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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Therapy: Phase 3

(Apologies for taking so long with this one, and for being incommunicado for so long: real life has been hectic of late, so I haven’t had much time for online stuff. Apologies also to everyone who’s written who hasn’t gotten a response: I’ll write back soon, I promise!
     Anyway, here’s phase 3. I think I may wind up doing another short story between this part and the epilogue, so watch for it. As always, comments are much appreciated.)

     A year passed.
     Sitting in Dr. Stone’s office, Sarah beamed brightly as he lavished praise on her for all her progress. It was true... one year later, Sarah was a changed woman, humble, polite, hard-working and considerate. She had enrolled in university again, was working part-time, and maintained a modest apartment. Her mood swings and brattyness had all but disappeared, she felt better than she ever had in her life... and she owed it all to Dr. Stone and his program.
     Sarah would have been utterly mortified to have to admit to anyone else that she owed her success to oversized little girl underpants and getting her bare-butt spanked every week by her attractive, older therapist. But it was true... Her sessions had become confessionals, where she could confide all her fears, desires, and, most importantly, her sins, before finding absolution over Dr. Stone’s lap. Sitting on his knee afterwards, she always felt clean and ready to re-enter the world.
     “I must say, I’m very pleased with your progress, Sarah,” he told her. “You’ve come a long way since you first walked through that door.”
     “Thank you, Dr. Stone,” she replied with a slight blush. When she began coming to her sessions, Sarah’s attitude toward Dr. Stone had been very informal: she joked with him, played the brat, pouted and flirted brazenly. It was funny: though their relationship was more intimate now than it had ever been, the thought of being informal—of being immature in front of him—filled her with shame. She was determined to prove her womanhood to him.
     At the same time, she luxuriated in the “little girl treatment,” and had no intention of stopping. In fact, even as she lay awake at night rubbing away the warm, pink glow of her spanked bottom, Sarah often found herself wanting more...
     “Having said that,” he began seriously, “There is always the possibility of a backslide. I’d hate to see that happen here, Sarah. I know how hard you’ve worked to change.”
     She nodded solemnly, eyes wide.
     “Therapy is like any other type of medicine: over time, you begin to develop a tolerance and it becomes necessary to up the dose. With that in mind... I’d like to start you on phase three today.”
     Sarah felt an excited thrill pulsating through her body. “What is...?”
     “I’m sorry,” he told her, taking a stack of forms from his desk, “I can’t discuss the details of the treatment until you’ve signed the usual confidentiality agreement and waivers...”
     Snatching the papers, she hastily scribbled her name and practically threw them back at him.
     Dr. Stone grinned. “Always a pleasure to see a patient so eager about their treatment,” he said with a chuckle.
     She looked up at him, pale and nervous. “When do we start?” she asked, a small tremor in her voice.
     “As soon as we’re finished with your spanking, dear,” Dr. Stone said, patting his lap with a grin. Sarah slowly rose from her seat. She stood by his side, hesitated for only a moment, then draped herself over his lap. He placed his hand on the back of her skirt; Sarah took deep breaths and tried not to squirm on his lap as he started rubbing her butt through the seat. Whap! She sighed softly at the now familiar tingle began to spread across her upturned backside.
     “Of course, you’re much better behaved these days,” Dr. Stone conceded, settling into a brisk, rhythmic spanking on Sarah’s delectable bottom, “but I think a girl like you can never have too many reminders, can she, Sarah?”
     “Uh-Uh,” Sarah concurred, relishing each swat and the way it made her dainty rump jiggle and the icy-hot prickle that came with it.
     “That’s what I thought you’d say,” Dr. Stone chuckled, raising her skirt to expose her lacy panties.
     Whap whap whap whap! Sarah’s smile grew wider with each swat. Periodically, he would stop and give her pink tushy a gentle squeeze, or trace a finger up her butt-crack through her panties. Whap whap whap whap! She bit her lip and fought back a groan. She hoped he wouldn’t notice how moist her panties were getting.
      He took her waistband at the back and pulled it out a bit. It snapped back against her pink tushy, drawing a squeal. Dr. Stone chuckled. “Time to take these down, baby,” he whispered, tugging her frilly undies down to her knees in one swift move.
     She gasped and blushed, the sudden breeze against her bare butt giving her a charge of erotic embarrassment. She lay across his lap, positively glowing from the doctor’s spanking, radiating warm, loving contentment from every pore. How could phase three be any better than this? she wondered idly, delighting in the small sensations: the tingle across her butt, the warmth of his lap beneath her, the warm throb between her legs.
     He slowed, finishing her spanking. She lay across his lap, limp, more relaxed than she’d felt all week, luxuriating at the way the doctor rubbed and stroked her tushy. She purred and squirmed over his knee, powerfully, achingly aroused.
