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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Therapy: Phase 2

      Sarah wore her little girl panties to her next session with Dr. Stone. He surprised her with another pair, and at the end of the session, the ritual was repeated: Dr. Stone had Sarah remove the panties she was wearing so he could slip the new pair on her. They were white satin, had little flowers, and were as frilly as a wedding cake. This time, the experience left her so aroused that she was forced to duck into the ladies room down the hall from Dr. Stone’s office to finish herself off quietly in one of the stalls.
          The weeks went by, and the routine was repeated after every session, until Sarah soon had more lacy, frilly, positively adorable little girl panties than there were days in the week.
     Not that she wore them every day, mind you. Most days, she wore her regular, “grown up panties.” But on those days when she was feeling particularly bitchy, arrogant, or superior, she would pull on a pair of little-girl undies and go out into the world with a blush on her face, her arrogance and superiority washed away in her struggle to keep her embarrassing secret safe.  Slowly, subtly, change did come to her personality.
     At first, anyway; it wasn’t long before the embarrassing/erotic charge she got from wearing her lacy little baby panties under her adult clothes began to diminish. It just wasn’t enough anymore. As a result, she became moody. And then she started taking it out on other people. Before she knew it, the tentative progress she’d made with Dr. Stone was beginning to erode. She needed something else, and she needed it fast.
     She mentioned all of this to Dr. Stone at her next session. He listened quietly, nodding here and there and jotting on his notepad. “You sound like a perfect candidate for phase two of my new therapeutic process. But, unfortunately, it’s not even ready for clinical trials yet...”
     Sarah felt a gut-wrenching disappointment. She gathered her resolve and steeled herself for her final pitch.
     “Doctor, you don’t understand. I can see myself falling back into my old patterns. I’ve tried so hard—I don’t want to be that person anymore.” Inside, she smiled smugly.  And the Oscar goes to... “I’ll do whatever it takes.”
     He looked at her for a long moment. “Well, I suppose we could get you into the initial test group, if you were really willing to participate in the study...”
      “If that’s what it takes, I’ll be one of your guinea pigs.” She looked at him seriously. “I really need this, doctor Stone.”
    He smiled. “I know you do.” Reaching into his desk, he produced a stack of papers. “You’ll have to sign a waiver...”
     She grabbed the papers and scribbled her name furiously across the bottom of the last page. She thrust them back into his hands. He placed them calmly on the table and looked back over at Sarah. “Come here, Sarah,” he said, gesturing in front of him. Rising, she slowly padded across the office toward him, nervous and giddy.
     She stopped before him. He locked his eyes on hers, paralyzing her. She’d never felt more totally under his control.
     Taking her hand into his, he led her over to his right side.  He gave his lap a firm pat. “I want you over my knee right now, young lady,” he said firmly.
     Boiling within from a combination f humiliation and desire, Sarah lowered herself across his lap gingerly and settled herself in.
     She nearly jumped out of her skin when he started rubbing her bottom through her skirt. She felt a strange tingle radiating out from between her shoulder blades; the world took on an unreal, dreamlike quality...
     Whap! His open palm popped against her backside, making her cheeks sting. Whap! The smarting tingle spread. Dr. Stone rubbed her buns lightly through her skirt.
          He gave her a series of about 25 quick swats to the seat of her skirt before unceremoniously pulling it up at the back. Dr. Stone couldn’t help chuckling when he saw the panties: pink, with the ruffles on the back stretched deliciously across her round little tushy, covered in little red strawberries.  Sarah had chosen them because they were the most childish panties in her collection, but the thought of lying across Dr. Stone’s lap, about to be spanked on their seat made her feel utterly mortified.  She could only squirm in shame as she felt him patting and squeezing her ruffled bottom.
     His palm quickly rose and fell. Then again. Then again and again and again, and before she knew it, Sarah was in the midst of a cool, methodical spanking. His palm rose and fell in a hypnotic rhythm. The entire situation—lying across the lap of a handsome, older man in a pair of panties any preschool girl would be proud to own, having her rounded bottom spanked till it jiggled and turned red—seemed too weird to be real.
     But the prickling sting on her backside sent her mind a clear message: this was all very definitely happening.
     Dr. Stone spanked Sarah with meticulous care, slow enough for her to savour the sting of each swat, but fast enough to build a real heat in her backside.
     “Tell me how you feel right now, Sarah,” he instructed, laying a few brisk swats on the seat of her girlish panties.
     “Sore!” she said emphatically, making him chuckle.
     “No, I mean inside: how does it make you feel on the inside, having your little bottom spanked in these babyish little panties.” He continued his cool, collected spanking of her bottom.
     “It’s embarrassing!” she cried, kicking her feet.
     “It’s embarrassing, but you like it, don’t you?” he asked as he continued dusting the seat of her panties with his open palm.
     Her face turned crimson. Sarah didn’t really want to answer, but she knew she had no choice. “It hurts... but it feels good too, doctor,” she confessed. She could feel herself growing warmer by the second, her shame reaching critical mass.
     “It feels good because you know you need it,” he lectured calmly, continuing to swat her upturned, cotton-covered seat. “Inside, you know you need a nice spanking to keep you in line and make you behave like a good girl, right?”
     “Uh-huh,” she nodded, shamefully.
     “’Uh-huh’ what?” Dr. Stone stopped spanking abruptly, resting his palm on her bottom. Sarah twitched her hips.
     “I--” she turned crimson, barely able to bring herself to say it. “I need a spanking. To—to help me be a good girl.”
     “Good.” Taking the back of her panties, he yanked them down, revealing her bare bottom, as delicate and pink as her pretty little underpants.
     Sarah gasped and twitched. She’d had a feeling it would come to this, but now that the moment was here, now that her babyish panties had been tugged down to half mast and her bottom was lying so bare and exposed and vulnerable across Dr. Stone’s lap... Her heart throbbed violently in her chest. Doubt had begun creeping in.
     Desperately, she reached back to cover herself. “No! Please not that,” she begged. She couldn’t shake the feeling that if she allowed herself to be spanked on her bare bottom, she was giving up an essential piece of herself; as though she was relinquishing a piece of her womanhood and admitting to her sexy therapist that she wanted to be treated like a little girl.
     But Dr. Stone was firmly resolved. He pinned her hand behind her back and tugged her panties to half-mast.  “We’ve come too far to turn back now, Sarah,” he said calmly, gently squeezing a patting her pink cheeks as they quivered across his lap. Whap! Without warning, he brought his palm down firmly on Sarah’s jiggling rump. “You’re standing on the verge of a major breakthrough.” Whap! Sarah moaned and writhed. “Don’t fight your feelings, embrace them.” Whap! “Do you feel like a naughty little girl, Sarah?”
     “Yes! Oh yes!” she cried before bursting into tears.
     Whap! “Good.” Whap! “You should feel that way, because that’s the way you act most of the time, isn’t it Sarah?”
     She couldn’t answer at first, but after a few more spanks, she heard herself blurting “Yes, doctor, I’m a naughty little girl!” through her sobs.
     It wasn’t that the spanking was overly painful that made her cry. It was the feelings of shame and total helplessness, knowing that she was totally under the Doctor’s control, knowing that he had the power to dole out whatever punishment she needed... and the knowledge that he was right. Sarah knew deep down that she was a naughty little girl, and only the attentions of a man like Dr. Stone were enough to keep her in line.
     And suddenly, before she knew it, the spanking was over. She hung limply over his lap for a moment, bare bottom sizzling. Dr. Stone rubbed her pink cheeks softly. “It’s ok, honey,” he whispered gently. “It’s all over now. You took your spanking like a good girl.”
     He helped her to her feet. Standing in front of him, Sarah reached back and rubbed her sore tushy, trying to ease the sting.  She knew her panties were at half-mast, knew that she was totally exposed to him from the waist down. But standing there, still sniffling a bit, desperately trying to rub the sting from her derriere, her modesty hardly seemed to matter. She stared at him, her eyes big and green and wet. She didn’t know what to say.
     Dr. Stone reached out toward her. She stiffened, but managed to remain still as his arms encircled her small waist. Sarah trembled as she felt his hands replace hers on her bare bottom, so strong and sure, rubbing away the sting. She gave a low, moaning whimper.
     “Come here, sweetheart,” he said, pulling her in close. Sarah eagerly climbed into his lap. It was embarrassing to be treated like this— first spanked, now sitting in his lap, his hands, the same hands that had brought the rosy blush to her bare butt in the first place, massaging away the warm prickle. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so utterly, helplessly infantile.
     “AHH! Oooo....” She gasped and sighed. Nestling herself into his chest, she laid her head on his shoulder and tried to relax.
     “That’s a good girl. You want to be a good girl for me, don’t you Sarah?”
     “Uh-huh,” she sighed. And it was true; she did want to be a good girl.
     “I think we’ll move your future appointments to the end of the day, Sarah,” he told her, continuing to cuddle, “so that we can be sure you’re getting the attention you need. Ok, honey?”
     “Whatever you say, doctor,” she said in a tiny voice.

