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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bettie Page


Hi guys,
First off, apologies once again to everyone who’s sent e-mails and comments and still haven’t seen a reply. I’ve been sick all week, but I’m hoping to be better by the weekend, when I’ll try my best to get caught up on my correspondence.
Anyway, in absence of any new material, here are a few vintage shots of everybody’s favourite  pin-up queen, Bettie Page.
I’m a big fan of Bettie’s work. On top of being gorgeous and sexy, she helped bring kink into the mainstream... something everyone reading this blog owes her for!
Bettie was the mistress of expressions: weather she’s doling out the spanks or having her own luscious bottom warmed, Bettie’s expression always tells the story.
To my knowledge, Bettie never wore diapers in any of her photos, but I think you’ll agree that looking at these photos, it’s easy to imagine the next logical step: Bettie going from a spanked tushy over the knee of another beautiful woman and straight into diapers. Listen hard and you can almost hear: “Just a few more swats and then it’s into pampers for that rosy bottom, young lady!”

“If you think this is bad, wait’ll I put you back in pampers!”
“But you just CAN’T put me back in diapers!”
“No more dates for you, young lady! From now on, you’re spending your weekends in diapers, baby clothes, and a playpen, and if one of your little boyfriends stops by, he can stay to watch me feed you your bottle and change your little pampers!”
“Can you believe she says she's gonna put me back in diapers?!”

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