     “Alright Sarah, stand up,” he said, encouraging her with a couple of firm pats to her blushing derrière.
     She climbed to her feet, standing in front of him with her panties hanging around her knees. After rubbing the dull ache in her bottom for a moment, she bent to retrieve her panties.
     “No.” Dr. Stone’s voice was so firm it froze her in place. “Take them down, Sarah.”
     She hesitated, but one look at Dr. Stone and she was positive he wasn’t kidding. She allowed the silky panties to drop around her ankles.
     “Now the rest.”
     She felt an implosion of embarrassment in the pit of her stomach, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from dropping her skirt, unbuttoning her shirt, and slipping off her bra. In minutes, she stood before him, pink and naked in the afternoon light. He rose and gently took her hand. “Come here, Sarah.”
     He led her across the room. Sarah padded nude behind him on the carpet toward the door behind his desk.
     She had always half-wondered about that door. Until now, she’d always just assumed that it was a closet.
     But when he took the key out of his pocket, her curiosity was piqued. What could he possibly have behind that locked door?
     He smiled at her and turned the key in the lock. “Welcome to the playroom, Sarah,” he said with a smile and opened the door.
      Sarah could hardly believe her eyes: the room beyond was decorated in soft pinks and yellows. On the wallpaper, powder-blue bunnies frolicked in green fields. The floor was littered with stuffed animals, rattles, and building blocks.
     He ushered her through the door with a couple of pats to her bare bottom.
     Sarah was stupefied. She began to ask Dr. Stone the reason for this room, which seemed so bizarre and out of place, when she noticed how large the playpen in the center of the room was. The bars were almost five feet high, the pen accessible via a latching door on one side. The crib in the corner was a twin bed, with a similar set of extra-high bars all around it. The changing table next to it looked more like an examining table from a doctor’s office.
     It was a giant nursery. Just right, she realized, for a baby about her size.
     It was almost funny, but Sarah didn’t feel like laughing. Standing here, in this strange room, naked, her bare, spanked bottom exposed to the world, she felt a building nervousness.
     She nearly jumped out of her skin when Dr. Stone put his hand on her shoulder. “Come on, Sarah,” he said gently, leading her toward the changing table.
     She dragged her feet. “I’m not sure about this,” she said warily.  Her heart was pounding in her chest; the situation was taking on the qualities of a nightmare.
     “Come now, Sarah. It’s time to get you ready for phase three. Come on, sweetheart, up you go,” he said, delivering a few encouraging pats to her bare, jiggling backside. Sarah reluctantly climbed up on the table and lay face down, pouting, her lovely, curvy buns glowing bright pink behind her. She squirmed on her tummy apprehensively, unsure of what exactly she had gotten herself into.
     She gasped and moaned at the feel of Dr. Stone drizzling warm oil across her shoulder blades, pouring it ever so slowly along her spine and down the crack of her ass. She shuddered and sighed as his hands took up their position on her shoulders, rubbing the pink skin firmly, but gently. Sarah could feel the tension melting away, her muscles melting like butter at his touch. She lay on her tummy as still as she could, murmuring softly to herself as the massage continued. Over her shoulders, down her back, his hands finally came to a rest on her bare, upturned butt. Sarah groaned and giggled gently to herself as Dr. Stone kneaded, rubbed and squeezed her naked, spanked tushy until it glistened, pink and delicious, in the dim light.
     She groaned when the massage finished. Sarah heard movement. She could feel the doctor standing behind her. “Time to take your temperature, Sarah,” he said gently.
     Her eyes popped open. She checked over her shoulder. Dr. Stone stood next to her, shaking down a thermometer. She felt a sudden chill, her heart jack hammering in her chest. “In my butt?!” she half cried.
     “That’s the most accurate way, honey.”
     “NNOOO!” she squealed, reaching back to cover her buns with both hands.
     “Yes,” he insisted firmly, taking her wrists and pinning her hands to her lower back. “You be a good girl, Sarah, or I might have to spank you again.” Placing the thermometer on a nearby table, he demonstrated, delivering a series of teasing, but stingy spanks on her upturned derrière. Lying prone on the table, Sarah could do nothing but giggle and squeal helplessly as Dr. Stone once again brought an embarrassing blush to her butt.
     “You lay there like a good girl,” he said firmly as he finished. Taking a tube of KY, he made sure the thermometer was well lubed. “Just relax, honey,” he told the squirming Sarah. Using one hand to separate her buns, he ran the cool, greasy tube down her oily butt-crack to the entrance of her cute, puckered anus.