     The drive home on her tender rear end convinced her to go out and get a nice, soft pillow for her car seat first thing the next morning.
     Sarah came through her front door stiffly, her ass still sore from her appointment. Closing the door behind her, she gingerly made her way down the hall and into her bedroom. Standing in front of the mirror, she stripped herself to her panties once more and forced herself to examine her image in the mirror.
     Reflected in the frame was a gorgeous, sexy young woman, her features lovely and delicate, her hair the color of spun gold, her breasts firm and proud, her skin pale and soft as a newborn’s. She was, she knew, everything a man could ever want in a woman...
     Except that below the waist, she was sporting a pair of panties that looked like they’d been stolen from Baby Gap. She imagined taking a man back to her place for an evening of passion, only to realize, to her horror, that she’s forgotten to change out of her little girl panties. She tries to stop him from undressing her, but it’s too late; before she knows it, her humiliating secret is out.
     His sexual advances go from full speed to zero, as though the pink panties were a bright red traffic light. Sensing that she’s nothing but a little girl playing in big-girl clothes, her fantasy lover punishes her with a spanking before sending her off to bed for the evening...
     She turned around to examine her bottom in the mirror. Two wide bands of red flesh peeped out through her leg-holes. Idly rubbing her sore little derrière, she moved to the corner of the room, where she kept a ridged, uncomfortable chair. Turning her back to it, she took a deep breath before she sat down forcefully.
     She gasped, the pain shooting through her backside like a bolt of lightning. “Oww!” she gasped. “Oh...Ooo... mmm” she murmured and groaned as she wiggled her bottom, rubbing her pantied butt against the hard, uncomfortable seat to savor the sting...
     She snuck her hand into the front of her panties and began playing with herself...

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