when it's suggested by a reporter.)

Liberty Magazine August 24 1946 

Life Magazine August 12, 1946,

...Actress Loretta Young in footed pajamas (and pigtails). There's also a color shot from the interior.

Look Magazine May 25, 1948 

Cover featuring  the "diaper bathing suit."  

2007 MTV Video Music Awards 

Rapper Lil' Mama arrives at the ceremonies dressed as a giant baby.
Natalia Fabia's Hooker Pageant 2012

...Featuring an  AB strip-tease.

National Lampoon February 1989 
  It's from a parody of Rolling Stone. I haven't been able to identify the model.

Of Montreal New York Concert Sept.18. 2009

Avant-Rock act Of Montreal brought up a few of their fans to dance in diapers at a concert in New York.

Update: See a short clip here.

OK! Weekly
Cover story featuring Pamela Anderson and her then husband, Tommy Lee.

Parenting Magazine June 2010

An artist's rendering of actress Nikki Cox's unorthodox, hands-on potty training methods:
Ms. Cox was of course already a favorite around here for the unbelievably sexy  Adult Baby sorority initiation on Unhappily Ever After.

Playboy January 1980

Amy Miller and Michelle Drake (with Steve Martin) as New Years Babies.

Playboy January 1991

Another New years baby: this time, it's former Mrs. Ohio Stacy Arthur sporting a very cute bikini diaper.

During the Thursday, November 15th, 2006 broadcast of Playboy Radio's signature show, the provocative call-in program Night Calls Radio, (aired live on XS198 SIRIUS Satellite Radio at 7:00 PM ET and repeated November 16th-22nd at 2:00 AM ET) adult entertainment legends Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn diapered each other and another playmate while on the air. Even better, they weren't at all shy about using them: all three Playmates soaked their diapers and took pictures to prove it!

A scene from a play featuring a woman and a man in diapers.

A Queen Bee type mean girl is humiliated when she's slipped a laxative by the main character and poops her pants in front of the whole school. Later, a rumor spreads that she has to wear diapers, further exacerbated by pranksters slipping a diaper into her backpack where everyone can see it.

Proven Diet Products.Com: Alli

A video review of the diet drug  Alli, a product whose commercials used to warn that it "may cause sudden bowel movements and the inability to control them." The clip details the potential side effects, even going as far as to suggest new users try diapers until their system can adapt to the drug (and we see a woman trying on a pull-up).

Rolling Stone 15 February 1973 

Bette Midler performs at a New Year's Eve celebration.
TV Personality Sarah-Jane Honeywell Outside BBC

This picture of British television personality Sarah-Jane Honeywell was posted on the BBC website under the following caption: "An otherwise uneventful day yesterday was enlivened by CBeebies' Sarah-Jane appearing outside our window dressed as a baby with an exceptionally large nappy."

Psych Out

Youtube series: an unorthodox therapist deals with her client's fear of diapers (but only when they're being worn) head on

The Saga of Baby Divine

In 1983 Bette Midler published a children's book called The Saga of Baby Divine. Photos were taken with Midler dressed as the book's infant protagonist. 

See Magazine (Sept. 1942)

More "Diaper" bathing suits.
Update: View the full set here.

Sexy Depends Diapers with Linda Cousine

...Former model turned humor writer Linda Cousine promotes her new book (featuring an older model who does a commercial for adult diapers) by trying on depends to ask the question: Can a woman look sexy in diapers?

Snappy Magazine (January 1937)

The oldest piece in our collection so far.

Spy December 1996 (?)

Yet another new years baby (our original poster thinks this is Jenny McCarthy's head pasted onto someone else's body).
Update:  ... the Baby New Year on the cover of Spy magazine was actually a model named Jennifer Russell, with Jenny McCarthy's face superimposed.

Sunday Herald - Jul 9, 1950

Yet another diaper bathing suit-- this one actually made from diapers!

The Sun Oct 29 2010
Feature about an initiation at Oxford, where "DOZENS of pretty female students were forced into a booze-fuelled initiation ceremony at Oxford University — dressed up as BABIES." (Link.)

Time Out Dec 31/Jan 7 1998

Yet another New Year's baby, this time played by the gorgeous, world-famous supermodel Claudia Schiffer in a cute little cloth diaper.

Toast Girl

A brief feature on the Japanese performance artist who plays a cartoonist Mommy to her diapered backup dancers.

Update: see more Toast Girl clips here.

Upfront Magazine (Aug 06)
 This is an ad by artist Kyle Bridgett for an establishment in Windsor, Ontario, called Milk Coffee Bar.

Vice Article: Oh Shit!
In 1999, a magzaine called Vice contained an article entitled "Oh Shit!: Who's Number One at Holding Number Two?" The idea was to provide four contestants (two guys, two girls) with laxatives and see who could "hold out" the longest. Naturally, everyone was provided with diapers, and I've included shots of the ladies (I think the girl in the t-shirt is epecially cute in her diaper).
 Check out the whole article here.

Vogue Magazine November 15, 1964

You want baby bonnets? Here's one from the cover of Vogue (November 15, 1964) worn by model Asrid Heeren.

1941 Esquire Varga Calendar

  Parody of the Taylor Swift song containing a cute AB reference. 

WWII Bomber Nose Art

Update: Here's the original "Baby Butch" image:

Update: A few more:

A quick ABDL reference in a Youtube short.



Looks like reality TV:

No idea on this one-- looks like a fashion  show.

From an unknown men's magazine:


Again, from an unknown Magazine:

Another fashion show of some kind.


...A complete mystery. My online source says only "1950s vintage." Was it taken to promote an orgaization (doesn't really look like the DSIA's style)? Was it for a movie? Is she somebody famous? Anybody have any info at all?

...One site identifies her as actress Barbara Bates. Although the site where I found the first photo suggested it was taken in the 1950s, I'm now inclined to think the 1940s would be more likely. What's the picture for? I still don't know, but Bates did several pinup shots with holiday themes (I've seen St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving). Perhaps it's for New Years.

Unknown photoshoot with actress Palva Itano:

Actress Phyllis Coates, who played Lois Lane in the 50's, as Baby New Year 1949:

...actress Karen Jensen, distributed by Universal Pictures for publication in magazines and newspapers, with the title "Curvesome Karen Heralds New Year." I have not yet verified that the photo was actually published.

Lila Leeds (publicity photo)

Mary Carlisle (publicity photo)

Joan Blondell (publicity photo)
 Sheila Terry (publicity photo)

Unknown, possibly Anne Francis (publicity photo)

OK, I've had my say-- now it's up to you. Did I miss anything? Have you seen something that would make a good addition to the list? Be a pal and let us know.