     She half squealed, half moaned as he pushed the tube home. Sarah squirmed, her sphincter throbbing around the cool glass of the thermometer. The feeling wasn’t uncomfortable—in fact, she would have described it as a tickling sensation. But the shame of the situation—lying there, face down, while her handsome doctor checked her temperature rectally like a naughty, bratty child, brought a blush to her face.
     The minutes crawled by, each second feeling like an eternity to Sarah. Lying there, spanked, thermometer peeking out from between her buns, Dr. Stone’s warm, wonderful hand resting on her tush, Sarah thought that she’d never felt more delightfully babyish in her whole life.
     She had no idea, how long she lay like that, but eventually, Dr. Stone gave her gleaming tushy a pat. “I think we’re just about done, sweetheart.” He took the cold tube and pulled it out quickly, making Sarah gasp. Dr. Stone studied the thermometer. “Everything seems alright here,” he said casually. Sarah wondered how he could be so laid-back when he’d just finished taking her temperature like a helpless little baby.
    “Ok, precious, time to turn over.” She groaned, not wanting it to end. “C’mon, honey; let’s go,” he encouraged, giving her a quick spank for emphasis. Soon, Sarah lay on her back looking up at him with wary exhaustion. Between the massage and her embarrassing temperature-taking, the fight had been taken out of her. Sarah resigned herself to laying here and allowing Dr. Stone to have his way with her. She was not only naked, but totally exposed: lying squirming on the table, there was no part of her the doctor now lacked immediate access to.
     The thought made her shiver. She squeezed her eyes shut.
     “Hold still, Sarah.” She smelt the talcum powder before she felt it raining down lightly on her. She squirmed, suppressing a giggle; it tickled as he dusted it up and down her front from her feet to her chest.
     “Legs up,” he said, taking her feet and lifting her legs, exposing her bottom and giving it a sprinkle of powder. She squealed when he patted it into her upturned cheeks. This whole treatment had been embarrassing, but her feelings of helplessness made it easier for her to process.
     He lowered her back to the table. Sarah felt immediately that something had been slid underneath her.  She opened her eyes, just in time to see Dr. Stone pull the thick, cloth diaper up between her legs. “Hold still, honey,” he admonished, pinning the soft, fluffy pamper into place.
     Sarah bolted up in bed and stared down at herself in disbelief. Part of her had known all along that this was coming, but it was still a shock. She looked up at Dr. Stone in shock, unable to process what had been done to her.  Seeing this man she’d desired for over a year now grinning at her as she sat naked but for a ridiculous, bulbous diaper that he’d pinned onto her brought a fiery blush to her cheeks. “But... Dr. Stone, I... I...” She found herself near tears, “I don’t need a d-d-d-diaper!”
     “Diapers will remind you of a simpler time,” he explained patiently, tugging a pair of girlish baby panties up over the pamper. “It’ll help you relax.”
      She could only sit passively as he finished dressing her. When he’d finished, she was wearing a pink baby nightie that exposed most of her diaper beneath, and a frilly pink bonnet.
     Dr. Stone helped her off the table and led her over to the far side of the room. “See how cute you look?” he asked, standing her in front of the mirror.
     Sarah stared, her face growing redder by the second. In just a matter of minutes, she’d been reduced from a sexy, young woman to a helpless, over-grown toddler in diapers. She stared at herself until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She begged Dr. Stone to let her be a big girl again, but the doctor was firm. “As your doctor, I think a little diaper down-time is exactly what you need.”
     Sarah didn’t know what came over her, but soon her bottom lip was quivering and she began to sniffle. “But I don’t wanna wear a diaper!” she whined petulantly before bursting into tears.
       Dr. Stone, somewhat shocked by this outburst, put his hands on her shoulders.  “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
     She struggled to find the words. She couldn’t articulate the vague fear that gripped her—the fear that she‘d never be able to go back to being a woman again. But even that wasn’t it entirely. She stood in front of him, sobbing softly for over a minute. Finally, she looked up at him and forced herself to speak. “I wanted you to like me!” she blurted, following it up with another burst of tears.
     “I do like you, honey!”
      “No, No,” she bawled, “I mean, I wanted you to want to go to bed with me, but, but, you just think I’m a big baby and... and...”
      She began sobbing again. Dr. Stone put his arms around her. “There there, precious,” he whispered, slipping a pacifier into a surprised Sarah's mouth. “This is just a relaxation technique that’s all. Nobody thinks you’re really a baby.” He comforted her for a few more minutes.
     “Come on, darling,” he coaxed once he’d gotten her calmed down. “Some time in the playpen will do you a world of good.”
     Leading her over to the adult playpen, he opened the door, ushered her inside, and latched it closed behind her. Sarah gripped the bars firmly: she was trapped now until he decided she’d had enough. “Just relax for a bit, Sarah," he said as he made his way over to the door. “I’ll be back in a minute.”
     He shut the door behind her, leaving Sarah on her own.
     She took a seat on the floor and waited for his return. Board, she began cuddling a stuffed bear and was surprised by how reassured it made her feel. The floor of the playpen was padded, and soft, with comfy pillows strewed it. Sarah propped herself up and stared into space, sucking her soother, fondling her little bear, and struggling to process everything that had happened to her. Part of her wanted to strip off her embarrassing diapers, leave the office and never come back.
     Another part wanted nothing more than to stay and be treated like a baby forever.
     After a few minutes, the door opened, and Sarah was mortified to see Dr. Stone accompanied by his secretary Janet. Tears began leaking down her cheeks again as Janet crouched down to regard her through the bars of the playpen.
     “Oh, doesn’t she look so cute?” she gushed to Dr. Stone. “You look so sweet, honey,” she giggled. She reached through the bars to caress Sarah’s cheek.
     Sarah couldn’t believe Dr. Stone let Janet see her like this! Mortification flooded her body, and she almost felt like she was going to cry again.
     Dr. Stone delivered a stinging crack to Janet’s seat, making her straighten and squeal. “That’s right, sweetheart; and you’re next!”
     He ushered her over to the table, quickly stripped her (revealing the warm glow of a recently spanked bottom to Sarah), and lifted her onto the padded surface. From there, Janet was given the same treatment Sarah found herself subjected to just moments before. Sarah watched in fascination as Janet received a massage, had her temperature taken rectally, and finally, was powdered and pinned into diapers. Is that what I looked like? Sarah thought with a blush, watching Janet squirm on the table with a thermometer peeking out of her butt crack.
     Minutes later she was placed into an outfit very similar to Sarah’s. Janet was taken over to the playpen and placed inside, the door latched tightly behind her. “You girls play nicely now,” he chuckled, making his way to the door, “I’ve got some paperwork to finish.” 
     Still in a state of shock, Sarah passively watched Janet crawl across the playpen, gurgling happily around her pacifier. Janet plopped down on her well-padded butt in front of her, took out her pacifier and beamed happily at her. “This is so great!” she surprised Sarah by throwing her arms around her and squeezing her tight. “Now we can be like sisters!”
     Sarah played it over in her head: Her new family, with Dr. Stone as the father and she and Janet as his coddled, pampered little baby princesses. “We’ll be one big, happy family,” Janet gushed. She leaned forward and kissed Sarah sweetly on the mouth. “C’mon,” she squealed excitedly, “let’s play dolls!”
     The girls played for a little while. Sarah overcame her initial self-consciousness and was surprised to find playing dolls very relaxing-- like a trip back to a simpler time.
     She found herself studying Janet, savouring her complete regression from sexy young woman to overgrown infant, even as she grew more and more embarrassed at the knowledge that Janet’s regression mirrored her own. With her sexy legs bare between her ankles and the tops of her thighs, her ample bust straining against her nightie, her lovely, delicate features beneath her baby bonnet, there was no question that she was a beautiful, full-grown woman under that infantile attire—Just like me, Sarah thought, turning red.
     Janet turned and caught her looking. “You are just too cute,” she murmured, crawling across the floor toward Sarah. “The cutest little baby sister a girl could ever want.”
     She kissed Sarah again, slowly. Sarah felt herself being gently pushed back onto the floor. Janet lay next to her, touching her face softly. She flipped up the bottom of Sarah’s nightie and began gently prodding the front of her diapers. “I just know we’re going to have all sorts of fun together.”
     They kissed and touched each other in the afternoon sun. Though she found herself getting aroused, to Sarah the situation didn’t seem sexual—they were merely sisters enjoying each other’s company.
     Janet rubbed the front of Sarah’s diapers, making her squirm and giggle. Part of her resisted: how could she ever face herself in the mirror again after being brought to orgasm in diapers, in baby clothes, sitting in a giant playpen in a giant nursery? How could she willingly relinquish her adulthood like that?
     The answer, as it turned out, was “quite easily”: she soon shivered on her back, an orgasm rushing over her like a stampede.
     “Wasn’t that nice?” Janet asked, beaming as she bent to plant a kiss on Sarah’s forehead.
     Sarah could only groan in response. A sudden exhaustion overcame her. Yawning and stretching, she drifted off to sleep, nestled on the floor of the playpen, just like a real baby.

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  1. Phase 3 is really good, the progression was clear from the start but exciting none the less, well worth the wait but I'm glad we didn't have to wait year like Sarah LOL. I look forward to a continuation of her therapy, after all we can't have her slipping back to her former "bratty" self can we?